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Which Country has the Best Black Friday?

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 26, 2018

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Which country has the Best Black Friday

There is no other country best suited to have the greatest Black Friday other than the originators themselves. And that is the United States of America. They continue to have the best deals worldwide for years. The reason why is because of the enthusiasm expressed by Americans all over the country.

Shopping on Black Friday is one of the anticipated holidays in the United States. It is so loved that shoppers over there fight the discomfort of drowsiness and standing in long endless lines. Hoping to snag up the best deals in the world all in the name of saving money.

The country originated the holiday and over the years it is undergoing some changes. For instance, there is an early start of Black Friday sales, weeks ahead of Black Friday in certain stores. Also among retailers in the US, there is a competition to get more sales as they offer lower prices. For the sake of attracting both customers in stores or online.

Now let’s come back to the question of “which country has the best black Friday”. There are certain factors that can be used to find out.

The one factor that is going to be used in this post is the progress of the retailers. After all, that is the main way to determine which country do has the best black Friday. It is the county that made the highest amount of sales. And for that to happen, the country’s retailers must offer the best deals. The aim is to save the customer’s money.

Wallet Hub analyst says over 10,000 deals from all 35 big retail stores in America offered an average of 37.1% discounts. For products in categories like appliances and jewelry in the year 2017. Stores like Kohl's, JC Penney, Belk and stage of the highest above 60%. This is great compared to the rest of the world.

Most of America’s retailers are known to offer mouthwatering deals which are rare to find anywhere else on Black Friday. As the period of Black Friday is extended coupled with thanksgiving, customers get enough time to snag the best deals. In the end, retail stores get to score high in terms of sales making the country best on black Fridays.

For clarity of why the USA has the best deals, in this post there will review of retail stores categorized according to the most demanded products.

Best retail store black Friday deals by product category

Best retail store black Friday deals by product category

1. Small electronics


This retail store deals on merchandise sales, thousands of them. This makes it one of the best places to get great Black Friday deals for accessories and small electronics.

Walmart offers a great discount of up to 50% on small electronics which starts from the evening of Thanksgiving. This should be able to get American shoppers running to the door of stores or taping their devices to buy Walmart’s products online.

Walmart offers their customers with color-coded maps to help them located the deals of merchandise. It can be according to their favorite category which could be small electronics. Customers find it quite useful and fun.

They also offer an app to aid the customer’s search for the best deals in their store. It contains the store map and indicators that help point out the best deals.


This one of the most competitive store-wide black Friday pricing merchandise in America. This store is suitable for people who are tired of the adverts that keeping flashing in their eyes. In a place like a target, all that a customer can do is make a beeline on the electronics section at the back of the wall. It is usually found behind, opposite to the entrance.

The store is also preferred because of their expert employees at electronic products. It seemed like target invested more in the employees in the electronic section. Most employees from other sections may not be able to answer customer’s questions as well as the one in the electronics department.

The store allows its customers to save money if they sign up for a card called the Target REDcard. A person with this card gets 5% off his/her total buy added with another 5% of online and offline purchases. So customers who spend $50 get a 20% off voucher for target shopping trips in the future. They also offer all online orders including electronics, in the continental of the USA, free shipping.

Best buy

One of the strongest best big box electronics retailer. A big contributor to America’s yearly dominance on black Friday. The store appreciates the experience of the American shopper. For one, the expertise of the employees in the electronic section is flawless. One is sure to find answers.

Those who shop online for electronics can enjoy the free shipping of all purchases made by them. Customer that experience problems will be supported by Walmart’s geek squad. These make the store the best place to walk into on a black Friday.


This is an American store which focusses mainly on items such as clothing, toys, home goods and gadgets (small electronics). The store may not be famous for its electronic selection, but it has varieties of deals that are reasonable.

The reason for their lack of recognition is due to little or no promotion of their electronics since they don’t major in it alone. Even still they are still a significant contribution to the country’s status of being better at black Fridays.

They offer free shipping on online orders for a price at $50 (or higher) and $15 kohl’s cash. That is, for every buy (both online and offline) of $50 with during the period of Black Friday there will be a 15% off store-wide.

2. Televisions

2. Televisions


Despite the retail store’s expensive selection of TVs, they have the best Black Friday deals. In most other stores quality still doesn’t come at low prices. So Walmart offers good prices which are better for quality.

Best buy

Best Buy's Black Friday TV deals are usually among the best ones for customers over the years, both online and offline. They can offer discounts for up to 70% and a bit above on TVs. Most of these kinds of deals are doorbusters which is what the store usually arranges.

Customers can still get even lower discounts in best buy’s “beat the rush” deals. This kind of deals is usually available in the day that leads up to Black Friday. Such deals like these are restricted to in-store purchase by best buy.


The store possesses collections of affordable TVs which is quite impressive compared to the rest. It includes LEDs and also smart TVs. Customers mail-in and then instant rebate is available to reduce the cost of these products.

Some great deals online can be gotten with the use of a special promo code issued by Fry's. These codes can be found in the product list, if not found one can always search on Google.

3. Laptops and PCs

3. Laptops and PCs


Staples these store has a lineup of nice and affordable electronics such as laptops, two-in-one devices, and PCs. The only problem the customers will face is to decide, which is a better deal In a pool of great deals. The store even offers less more affordable TVs with their black Friday discounts.


As Walmart’s TVs selection checks-out well, so does the laptop and PC selection. They offer great deals for exclusive models like HP, Dell, windows and so on. They are usually restricted to online sales.

Best buy

The store boasts a 30 – 50% discount on laptops and PCs which are of high quality. Even the models that come fresh out of the assembly line. Walmart has their geek squad for ensuring the safety and well-being of the high priced laptops and PC.

4. Home improvement

4. Home improvement


This is a national home improvement store that provides pieces of equipment for both the handy types and the DIY fixers. It is very easy to get help at Lowe's than any other home improvement store as most of the staffs indoor are a lot and all have hands-on expertise.

The customers get to enjoy free shipping for products at $49 and above. There is also a sign up for their consumer card (Lowe’s consumer Credit Card), with this card consumers receive 5% off on both online and offline purchases. Those in the military get an extra 10% off making 15%. Also to the bonuses, there are a special one day days throughout the whole shopping holiday.

Home Depot

This is a superstore offers competitive prices for a whole year no problem. But on Black Friday, the prices get so discounted it seems a lot too good to be true.

The store offers special deals which can be up to 50% or more on certain items. There is free shipping for the products purchased online regardless of the order price or size. Customers are even allowed to do a free same-day pick at their local store on every product on the home depot website.

Ace hardware

This is a company that owns more than 4600 small format stores in America. It is the best alternative to home depot products and black Friday deals. After shopping in the home depot on black Friday one can always make a stop in ace hardware. The deals are great for the weekend after Black Friday.


This also a home improvement retailer with its stores located in a dozen states in the northern part of America. The store is recognized for its 11% off sales on black Friday and it leading prices on items like paint, lumber and plumbing equipment. The structure of Menard's stores is warehouse like which makes it more customer friendly than home depot.

On Black Friday, customers enjoy saving via the methods Menards offers. They have a Menards BIG card sponsored by capital one can be applied for. Every buy means earns the customer at least 2% of the rebate which can be used for both online and offline shopping. That is after the customers earn at least $5 on a rebate.

There is also a six months interest-free financing on every buy a customer makes for products greater than $299. Customers can also make use of the 3.99% APR financing for up to 4ys on any buy greater than $1500. Let’s not forget the Menards big card earns up to 1% on rebate buy made at speed away, holiday and kwik trip convenient stores.

5. Appliances

5. Appliances


This is one of the major retailers of appliances in America. Most people would prefer to come here before thinking of any other place. The company may have been affected since the great recession, but it is still an ideal place to get black Friday deals. Even on the high-quality Kenmore appliances line.

Customers with a Sears card can save up to an extra 5% on all the purchases he/she made. There is also a special financing on appliances of a price greater than $399 for a space of 12-months. Order online have free shipping for products over $25. Also to the online bonus, customers should input the coupon code (cash) to be able to save up to 20% on future select orders.

Home Depot

Home Depot promises up to 40% black Friday discount on its selected models. There also promise deals that will save customers 50% and above on selected merchandise. Customers can also get a 5% off on their next order by signing up for home depot mailing list.

The store supports landlords and home remodelers looking to buy several appliances. They should buy two or more appliances worth $498 or more to get up to $500 each off purchases.


Leading products demanded during black Friday are supplied best by America's retail companies. As you’ve seen they all have great deals and customer services. Which are the ingredients to getting more sales. The bottom line is America's reason for best black Friday is due to their retail companies.

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