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The Dreamer mattress

Advanced memory foam you can actually afford.
Ensure a better night's sleep - every night.
100 night trial.

$99 $299

No middlemen, no markups

Premium mattresses don't have to come at a 6x premium.
We work directly with manufacturers, ensure the highest quality, then ship straight to your
doorstep, at the fairest prices.


How to sleep better

No more restless nights, neck aches or stressed-out mornings. Invest in your well-being.

Ergonomic memory foam

4 types of high-performance foam with complementary densities and functions. Intelligently layered for optimum restoration, regeneration and relaxation.

Nature’s best sleep aids

Anti-bacterial, odor-resistant bamboo memory foam is covered in tencel, a strong, breathable, eco-friendly material derived from eucalyptus.

Long lifespan, low maintenance

Ditch the spring mattress. Memory foam lasts longer, cares for your spine better, shrinks down small, and only needs to be rotated, not flipped.

The science of sleep

Tried a memory foam mattress and hated it? We did too. Typical foam mattresses trap heat, are too soft, and destroy the earth. Here’s how we utilized the latest in textile engineering to solve all 3 problems.

Multiple layers of flexible support

There is no one perfect material - so we used 4.

Snuggly wrapped in tencel, a naturally temperature-regulating miracle material derived from sustainable eucalyptus.

Clever thermal gel layer that disperses trapped heat.


Core of not one, but two, flexible support layers. Highly responsive to changing pressure - protecting you from that dreaded sinking sensation.

Memory foam made of breathable, odor-resistant, antibacterial bamboo.

Materials that don’t cost the earth


We work directly with textile engineers and manufacturers from all over the world to ensure the price point is fair, and that all materials used are properly certified, sustainable, eco-friendly and recyclable.


Where possible, we use all natural, sustainable materials such as eucalyptus and bamboo - instead of the toxic synthetics commonly found on the market.

Improve the quality of your sleep

Ever wake up and feel like you haven’t gone to bed?
A bad mattress can exacerbate joint and muscle soreness, crush your spine and increase tension and stress.
The Dreamer ensures you roll out of bed completely rested and ready to face the day.

Give your body the support it needs

Your body works hard to repair itself every night. Help by choosing a mattress that provides personalized pressure point relief as it adapts to your shape, supporting the unique contours of your neck, shoulders and spine.

Get to sleep faster, stay asleep longer

Have trouble even falling asleep? Every layer of our mattress works together to keep you cool, comfortable and relaxed. Replacing the closed cell structure of first generation memory foam is open-cell technology paired with thermal gel.

For every type of dreamer

Sleep deeply in your own cool, silent cove of stillness and serenity, even if you share your bed with an active dreamer. Long lasting and low maintenance, it adapts to your lifestyle as well as your body.

Superior motion isolation

Our viscoelastic memory foam is highly adaptable to any changes in pressure and movement, but extremely good at keeping it localized.

Durable, low maintenance

Strong, breathable, temperature-regulating tencel outer covering is easily removed and machine washable.

Paired with antibacterial bamboo memory foam, they protect freshness and maintain good sleep hygiene, with minimal effort.

What it’s made of

10" depth
Four layers of high-performance foam
Thermal blue gel memory foam
Grey bamboo memory foam
CertiPUR US certified transition foam
CertiPUR US certified high-density support foam
Wrapped in OEKO-TEX Standard 100 knitted breathable tencel
Certified eco-friendly, sustainable and recyclable materials
Pressure-responsive viscoelastic layers support skeletal and muscular recovery
Vacuum packs down for easy portability
Covered by a 5 year warranty
100 night free trial. If you don’t love it, we’ll take it back. Easy.
Start sleeping better

It’s time to ditch the 19th century spring mattress.
Start your 100 night free trial now.


Unlike other boxed mattresses that can take up to an hour to inflate, the Dreamer mattress only takes around 2 minutes to fully inflate.