• modula5-wireless-charging-system-single-phone-pod
  • modula5-wireless-charging-system-single-phone-pod
  • modula5-wireless-charging-system-single-phone-pod
  • modula5-wireless-charging-system-single-phone-pod

RapidX Modula5: Customizable Wireless Charging SystemRapidX Modula5 Modular Wireless Charging System

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65W Wall AdapterNot available
Single Phone PodNot available
Singe Watch PodNot available
Bundle A: 2 Phone Pods with 30W Wall AdapterNot available
Bundle B: 1 Phone + 1 Watch Pod with 30W Wall AdapterNot available
Bundle C: 2 Phone + 1 Watch Pod with 30W AdapterNot available
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• Phone Pod: Up to 10W Charging Speed for Qi-Enabled devices; 7.5W charging for iPhones • Qi-Certified: Compatible with iPhone 8 or newer, most Android devices, AirPods (with Wireless Charging Case), AirPods Pros, and much more. • Watch Pod: Works with all Apple Watch Series 1-7 (all sizes) • MFI Charging Cable Preinstalled • Charge your Apple Watch Flat or in Nightstand Mode • Connect up to 5 charging Pods at once using only a single cable • If you are charging 3 or more mobile devices, you must use a 65W power adapter for the best experience. • Power Adapter sold separately for Single Pods • Bundles include 30W Power Adapter
• 1-year warranty


Modula5 Charging System can be used to charge any Qi-enabled device, with the option to chain up to 5 pods at once! Charge your iPhone, AirPods, Android device, and more. Each pod easily snaps into place and distributes power to all your devices using just 1 cable. Need a wireless charger on the go? No problem, every pod has a dedicated input which means you can easily detach one pod, grab a cable, and you're set!
RapidX Modula5: Customizable Wireless Charging System
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