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The all-in-one home office for those zero-commute days. Equipped with everything you need, and so simple to set up it’s ready the day it arrives.

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Is there a warranty period for WorkPod?
The WorkPod itself comes with 3-year warranty for manufacturer defects. If something doesn’t perform as expected, we’ll replace it. For the fully equipped option, the warranty is guaranteed for add-on furniture products. You can find all reference through this link
How much space does WorkPod require?
The foundation is 11'8 by 8'4. For a comfortable fit, we recommend an area around double of that – 23'5 by 16'9.
What kind of surface is suitable to build on?
Suitable common surfaces include brick, concrete, gravel, grass, etc. The foundation is uniquely engineered to bear the weight of the WorkPod and an additional 1 metric ton without the need for ground fixtures.
Can I set up WorkPod on a slope?
While flat ground is always best for ease of assembly, one of the beauties of the WorkPod foundation is its stability even if the ground is not completely level. We do recommend that any slope does not exceed 5°, or approximately 4.5 inches.
Can I move it to another location once it’s set up?
WorkPod can be easily disassembled and put up again at its new location.
How do I power up WorkPod?
It has a simple port for power connection, so all you need to do is connect the outdoor wire to an existing power source from your home.
Can I install a heating and cooling unit?
Yes – but you don’t have to, because WorkPod also comes with a portable air conditioner that can be tucked neatly away into its own streamlined cupboard.
What makes WorkPod sound-insulating?
WorkPod is sturdily constructed from a number of durable materials. The insulating foam layer dsoen’t just work to block out sound, but is also heat and fire-resistant. All glass is tempered, and 8mm thick, which also goes a long way towards preserving the peace and quiet of your oasis.
What is the minimum wattage?
100W for all electric devices.
What’s the airflow situation?
In addition to its air conditioning unit, WorkPod also has an exhaust fan and an air duct to keep air fresh and circulating.
Is WorkPod strong enough to support additional fixtures?
Its walls will easily support basic fixtures like frames and shelves, but please be aware that power lines are contained within the walls.
Do you offer assembly services?
While there is currently no on-site assembly service for WorkPod, our team is on hand to offer remote assistance via video or phone.
I’m not a builder. Will I be able to assemble WorkPod?
WorkPod was specifically engineered to be DIY friendly. Very minimal expertise is required, but if you’re a complete novice or feeling somewhat unsure, it can be helpful to have a spare pair of hands to help. Feel free to give us a call anytime, too.
Is there a free trial for WorkPod?
As user assembly and setup may differ widely across different environments and scenarios, we cannot offer a trial period for the Pod itself. However, a 30-day trial does apply to other Autonomous products in the fully equipped WorkPod, such as SmartDesk Pro, ErgoChair Pro+, etc. If you don’t love it, we’ll take it off your hands and issue a refund accordingly.
Do I need a permit?
WorkPod is designed to a specific height and square footage (98 sq. ft.), so that permits are not usually required for the majority of states and localities. However, as regulations do change, we always recommend checking with your local authorities or homeowners association.
Do you supply building plans?
We are happy to provide building plans and other details if you need them for your own paperwork. Please contact us at for more information.