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The Top Unique Features of the ErgoChair2

Autonomous Autonomous | Aug 24, 2017

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Back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome and tendonitis are just a few of the complaints that take people away from their jobs. Because of an increase in workplace injuries, companies lose millions of dollars each year. Research indicates that half of employees in the workplace will suffer from lower back pain at some time. However, this can be mitigated by investing in ergonomic chairs that provide support and comfort all day long.

While there are scores of office chairs to choose from the ErgoChair2 makes for an attractive choice with its Italian and Korean Design. You can also choose from a range of colors, which include evergreen, red apple, baby blue, cool grey, all black and black and white. It is the ultimate customizable ergonomic chair. You no longer have to sacrifice comfort and quality, for the price. You also won’t have to deal with stiff joints and sore muscles.

The ErgoChair2 provides you with all the features you need for a long day of work at the office. You will be able to sit comfortably for long hours in its foam seats that moulds to your body. This ergonomically friendly chair has customizable seat position and tilt tension features. It also allows you to recline as needed to relax and unwind during breaks. No one wants to sit in the same position all day, and the ErgoChair2 ergonomic chair gives you the perfect balance for your body, locking into place or adjusting for a change in posture.

This ergonomic chair also comes with a wide five-wheel base which improves mobility in any setting. This is important to allow for free movement within the confines of your office space. It can be uncomfortable reaching for things outside of your grasp or getting up too often for paperwork that is just a few feet away. If you have a large desk, just a slight shift on your swivel wheels will bring you in contact with whatever you need.

No office chair should come without adjustable arm rests. These are needed because they provide vital support for your arms, elbows and shoulders and help you maintain a posture that reduces strain on your wrists and upper body. Without adjustable arm rests, you can develop problems like carpal tunnel or posture related issues. But that is not the case with the ErgoChair2, its arm rests are adjustable on three axes.

Another great feature of this fantastic ergonomic chair is the lumbar support. It comes with adjustable lumbar support to reduce strain and fatigue by adjusting to the unique curve of your back. You will be able to control both the position and firmness of the chair. The adjustable lumbar support ensures that your unique body is adequately supported, reducing muscle strain and lower back problems.

This aerated ergonomic chair back is cool, firm and flexible as it responds to your individual shape whilst providing support. It also comes with a ergonomic headrest can be tilted up to 45 degrees and lowered or raised suit your body’s requirements. You can certainly look forward to increased comfort, which also usually means increased productivity, when you invest in the ErgoChair2.

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