Autonomous Desk Eureka
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The research shows that sit-stand desks cut upper back and neck pain by 54% in four weeks. By promoting movement, these desks help you stay active and prevent pain from disrupting your work. In life, you only need a moment to invent something that changes the world. Eureka has reached over 1 million inventors worldwide. Will you be the next to join them?
25-51 Zoll.
Unser Schreibtisch ist für alle Körpertypen ausgelegt und bietet eine präzise Höhenverstellung mit Memory-Einstellungen, um Ihre idealen Sitz-Steh-Positionen zu speichern.
Mit einem SPCC-Stahlrahmen und einem Doppelmotor-System hebt er bis zu 310 lbs und arbeitet dabei flüsterleise bei 40 dB. Für jahrelange Nutzung ohne Probleme gebaut.
Nicht traditionell.
Genießen Sie glatte Oberflächen mit abgerundeten Kanten. Neben Schwarz und Weiß können Sie aus einzigartigen Farben wie Weißes Eichenholz, Nussbaum und Bambus wählen. Alle FSC-zertifiziert für Nachhaltigkeit.
Erhältlich in 53"x29", um mehrere Arbeitsplätze und bis zu zwei 27" Monitore zu unterstützen.
Maximal 30 Minuten.
Richten Sie Ihren Schreibtisch mit unseren klaren Anweisungen und dem Videoleitfaden ein. Genießen Sie ein stressfreies Erlebnis.
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I mainly use it for working from home, creating content, and graphic design. Switching between seated and standing positions has allowed me to maintain a healthy work/life balance.Read more
Dryden Nagtalon
Graphic Designer - California, US

A top-class standing desk for your office or home

More than 300,000 people from all over the world have chosen Autonomous Desks to improve their productivity and well-being. Become part of the standing revolution.

Standing desks offer numerous benefits for both home office and traditional office settings. One significant advantage is improved posture. By alternating between sitting and standing, users can reduce strain on their spine and decrease the risk of back pain. Additionally, electric standing desks can boost productivity. Studies show that employees who stand while working with office standing desks experience increased energy levels and better focus, leading to enhanced performance. Furthermore, standing desks promote better circulation. Standing encourages more movement throughout the day, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity. This increased activity also helps in burning more calories compared to sitting, contributing to overall better health. For those working from home, standing desks provide a professional work environment, helping to separate work from leisure activities. They can also be adjusted to different heights, making them suitable for various tasks and users of different heights

Autonomous Desk Eureka

Taking Autonomous Desk to New Heights & Minimal design

Our most versatile Autonomous Desk allows you to raise or lower your desk to the optimal height thanks to its impressive range from 25.2” all the way up to 51”! Autonomous Desk Eureka features the same beautiful, minimal design as our Autonomous Desk Eureka - Standard (formerly Autonomous SmartDesk Core), with increased height range for added flexibility. With calm color choices and minimal design, the Autonomous Desk Eureka (aka Autonomous SmartDesk Pro version) goes perfectly with your home surroundings. Now it's easy to create a modern home office that tells your unique style and story with our Autonomous Desk.

The new office standard with a smooth and sturdy foundation

As more people switch to standing while working, the Autonomous Desk Eureka is becoming a recognizable standard of office desks. It’s the perfect choice for 8-hour workdays. Not only is it an affordable home office solution, the Autonomous bulk order option makes it a bargain for many large companies worldwide. The Autonomous Desk comes with a dual-motor steel frame that can effortlessly lift up to 310 lbs to its maximum height in just 20 seconds. This solidly-built system produces less than 40 decibels of sound, so when it’s gliding smoothly between heights, it’s as quiet as a library.

A fresh finish & Central manufacturing

Autonomous applies automobile-standard painting techniques to ensure a premium finish on your top and frame. We have a range of sleek and solid colors available and even a natural, elegant bamboo desktop option. Pick the look that speaks to you. Our steel frames and electric components are all designed, built and tested in the same factory to ensure consistency and quality across all our Autonomous Desks.

Quality control & BIFMA and EMC certified

Our manufacturer has more than 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry. We test 100% of our Autonomous Desks to make sure every single one meets our quality standards before we ship them. The Autonomous Desk has been tested and certified to meet the high standards set out by BIFMA and EMC. The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) promotes global safety and performance standards for furniture products, while Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing makes sure electronic products function well without causing any electromagnetic disturbances.