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    Aug 18
  • NFT Manifest
    NFT Manifest
    Aug 22
    Aug 18, 2022
    AUTOEGG will hatch into 1 random AUTOREX exclusive to its owner, and... what else? Get your own AUTOEGG to explore all the member-exclusive benefits.
Aug 18, 2022
AUTOREX is a collection of 10,000 unique dinosaur NFTs with original designs from Autonomous. AUTOREX is the key to AUTOLAND, a unique Web3 ecosystem in the metaverse where you can access to the very best members-only products and perks that Autonomous has to offer.
  • NFT-Customized Products
    Aug 22, 2022
    Customize real products with your virtual assets and sell your premium NFT merchandise through Autonomous.
    NFT-Customized Products
  • Customize NFT Merch In 3 Easy Steps
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  • NFT Owners and NFT Core Teams
    Partner with Autonomous & display your NFTs in the Autonomous NFT Gallery. Let the world use your NFTs to customize Autonomous products & earn 20% revenue from every order.
    NFT Owners and NFT Core Teams
    AUTOLAND is the fertile promised land of Autonomous on ROVE. Within the AUTOLAND ecosystem, AUTOREX owners can immerse themselves in an exclusive experience of the metaverse.
  • AUTOREX In Real Life
    Forge unique physical collectibles created from your AUTOREX. Merge worlds and produce exclusive physical collectibles.
    AUTOREX In Real Life

Remember when you or some childhood friends had one or other collection hobbies? For example, coin or currency collection of distinct countries, gathering different types of leaves, art or album collection of vintage times. Well, it is still a thing now, but in improvised foams. These valuables are still found in tangibles such as rare limited edition sneakers, collectible cars, or rare baseball cards. In contrast, others have explored the world of a metaverse where they are growing their digital assets or collection in the form of Fungible Tokens (FT) and Non-fungible Tokens (NFTS). Non-Fungible Tokens are gaining popularity in the crypto market, but what exactly is NFT collection, and what makes it valuable? For that, keep reading about Autonomous’ new NFT project – Autorex.

What are NFT collections?

Tokens are of two types in the metadata world, FT and NFT. The fungible token such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, and Cortex are the popular FTs that can be interchangeable and divisible in another asset of the same type. While NFTs are non-fungible, they are not exchangeable or divisible with the same type of asset. To clarify, you can exchange your dollars for yen, but you can not exchange your Warhol collection for an equally valued Picasso collection. So basically, the NFT collection is a digital representation of a unique asset that can not be equally swapped or traded for another NFT of the same type.

Who can make an NFT collection?

Tech/blockchain communities or any collector, in general, can make an NFT collection. It is a new and exciting place for collectors who create or buy digital art and are unbothered by the public’s approval. Celebrities like Logan Paul sold custom digital Pokemon cards as an NFT, showing the potential of the NFT art. Therefore, a large ecosystem of collectors and creators are NFT enthusiasts.

What makes an NFT collection valuable?

The key factor that makes NFT collection valuable is that it can not be stolen, lost, or damaged. Doing this requires taking down an entire global network, which is essentially impossible. It can not be traded or swapped, which makes it a valuable collection.

A New NFT Project from Autonomous

Autonomous has created an awesome new NFT art that will immerse collectors in a new metaverse platform named AUTOREX. It is a collection of unique dinosaur NFTs. You will represent these dinosaurs on an AUTOLAND, the fertile promised land of Autonomous in the metaverse. It comprises different road maps and phases, which will be launched soon. AUTOREX is more than a product; it is the key to entering into the promised land of technology, metaverse, and innovative products from Autonomous.

What is AUTOREX?

AUTOREX is a collection of 10,000 unique dinosaur NFTs imminently launching, all designed by Autonomous. As an AUTOREX owner, you’ll be a dinosaur representative in AUTOLAND, the fertile promised land of Autonomous in the metaverse. Within the AUTOLAND ecosystem, you’ll be able to participate in exclusive metaverse experiences made possible by your AUTOREX NFT and access products that bring your NFTs to life, launching in our Web3 store. The Autonomous mascot inspires each AUTOREX dinosaur, and it’s more than just an NFT collection or a product; AUTOREX is the key to joining our community, unlocking the promised land of technology, metaverse, and innovative products from Autonomous. These products are launching soon in different phases, so stay tuned. All these AUTOREX NFT collections are coming soon to the metaverse. It is an exciting NFT project, so make sure you should be part of this amazing metaverse community.