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​​​​​​​7 Tips for Online Shopping on Black Friday

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 7, 2018

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November is coming and the shopping season is getting closer and closer. Are you ready for this year’s Black Friday sale? Black Friday deals are some of the most jaw dropping deals you will get on many products, especially electronics. It is very easy to get lost in the midst of the huge discounts and offers. In addition, it is the time for fake and deceiving websites to pop-up and trying to cheat the desperate shoppers looking for deals. Most people are moving online to buy stuffs they want, from electronics to smart products or home decor items.

Tips for Online Shopping on Black Friday

Black Friday shopping has also evolved over the years and more people are going online for the shopping season. The benefits of online shopping has made itself an important aspect for any holiday shopping. You no longer need to wait in queues for hours to enter a store on a Black Friday sale. Furthermore, no longer missing deals for being late to visit the nearest Samsung or Apple outlet. You can visit the online stores on your own time and have the freedom to browse through the best deals before filling out your shopping cart. Additionally, you can now visit multiple stores at same time to find the best deal on your wishlist items.

It all sounds fair for every shopper to get online and start making their wishlist before the sale begins. Earlier you plan, better are the chances for you to get the best deals quick and easy. It is also the time, you keep some tips in mind before you click that buy now button.

Tips on your Black Friday Shopping

Here are some expert tips for everyone planning for their Black Friday shopping. These tips will surely help you be safe and get the best value deals.

Make your plans earlier

Plan your shopping earlier than the Black Friday sale day. It will surely get overwhelming for you on the sale day with lots of offers and discounts on various products. Most of the time, people end up spending a lot more than they originally planned lured with offers and deals. It is always the best idea to have a shopping list ready week before the sale day. You will have many things planned to buy as a gift or for yourself. Making a list of the items you will need to buy when the big day hits the markets will ensure you have a better shopping experience overall.

Also having a list will help you plan the items that you need urgently and the ones that can wait. You can get on the products you need at first and get the best deals head-on. All other products down your shopping list will require a little time to get value.

While preparing your list, keep some points in mind that will help you in getting the deals on products you wish to buy. Popular products like smartphones, cameras and other popular products will get out of stock soon, so keep that in mind while preparing your list. Make sure you have them on top of your list and the ones that are less likely in great demand can fall down. 

Set your Priorities

Setting priorities will ensure you do not miss out that big offer on your favorite smartphone you had been planning to buy for longtime. Now a days big online retailers like Amazon, BestBuy and others have the sale running for few days after the Black Friday. Sales sometimes continue up to the Cyber Monday. It is always preferable to get your priorities right and set your targets to get the items on the days the deals reveal.

Additionally, list the items that you need to get first and look out for the best deals on the various outlets. Online retailers tends to list attractive deals for very limited period on the first-come-first-serve basis. Prioritize your shopping to get the deals you had an eye for at first rather than running out of the opportunity to grab the deal before it ends. Some items will be on sale for longer than others will, so prioritize the items accordingly to avoid missing deals.

Additionally, online retailers like Amazon will keep touting the upcoming deals well ahead of the sale day. Make a note of the sale dates they advertise to plan your shopping better and get the best possible deals without messing up on the sale day.

Create a Budget and Stick to it

While it may not sound a big deal at first but trust, me once you are in the shopping spree, most of the time you will end up spending a lot more than you required. Deals and offers are shown such that you are made to spend more to get the attractive deals. To be honest who does not get overwhelmed by the attractive discounts the outlets offer.

It is always the best idea to have a budget fixed for your holiday shopping and strictly stick to it. Overspending is a common phenomenon during the holiday shopping season. Avoid being trapped in the rabbit holes of deals and offers. Sticking to the budget and the list will ensure you end up having the items you need within a budget you decided topped with discounts and offers.

Keep an Eye on the Online Stores

Online stores start revealing upcoming deals leading up to the Black Friday week. To get an idea of what to expect and plan better, keep an eye on the online stores. This will help you greatly in planning and prioritizing the items that you desire to purchase during the sale. It is also a great tip to bookmark the online retailer’s websites. If the websites happen to have opt-in subscription policy where you can get update of sale and offers, sign up for them. Yeah, it may get spamy after the sale is done, most websites will offer the option to opt-out once the sale is over.

Keep an Eye on the Online Stores


Some websites like allows you to get update on your wishlist products for discounts and offers that can aid in your purchase decision. They even allow for notifications and updates sent directly to your phone or browser. This way you can be in line to receive the updates and news as early as possible from the sites. It will help you plan your shopping better and get ready for the sale sooner to avoid missing any exciting deals.

Additionally, you can look for various websites that provide for updated news on offers and sale on various platforms. This way you know when to get online and get your shopping list out.

Get on Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are quite common these days where many stores will provide extra discounts or early access to deals to people on their loyalty program. In most cases, you need to pay a subscription for a year or monthly to be in the loyalty program. These loyalty programs comes with added benefits and extra benefits over the other customers. During the sale days when there are thousands of people visiting the stores at the same time, having early access is very useful.  

One of the biggest loyalty program is the Amazon Prime membership, which provide the Prime Members early access to deals and other benefits at mere $12.99 per month or $199 for a year. It also allows the members to get extra offers and early access to deals along with Prime Videos, Prime Music, Free Deliveries, Free Same Day Delivery and many more other perks. You get the idea, if you are planning for a shopping marathon online, be sure to check the loyalty programs. It is best to sign-up for one at the earliest to avoid the rush and get hold of early access to deals.

Additionally, many online stores will send their loyalty members added information and insights to plan for the shopping on the big sale day. This can help you in planning the shopping list along with creating the budget and even setting the priorities. Thus, it is a win-win situation for the customers with loyalty membership. It might cost you some money, but the saving will cover up the cost sooner than later. Some stores even provide Free Trials for their memberships. You can get the membership for the Black Friday week or month and cancel it once you are done with your shopping.

Avoid Unknown and Sketchy Websites

Avoid Unknown and Sketchy Websites

One of the biggest issue that one must be aware of during the holiday shopping season. People from all over the world are looking for deals and offers on various range of products. Thus, it opens doors for cheats and frauds to exploit the customers desperate for deals. You should stick to the online stores that are legit and reputed among the masses. Online retail stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and others are well known and legit. Avoid any unknown online stores and websites selling you an iPhone Xs for $300. It is more likely to be a fraud that will run away with your money or worst steal your credit card details.

Stealing of credit card details is one of the major concerns for online shoppers and it is probably the only reason why some hesitate to shop online. In order to be on the safer side, always use websites that are authentic and well-known as online retailers. Do not share your Credit Card details to anyone or at any store you are unaware of the security or unknown as a online retail store. Additionally, always prefer to buy goods from sellers on the stores with good ratings and reviews, especially on Ebay. Avoid sellers that are new and have no reputation for being a genuine seller on websites like Ebay, Craigslist and others.  

Use Price Comparison and Coupon Tools

Price comparison tools are priceless when it comes to online shopping, for the sheer number of online stores selling the same products. Price comparison tools will get prices from various online retail websites and compile them to present a table or chart to easily compare the prices on the go without individually visiting each websites. This greatly helps in getting the best price on the same product from the various online stores within no time. It will greatly reduce the time you would have to spend otherwise looking through each online retailer individually.

Authenticity and accuracy can sometimes be a hit and miss situation for some of the sites, but they perform well in most cases. It can help save you a lot of time and money during the holiday season shopping on the online retail outlets.

Popular price comparison websites like Google Shopping, NexTag, Pricegabber,, Shopzilla, etc, offers an array of opportunity for online shoppers to save some money. Google shopping has been a revolutionary guide for online shopper around the globe. It not only provide price information but also reviews suggestions and details in a single search. What more can you ask while you are looking for best suggestions and price on products all over the web.

Final thoughts

The holiday shopping day is just few weeks away from now. It is the right time to get ready with all ammunition you need to battle past the war of deals. As in every war, preparation is key to success, be prepared for the sale well ahead of the sale day. Draft your plan and budget, stay focused and avoid traps, all these will ensure you have the best shopping experience online. If this is your first time online shopping or you are a regular shopper online, these tips are priceless and will always help you crack the code to best value for your money. Additionally, stay calm and do not panic if your favorite item is out of stock for now, it can be back in stock soon or you can find it on other online store. Hope you all have a great a shopping time this holiday season and wish you all a very happy holidays in advance.  

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