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Earn $1000 just by referring the Pod!

For every Pod purchased using your unique Referral Code, you will get $1000 in cash. Payment will be immediately done, once your friend has successfully received the Pod.

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Ways to earn

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1Log in to your
Autonomous account.

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2Share your unique Referral Code with your network.

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33: Tell your friends about Pod. You’ll earn $1000 cash for every successful referral.

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4Autonomous will send you a detailed email notification of your successful referral with the amount you’ve earned.

(*) You can apply your store credits to get an extra discount towards your next purchase with Autonomous


1. When will I get my referral rewards?

- After every successful Pod order made using your unique Referral Code, we’ll send you a confirmation email notifying that your referral is successful. You'll receive your $1000 cash after the delivery is completed (ie: Buyer receives their Pod and successfully pays for their order in full).

- If you know that one of your referrals ordered a Pod using your Referral Code but you haven't received any confirmation email after the order has been completed, please email [email protected] for further assistance.

2. What are the benefits for my friend if he/she purchases a Pod using my Referral Code?
We’re sorry to say that there are no benefits for your friend at the moment. But you can share your reward to your friends by gifting them some decorating items on new Pod celebration.
3. How does my friend apply my Referral Code when purchasing a Pod?
After sharing your Referral Code with your friends, remind them to apply your Referral Code in the “Promo code” section of the checkout page.
4. How do I get my unique Referral Code?
Simply sign-up for an Autonomous account (or log-in if you already have an account). Then, on the referral page, you will have 2 options: Share your Referral Code by copying the link to your clipboard, or share your Referral Code directly to your social media channels.
5. What if one person visits the website with the link of referrer A but then inputs the code of referrer B?
The earned credit will belong to referrer B.
6. Why isn’t my Referral Code working?
Your code cannot be applied to this transaction because the referee has already visited our site via another affiliate link this week. In order to successfully apply your code, please ask them to try visiting our website autonomous.ai on another browser, and apply the code at checkout as per usual.
7. May I customize my referral code? And when I update my referral code, does it also automatically change my referral link?
Yes, you can customize your referral code. Simply edit then click “Save”. When you update your referral code, your referral link still remains the same. Share your code and link together to earn donation credits.
8. If my friend visits the Autonomous website via my referral link, but uses another promotion discount code from elsewhere. Do I still receive any rewards?
No, you will not be eligible to receive any reward/commission. When referring your friends to Autonomous, make sure that you share your referral link together with your referral discount code.
9. Can I share my referral link &/or discount code on other coupon sites like Honey or Offers?
No, you may not share your referral link or discount code on any coupon sites or e-commerce platforms such as Honey.com or Offers.com. This is considered unfair, not just to Autonomous but to other referrers also, and is a direct conflict of interest with our own affiliate partners. We will immediately ban your account if you are found doing so. You will not be eligible to receive any rewards from referral orders made via this action.
10. If a person I refer makes an Autonomous order via the Employee Purchase Program, do I receive referral rewards from said purchase?
No. We DO NOT offer Referral Rewards in conjunction with any other Autonomous promotions. Orders made via the Employee Purchase Program ARE NOT eligible to earn you Referral Rewards.
11. Is the referral program applicable for all products?
Currently, this program is applicable only to Autonomous Pod. For our other products, please refer to our Share and Earn program.