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Office Ergo Chair Benefits

Autonomous Autonomous | Jul 20, 2017

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The office environment is rife with stagnant sitters - and you’re probably one of them. But toiling through deskwork for more than 6 hours a day is actually having a detrimental effect on a large number of office workers. From excessive spine stress to a lack in focus, who knew that a simple office chair could make you so vulnerable to a variety of ailments?

If someone told you it’s completely possible to conclude a working day feeling relaxed, calm and ache-free, you probably wouldn’t believe them. As always, however - science is here to save the day. Through ergonomics and intelligent design, the ergo chair is born. Discover how your well-being can improve and why investing in an Autonomous ErgoChair might just be the smartest decision you make all year, below.

Supports your posture

Conventional office seating is one of the main reasons office workers suffer with their posture. An ergonomically designed chair will scope these issues out to create a remedy. Throughout the day, the foam seat will mould to your body, whilst customizable tilt tensions balance your weight and lock into place. Through cushioning and a smart, firm and flexible ability to adjust to your individual movement, our ergo chair has all the requisite features to ensure your posture is completely supported.

Reduces the risk of back pain

Maintaining a sedentary position throughout your working day is proven to put a strain on your lumbar region. This in turn puts you further at risk of developing back issues. An ergo chair is not only tall enough to support the entirety of your back, but it also sculpts to support the natural curve of your spine. Autonomous’ adjustable lumbar support is designed to reduce stress and fatigue.

Reduces the risk of neck problems

Neck issues are another high-risk consequence of stationary desk seating. If your neck is left unsupported for an extensive amount of time - i.e. an entire working day - you could develop neck stiffness, shoulder pain or, at worst, cervical spondylosis. The Autonomous ErgoChair features a wide, curving headrest tilting at an angle of up to 45 degrees, which can be raised or lowered to suit your needs.

Increase workplace performance

Not only does your body respond positively to an ergo chair, but your state of mind does too. Studies show that opting for an ergonomic chair improves your workplace performance and concentration. This is down to an increased blood and oxygen flow throughout your body, which helps to keep you alert and active; a fantastic angle to take when pitching an ergo chair takeover at your next office meeting.

Thanks to selected materials, world-class manufacturing and a tried-and-tested customizable design, our Autonomous ErgoChair is the ultimate product to improve your desk-bound situation. With a variety of colors to choose from, it also works in favor of those looking to brighten up their working environment.

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