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Trojan Horse Race - Ludo - Trojan Horse Race - Ludo

Maztermind Trojan Horse Race - Ludo by MaztermindTrojan Horse Race - Ludo by Maztermind

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• Each game is handcrafted by 15 craftsmen within 20 hours. • 3D pinewood board, easy to take apart and carry. • Highlight the natural cement beauty of pieces with rustic earth colors. • Add sustainable value to your home decor. • The perfect gift for special occasions.
• 6-month warranty


Inspired by the famous Trojan horse’s story, Maztermind redesigned the standard ludo set, reviving the heroically festive air of the ancient battle. With its unique combination of materials and meticulous hand-crafted cement casting techniques, Trojan Horse Race Ludo is an exquisite set coming complete with everything you need to play the classic game.
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