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RYSE SmartShade Starter Pack

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Core Features

• Bluetooth and on-device controls • Long-lasting wireless BatteryPack • Remote control, groups, and routines via SmartBridge • Control your shades seamlessly with Apple Homekit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa • Compatible with blinds controlled by a beaded-chain • Comfortably lift shades up to to 9 x 9 ft. or 10 lbs of weight
• 1-year warranty


Everything you need to get the most out of your RYSE SmartShade! An affordable and easy way to motorize your existing window shades. Easily open and close your shades via mobile app, voice control, remotely, and set routines and groups! Includes a RYSE SmartShade, a wireless BatteryPack, and a RYSE SmartBridge.

Sit back and relax.


Control your shades from your bed, couch or whatever's comfortable via Bluetooth controls and the RYSE app. Get the perfect balance of natural lighting and comfort with 0-100% shade control. You can even control your shades outside of your home with the SmartBridge: Peace of mind & security are just a tap away, wherever you are.

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Turn your SmartShade into your personal assistant with this add-on device that gives you features such as: Routines, Voice Control, Groups, Remote Control, and more.

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Say goodbye to frustration & wasted time. Control up to 10 shades without even getting up. Set routines: your personal secret to productive sunny days & peaceful nights in shade.

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Control your shades using your voice through one of the seamless integrations: Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

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Make your SmartShade wire-free and enjoy your home the way it's meant to be: simple, clean and tidy. A 6-hour charge will give your SmartShade 3-6 months of wire-free use.

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