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Wistopht Filing Cabinet: Slim - Autonomous.ai
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Wistopht Filing Cabinet: Slim

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Wistopht Filing Cabinet: Slim at a glance.

By Autonomous x Wistopht

The slim filing cabinet from Wistopht is a versatile office companion, helping you organize all your files in a compact form factor suitable for limited space. It’s sturdy, convenient and doubles as a mobile table or footrest with its high weight capacity, making it a great multi-purpose office tool.

• Double-layer drawers

• Slim form

• Customizable divider

• Made from SPCC steel

• Gloss finish

• Lockable drawers and wheels

• Multi-purpose, space-saving

• Convenient & simple installation

• Quality certified

• 1-year warranty

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Don't see the answer to your question?

What kind of drawer sliders does this cabinet come with? Are they roller type or ball bearing?
This filing cabinet has a ball bearing slider and the drawer can be extended fully.
Are the drawers smooth when opened and closed? And do they feel sturdy and well-made, like they’ll last over the years for jewelers tools?
Crafted from cold rolled SPCC and powder-coated steel, our cabinet is made for more sturdy and long-lasting. Also, the three-section slide rails and high-quality ball bearing glides make movement smooth like butter.
Are your cabinets fireproof?
Our cabinets aren’t classed as fireproofed, so we can’t claim any form of fire protection for the contents.
How many rows of files can you fit in this cabinet's drawer?
The number of files depends on how full you fill each file. If the files aren't too thick and you know how to organize them, each drawer should be able to hold a decent number of files.
Do I need to assemble the cabinet?
No, you don’t need to assemble anything. Out filing cabinet is fully assembled and ready to use.