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Pixio Gaming Screen PXC327 - Autonomous.ai
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Pixio Gaming Screen PXC327

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Pixio Gaming Screen PXC327 at a glance.

The PXC327 Gaming Screen by Pixio combines a gorgeous, cutting edge display with AMD Freesync Premium tech that takes your gaming to the next level.

• 32” curved glass, thin bezel display

• HDR compatible

• 165Hz refresh rate

• 1ms MPRT (response time)

• AMD FreeSync Premium and G-Sync compatible

• Wide 98.2% DCI-P3 color gamut

• Eye saver mode

• VESA ready

• 3-year warranty

Curved gaming monitors have become somewhat popular in the latest years and can appear intimidating at first glance, especially if you take a look at the price tag. You may think that this curve doesn't necessarily affect your gaming setup, but you may experience a few improvements in your gameplay if you decide to include an option from this category, like the Pixio monitor. There are a few benefits associated with curved gaming monitors, but not everyone is familiar with them, even if they've been around since around 2014. After almost a decade, these display options are slowly becoming more popular among the general population. Curved gaming monitor 1ms, why Pixio PXC327 gaming monitor should be part of your gaming furniture.

What is a curved gaming monitor?

As their name suggests, these curved gaming computer monitors have a curvature. The radius is then measured in millimeters, and there are three common radiuses in these devices, often referred to with an “R”: 1800R, 3000R, 4000R. You’re probably wondering what the difference between each number is. Well, lower numbers will have a greater curve. Although what’s described above are the most common options, you will find a curved gaming monitor 165 Hz, for instance, with different measurements. Also, they come in different sizes. Although you can find a 24-inch curved monitor, it’s recommendable to go for larger screen sizes, starting from 32 inches. The effect of the curvature weakens if the size of the screen is too little.

Why is this curve so special?

For starters, we don't live in a "flat" space. Curvatures surround the world, and that's where curved monitors are helpful – they excel in mirroring 3D spaces, and they do it way better than traditional flat monitors. Furthermore, they will make your gaming experience more immersive as it creates a peripheral vision illusion. Movie theater screens use all these principles. Although TVs have tried to mimic this functionality, monitors are the perfect size for the full effect and common usage. Furthermore, Pixio gaming monitor can positively contribute to your eye health as all the elements will remain equidistant from your FoV. So, your eyes won’t make such a big effort while trying to adjust images at different distances. Besides that, they have more realistic colors compared to flat screens.

Pixio PXC327 Gaming Monitor

There are tons of options out there when it comes to gaming desk accessories. However, the PXC327 Gaming Monitor by Pixio is one of the best options you can choose. The Pixio gaming monitor has a resolution of 2560x1440p, which means it is WQHD. Pixio PXC327 gaming monitor is a 31.5-inch display. Furthermore, as a 1ms gaming monitor, it will be possible for you to have the utmost gaming experience as you continue playing your favorite video games. This gaming monitor has more space than the average option! There are a lot of options in the market that can help you have a better gaming experience. However, Pixio gaming monitors happen to be one of the best choices you can make if you’d like to improve your gaming setup and make it more appropriate for your eyes. Although flat screens provide a good solution to what a gaming setup usually needs, Pixio PXC327 gaming monitor provides better results and is actually helpful for your health. Therefore, you will experience better benefits in the long term than you would with a regular flat monitor.


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Can this screen be hung by a monitor arm?
Yes. All of our current Gaming screens have VESA compatibility at 100x100mm. Our Monitor Arm can be a good choice.
How does the warranty work?
The product will have a 3-year limited warranty. Panels are covered under warranty for the first 2 years and the last year will cover non-panel related parts and labor. From there, the panel is covered in the first year under the terms below and up to the second year under the terms below.
12 month: Bright Dot ( ≦1 ) / Dark Dot ( ≦5 )
24 months: Bright Dot ( ≦3) / Dark Dot ( ≦5 )