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Compact Workstation PC by Autonomous x Artesian Builds -
Compact Workstation PC by Autonomous x Artesian Builds -

Compact Workstation PC by Autonomous x Artesian Builds

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Compact Workstation PC by Autonomous x Artesian Builds at a glance.

A powerful custom built PC from Artesian in collaboration with Autonomous. Compact, sturdy, customizable and ready for gaming or working from home.

• Highly sustainable small form factor PC case

• Sturdy powder-coated steel construction

• Small form factor size

• Quiet operation from a liquid-cooled CPU

• Expandable hardware

• Note: Some internal component manufacturers are subject to change with notice in advance.

• 5-year warranty

Artesian Builds custom-built PC – Level-up your gaming and work sessions

An Artesian Builds custom-built PC is everything you need to play your favorite games and complete your daily responsibilities smoothly. A good device can make a huge difference in your productivity, and this is the best gaming PC build you can use for both purposes. Choosing a custom PC is a better choice than a pre-built PC as they have more versatility. Furthermore, these PCs are built with the components of your preference, allowing you to get exactly what you want for your gaming furniture. Do you want to play the latest AAA titles smoothly? Is your current PC incapable of running the software you need for working appropriately? If the answer to both of these questions is "yes," then the Artesian Builds custom-built PC present on this page will do wonders for you. It is the perfect addition to any gaming setup!

Why should you get a custom-built PC for both gaming and working?

Who says that WFH and gaming cannot coexist together? This Artesian Builds custom-built PC proves otherwise with its compact but powerful structure. Most pre-built PCs are overpriced and do not contain all the components you need to play your favorite games smoothly. Furthermore, you’d need to spend a considerable amount of money if you want to make sure that it runs every software you need smoothly without freezing. However, when you get a PC built for office work, all of these problems will disappear.

Versatility: Custom gaming PC builds are quite versatile. Since you're choosing every component, be it small or big, you will be 100% sure of its capacity. Upon getting it, all you need to worry about is your gaming desk accessories because your computer will be able to handle everything else. These computers often have strong components that are capable of running heavy games AND pretty much any software you can find. In fact, it is not rare for people that work from home to get gaming PCs or laptops for working due to their high quality. Cost-effective: Pre-built PCs can be hugely expensive, and the worst part is that their components are often obsolete or quite basic. That’s not a problem with a workstation PC build. Since you’re choosing the whole structure of the computer, you know exactly how much you’ll spend. The best part is that the components will likely be useful for a few years, which brings us to the next factor: you can modify them whenever you find it convenient. Modifiable: Custom gaming PC builds have one huge advantage over pre-built PCs: They're modifiable. Thus, if certain pieces become obsolete, stop working, or you'd like to improve the computer's capacity, you can easily modify them. This way, you can be sure that your PC will continue working for several years without necessarily spending on a new one.

Compact Workstation PC by Autonomous x Artesian Builds

This computer has everything you need to work smoothly and play your favorite games. Upon acquiring it, all you’ll have to worry about is finding the perfect balance to enjoy the best of both worlds! Compact size but powerful: Despite its size, this is a powerful computer that serves multiple purposes. The i7-10700K Intel Core processor will make sure that your PC runs everything you need smoothly and continues working as well as new for a long time. Quiet operation from a liquid-cooled CPU: This Artesian Builds custom-built PC has 3 high-end fans incorporated, which are meant to keep all of its components cool at all times. One of the biggest problems with computers is overheating, but you can forget about it with this PC in your setup. Furthermore, these fans are extremely quiet! Expandable hardware: As mentioned above, custom-built PCs are modifiable. If you want more storage or would like to get more ram, you’re free to do it. You can expand the hardware as you find it convenient.

About Artesian Builds

Artesian Builds is a company dedicated to the production of custom gaming PC builds. They’ve become quite popular in the mainstream media due to their Twitch channel, where they broadcast how they build their clientele’s computers. This company makes sure that you get exactly what you need for a custom PC build. If you don’t know that much about components but have specific needs, they can offer you guidance so you can get the perfect device based on your case.


Don't see the answer to your question?

Will my PC be built with all chips mentioned?
Our PC can be configured with any chips mentioned in the list. However, please note that due to supply constraints, some internal components may be replaced with similar ones but made by different manufacturers. Customers will be notified of any changes before orders are processed.
Does my PC require maintenance/service?
Almost none! Simply dust off the fans and radiator unit every few months and your PC  should operate for years to come with no issues.
Is Artesian PC shipped internationally?
Gaming PCs purchased through the Autonomous website do not ship internationally.
What kind of warranty will my PC have?
We offer a best in class 5 year parts 3 year labor warranty which ensures your PCs will operate well for years to come. Some parts in each system will have warranties up to 10 years.
How do I control the lights in my system?
Pre-installed software can be used to easily control the lights in your system.
Does my system ship with Windows installed?
Yes. Windows 11 will be shipped fully installed and active with all systems unless otherwise noted.
How many monitors does my system support?
1-4 monitors may be used with the majority of our systems, although some entry level PCs may support only 3.
My warranty has expired, do I still get support?
Service, repair, replacement, and upgrades will adopt normal costs.
I have no display signal, what do I do?
Remember to plug your monitor into the graphics card (it will have multiple display ports and HDMI connectors ONLY) and not the motherboard.
Where do I download new video drivers for my Graphics Card?
Occasionally Nvidia will release new drivers, which are available here: