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Treat yourself to a sit to stand desk

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 5, 2017

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Is it a long time until your next birthday? Is it a long time until Christmas or any other excuse to treat yourself? A long time until your can expect a present? Then why not inject some energy into your working life and treat yourself to a sit to stand desk. It will certainly make the wait feel that little bit shorter. Our Autonomous SmartDesk sit to stand desk makes standing at work easy so that you can be healthier and more productive while you work.

A sit to stand desk is a treat with legs. That is, beyond the literal two legs of the desk frame, it’s a treat that will keep on giving long after the initial excitement. The basic concept of the sit to stand desk, is pretty simple - a desk at which you can either sit or stand or with which you can transition from as state of sitting to a state of standing at a desk and vise versa. Also known as an adjustable height desk, varidesk or simply a standing desk, many sit to stand desks can also be adjusted to various mid-heights between sitting and standing. Our own brand of sit to stand desk has a slightly different name: The Autonomous SmartDesk 3.

Treat yourself to a sit to stand desk

The Autonomous SmartDesk 3 sit to stand desk is so called because it is smarter than your usual sit to stand desk. Not only does it change height, it actually changes height for you. With a simple touch of the touchpad it raises or lowers itself to your favorite heights. How does the sit to stand desk know your favorite heights? Because once you tell it your favorite heights, the SmartDesk 3 sit to stand desk remembers them and has them ready for you for whenever you need them. This means that you can move smoothly between different workstyles without fussing or fiddling with adjustment mechanisms and still get that perfect position. In turn, it means less distraction so you can change the height of your sit to stand desk without having to take your mind of the tasks at hand.

All this seems pretty straight forward, yet what isn’t self evident in the name sit to stand desk or in the simple concept of either sitting or standing is what a sit to stand desk can do for you. The more exciting promise of a sit to stand desk is it’s ability to significantly improve your productivity, health and general well-being in the workplace. Standing for just a few hours a day at a sit to stand desk increases your circulation to give you more energy, invigorate your posture and enhance your focus and concentration. Standing also engages more of your muscles and encourages better posture to make your core strength more resilient.

It isn’t that surprising that sitting for eight hours a day has a bad affect on your overall health and wellbeing. Yet for years we have reigned ourselves to staying seated during the best hours of day. We’ve always known that we weren’t designed to sit for most of our working lives but only recently, has research and a popular discussion on the subject begun to initiate change. Whilst only ten years ago sit to stand desks were virtually unheard of, today there is a bit of a buzz around sit to stand desks. Now the internet is full of articles describing the benefits of standing at work. As people have become more and more concerned with their overall health and wellbeing in the workplace, hundreds of thousands of early adopters have started to to try out the sit to stand desk for themselves and transition to standing at work for a few hours a day.

By shaking up your sedentary life with a sit to stand desk you can start standing at work and inject some energy into your working day. It won’t only make you feel better, it can also decrease your chances of developing serious health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. People have become so concerned with the negative effects of long periods of sitting, that they’ve even coined the phrase ‘sitting the new smoking.’ Yet without going into a frenzy, let’s look rationally at what can be done to leave sedentary working behind us. It can be hard to change long standing habits. But sometimes all it takes a leap of faith to bring about real change.

Treat yourself to a sit to stand desk - Image 2

The first step to making a transition to a sit to stand desk is to get your hands on one. With Autonomous, you can buy a sit to stand desk online and have it in your very own office or home within three to five working days. Once you have a sit to stand desk you can get to work. The best approach for beginners is to start standing for a just an hour or two at a time. Although it may feel strange at first, it doesn’t take long to feel the benefits and to get used to the feeling of working on your feet. Once it starts to feel like a natural working posture you can experiment with working for different lengths of time. The best thing is to stand for a few hours first thing in the morning and then take a rest before lunch. Whether you eat at your desk or head out of the office for lunch it might be a good idea to spend a few hours sitting after you have eaten. The best time to get in a good stand is around two or three in the afternoon when the afternoon slump kicks in. This is the time when most of us feel lethargic and the best time to boost your system and get your circulation going. Standing for a few hours in the afternoon can keep you focused until your five or six o’clock hometime - ensuring you get the most out of those crucial work hours.

The great thing about a sit to stand desk is that once you’re on your feet you can start to experiment with other ways to encourage your health and wellbeing while you work. You can try different combinations of sitting and standing. You can start to incorporate small exercises, stretches, and activities, or try a mid height to do some active sitting with an ergonomic stool. You can then try different products to compliment your standing, like the sloped base of an anti-fatigue mat or a mid-height office bike to get even more active from behind your standing desk. As you can see, the best thing is having a choice. Once we become untethered from our office chairs we can take more autonomy over the way we work. The psychological benefits of having a choice over how we work are ample and can do a lot to boost our morale and help us motivate ourselves differently throughout the day.

You can even choose the aesthetic of your desk. Having a sit to stand desk doesn’t mean compromising on your style and taste. The Autonomous SmartDesk 3 sit to stand desk has clean and tidy minimal design and comes in both black and white. Or if you have a strong connection to your existing tabletop or just want to choose our own you can choose our DIY kit and build your own frame for any top. Alternatively, there is also our SmartDesk art sit to stand desk - handpicked and handmade from wood species with unique color and tone you can bring a taste of the artisanal into your office environment.

All of this is what we mean when we say that a sit to stand desk is ‘a treat with legs.’ A sit to stand desk is a gateway to new ways of working. Initially, it can bring a new lease of life to your work set-up, but the full effects and benefits of a sit to stand desk won’t be known or felt until a little farther down the line and they can just keep going and going. As you start to leave your sedentary work life behind and explore new ways to invigorate your body and your mind at the office, who knows what could be the full scale of your ‘one off’ treat further down the line. It all depends on what you do with it.

Admittedly a sit to stand desk probably isn’t the kind of treat that your kids want to find under the tree on Christmas day. A sit to stand desk might not look that good in a Christmas stocking. It might not encourage your partner’s affections on valentine's day. But a sit to stand desk is the kind of guiltless treat that can make a big impact on your day to day, a gift that your body and your mind will thank you for and that will make you more focused and productive in your pursuits. Your birthday might be a long way off, but why not treat yourself to a sit to stand desk? You’ll thank yourself later.

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