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Change the world.

More than 110,000 customers in 60+ countries choose Autonomous to bring their best ideas to life.

algolia - Autonomous.ai


Makes search intuitive

The Algolia team work on SmartDesks to engineer the best search capabilities for any mobile app or website, powering companies like Medium, Periscope and Twitch.

Dynamic Yield

Creates a personalized OS

Machine learning engineers at Dynamic Yield create advanced algorithms that enable digital marketers to increase revenue by personalising customer interaction.

Parsec Media

Invents time-based marketing solutions

Parsec creates a media marketplace that syncs advertising with attention, effectively decreasing risk and increasing engagement.

Action IQ

Provides marketing freedoom.

ActionIQ is an enterprise Customer Data Platform solving the biggest problem marketers face: the flow and scale of data, analytics, and campaigns.


Trailblazes the great unknown.

Nasa powers humanity’s first steps - into the cosmos and beyond. Bleeding edge technology and research inspire man’s reach and extend his grasp.

Deep Map - Autonomous.ai

Deep Map

Builds HD maps for safe autonomy.

Deep Map harnesses data in real time to build complex maps of reality, ensuring that self-driving cars can navigate responsibly and transport their passengers with minimal risk.

Orbital Insight - Autonomous.ai

Orbital Insight

Broadens perspective and sharpens vision.

Orbital Insight provides a bird’s-eye view of our ever changing world, utilizing geospatial analytics to enhance understanding and efficiency on the ground.


Democratizes machine learning.

Nexosis is a flexible platform that makes machine learning solutions accessible to all, allowing companies to reap the benefits while remaining independent.