Tell a classmate and earn up to $1500!

Know someone who desperately needs help with their study setup? Refer them to Autonomous! For every successful purchase made via your referral, you can earn up to $1500 .

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How it works

Order value ($)
Your reward (coins)
1 coin = 1 USD

Ways to earn

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1Log in to your Autonomous

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2Share your unique Referral Link with your teachers and classmates.

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3After a purchase is made via your Referral Link, you’ll earn Coins as soon as their 30-day trial expires.

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4Autonomous will send you a detailed email notification of your succesfull referral with the amount of coins you've earned.

(*) You can apply your coins to get an extra discount towards your next purchase with Autonomous

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will I get my referral reward coins?icon

- After someone makes a successful order using your referral link, we will send you a confirmation email notifying that your referral is successful. You'll receive your coins from that purchase after its 30-day trial period expires.

- Bonus Coins only apply to orders with a value of $500 and above.

- You can easily check your current coin balance by logging into your Autonomous account using your student email address with an applicable educational domain. For example: .edu, .university, .academy, .mba, .school, .courses, .education, etc.

- If your friend has successfully made a purchase via your referral link but you have not received a confirmation email from us after their 30-day trial period has expired, please email [email protected] for further assistance.

2. What are the benefits for my friend if he/she purchases via my Referral Link?icon

Your friend does not receive any direct rewards from the Student Ambassador Program. When your friend successfully places an order via your Referral Link, only you receive Referral Reward Coins. However, your friend can still access and take advantage of their school’s storewide education discount.

3. How do I use my coins earned from the Student Ambassador Program?icon

- For all members worldwide, Coins can be used towards any Autonomous order above $100.

- Important note:

  • In order to use your Coins, please make sure to log-in to your Autonomous account using your student email address. If you don’t log-in to your Autonomous account with an appropriate domain (.edu, .university, .academy, .mba, .school, .courses, .education, etc.) you’ll be unable to find where to apply your store credit at the checkout page.
4. Can I use my coins to purchase items that are on sale?icon

Yes, you can use your coins to buy an item that is on sale. However, please remember that your order value must be above $100 (excluding tax) in order to be able to apply any store credit.

5. Can coins be exchanged for cash?icon
No. As a policy only for our Student Ambassador Program, you can use coins to get an extra discount towards any Autonomous order above $100, but you cannot choose to withdraw your coin rewards as cash. For more information, please refer to question 3.
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