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Autonomous SmartDesk Standing Desks

Take autonomy over your office workspace, escape your sedentary work life and be healthier happier and more productive at work with the most affordable sit to stand desk yet.

Innovation is changing the world as we know it, even the smallest details of your day are being transformed through technology. Yet many of us are still sitting behind regular office desks. Your office desk is the centre of your working day and at Autonomous we believe it has the potential to define your health, happiness and productivity at the office. It is now widely accepted that sedentary working from behind your office desk can take a major toll on your body. Your office desk can be part of the solution. Our sit to stand desk allows you to move seamlessly between sitting and stan ding throughout the day to enhance circulation, posture and focus. Standing from your office desk for just a few hours a day can significantly improve your mood and productivity. Our sit to stand desk is just the kind of office desk that can transform a workspace into a dynamic, energetic and proactive environment. Just having the choice to stand from your office desk gives you Autonomy over your workspace, the power to choose how you work; it’s a gateway to discovering new work styles around your office desk such as active sitting, active standing or even cycling while you work. Your office desk doesn’t have to be a cage you are confined to, it can be a dynamic, flexible and encouraging space for you to spend the best hours of your day.