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Four Reasons Why You Should be Standing at Your Desk

Autonomous Autonomous | Aug 24, 2017

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We’ve all heard about it – sitting too much just isn’t good for you. But what are you going to do? You’re working at a desk job. You have deadlines, you have your boss breathing down your neck, or a baby on the way – not the best time to lose that job, is it? How do you stay healthy, make that deadline, please the boss and keep your job? Guys & girls, the adjustable stand up desk is here to keep you healthy!

What’s that you ask? It’s a desk that that can move up and down so that you can stand or sit when you want to. Bring the computer to eye-level when you’re standing up, ease it down when you want to sit back. Your work moves up or down with you and your desk.

Why do you need an adjustable stand up desk?

Prevent a herniated disk from ever happening!

Your spine has a natural ‘S’ curve when you are standing or walking around. When you sit down it goes into a ‘C’ shape. Your upper body’s weight is pressing down on the lower part of your spine for hours on end when you are sitting. Your ligaments and tendons toughen as collagen hardens around them. You’re now prone to a herniated disc. When you stand up at your adjustable desk for a while, blood flows to the soft parts of your spine, keeping it nourished instead of compressed.

Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer

You heard right, sedentary lifestyles cause all these diseases, according to a 2011 study. It’s not enough if you go to the gym in the evening after a long day of sitting at your office desk. You need to stand up, get the blood pumping around your body frequently throughout the day heart disease, cancer, and diabetes away. An adjustable stand up desk is an ideal way to burn up to 50 calories more per hour while at work and reduce your chance of developing illnesses.

Keep lower back pain away for life!

The doctor’s first advice when you get lower back pain is - take a walk! Yes, most of us have heard that getting in exercise keeps lower back pain away. By using an adjustable stand up desk, you can treat and manage the lower back pain associated with long hours of sitting. Just alternate between standing and sitting and you will likely notice less pain.

Less strain on the neck

Are you guilty of staring at your screen hunched over your monitor? That ‘C’ posture we were talking about earlier doesn’t just hurt your back, but your neck too. You may be keeping your neck in a constant craned position without even realizing it, for hours. When you use the right adjustable stand up desk, your monitor is at the correct level for your neck to stay in a straight and natural position. Try the SmartDesk2 today and enjoy the benefits of standing while working including better health and more energy.

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