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Why our SmartDesk mini is the best tabletop standing desk yet?

Autonomous Autonomous | Jul 21, 2017

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Unlike most table top standing desks the Autonomous SmartDesk mini is motorised. This means that you can move seamlessly between sitting and standing at the touch of a button. It even has the SmartDesk’s signature memory preset function so you can save your favorite heights for an even smoother transition. 

This means you can cut out the, often awkward, process of moving your desk manually and the hassle of adjusting and re-adjusting the position to get that perfect height. It also means you can move between sitting and standing throughout the day without breaking your productive spell or deducting valuable minutes off your day. This is exactly what we mean when we talk about ‘working smarter.’

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So... you might expect that this added convenience would come at an added cost right? Think again, the cost of the SmartDesk mini is actually lower than the average price for a manual tabletop standing desks on the market today.

At $299 our desk is almost $100 less than our average competitor. In fact, if you order this month, it is even less with our Early Bird discount making it just $249 (ending 08.25).

How do we do it? We have developed a unique business model in which we own every step in the production process. This means we aren’t picking up extra fees from any other businesses or services along the way - as such we are able to save our customers hundreds of dollars with each transaction.

But the reason that we are most excited about the SmartDesk mini is that we are dedicated to helping people work smarter and we believe that the SmartDesk mini is the next step in the work smarter revolution.

Today early adopters across industries have been standing at work and making a break with the problematic tradition of sedentary working.

Almost 10 years ago the tech giants like Google and Facebook started to shake up work culture by forging new workspaces. Their approach has rippled throughout the tech and start-up scenes and even made its way into mainstream corporate culture.

What they did was simple. They put people at the heart of the company and at the heart of their offices. They realised that the ‘one-size fits all’ approach to workspaces needed a re-think and began to build offices that were more flexible, dynamic, sociable and collaborative (check out our article The Offices of Unicorns for more details).

Having the choice to stand at work is a big part of that shift. Standing at work for just a few hours a day can significantly improve your health, happiness and productivity. For a run down on the latest research you can check out The Health Benefits of Standing Desks on our WorkSmarter blog. 

Beyond the extensive research and hundreds of articles dedicated to the benefits of standing that are circulating online, we have also received countless great reviews, great customer feedback and incredible enthusiasm from the community. This is all a testament to the benefits of making the shift from a standard desk to a sit to stand desk. 

Why our SmartDesk mini is the best tabletop standing desk yet?

Yet we realise the SmartDesk isn’t the best solution for everyone. That’s why we’re super excited about the SmartDesk mini. The SmartDesk mini can be easily incorporated into any existing desk set-up which means that anyone in any work environment can now stand at work.

The truth is, whilst some companies are making changes, most people still work in a traditional office environment. Now, all those people who are still bound to their desks, shoulder to shoulder with colleagues or even in a cubicle, can now easily add a standing desk into their personal set-up. 

With the SmartDesk mini everyone can achieve greater autonomy over their workspace. When the afternoon slump kicks in, you can decide to stand to re-boot your system or explore other approaches like active sitting or using a standing mat at different periods thorughout the day. Having a choice over how you work gives you the power to make an active difference to your physical and mental well-being at the office.

So this one goes out to all those people with regulation desks, standardised set-up’s or even residing in the cubicles of yesteryear. We hope the SmartDesk mini will help you to work smarter and be healthier, happier and more productive throughout the best hours of your day.

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