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SmartDesk 2 - Walnut - 53 x 30 Ergonomic - Black - Business Edition

Your essential solution to the sedentary.

Seamlessly integrate activity into your work life with a fully motorized, height-adjustable standing desk. For increased productivity and improved health.

Rethink the daily grind.

No more slouching over your to-do list. A fully motorized, height adjustable standing desk allows you to conveniently integrate activity into your work life. Keep light on your feet to add a bounce to your step and a boost to your workflow. Productivity, creativity and focus is your new everyday.

Stay active to stay focused

Standing desks help you naturally make the frequent posture changes necessary for optimal physical and mental functioning. Sit-to-stand function allows you to find a balance that is comfortable for you. Combat a sedentary lifestyle at just a touch of a button.