ROCKSOLAR 30W Foldable Solar Panel -
ROCKSOLAR 30W Foldable Solar Panel -

ROCKSOLAR 30W Foldable Solar PanelROCKSOLAR 30W Foldable Solar Panel

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Core Features

• Size and weight of a laptop when folded easily fit into a backpack, ideal for RV, home, hiking, camping, and road trips. • With 12VDC/USB/USB C PD outputs, it can charge devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, power banks, PSP, GPS, Bluetooth earphones, portable power stations,s and more under the sun. • New adjustable kickstand design lets you adjust the solar panel from 0-180 degrees for more efficiency than a flat lay • More compatible than ever! The new foldable panels include 10 different DC connectors for charging various portable power station makes and models, not only your ROCKSOLAR product • Works in heavy cloudy and cold weather. With ultra-high-efficiency solar cells, ROCKSOLAR 30W solar panel still can give you up to 20-30% of its rated power under heavy cloudy weather. A life-saving power source in some emergency situations. Great camping essentials and accessories. • New IPX4 Water Resistance, protecting the panel from splashing water, no matter which direction the water or rain falls from
• 1-year warranty


The ROCKSOLAR RSSP30 30W Foldable Solar Panel provides DC 12v output, Standard USB, USB QC 3.0, USB Type-C PD outputs. It is able to charge many kinds of electronics and it can also charge all ROCKSOLAR portable power stations using sunlight.


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