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About Pixio

Gaming and trading have a lot in common, despite the fact that many people are unaware of this. To begin, the tools and equipment needed for each are almost identical. A six-monitor arrangement is one of these instruments. A multi-monitor workstation is nothing new, given the prevalence of multiple monitor setups among remote workers and gamers. Gamers often use three monitors, however, this is less frequent than using two. Although these arrangements are primarily designed for games, they may also be quite useful for traders who do their business mostly by smartphone or laptop. People either don't comprehend why they need a 6-monitor monitor arrangement or don't know how to set it up. You can rely on Pixio x Autonomous to meet all of your monitor-related needs. For gaming or any other reason, they provide a variety of high-quality displays.

Importance Of Choosing The Right Monitor

Unless you have a gaming display, your PC setup is incomplete. It's true that a plain 19-inch display may get the job done, but it doesn't scream "ultimate fragging machine!". Pixio gaming monitor is your solution. A Pixio monitor is the way to go if you want to enjoy gaming the most.

Increased Refresh Rates

The frequency at which a monitor updates its display with a new picture every second is known as the refresh rate, and it is commonly expressed in Hertz (Hz). Smoother graphics may be achieved with a greater refresh rate since the monitor can show more frames at a time. 60 frames per second are the standard refresh rate for most standard monitors. Higher refresh rates are more than possible on gaming computers equipped with powerful GPUs. The excess frames are either discarded or cause monitor tearing in this scenario. You may avoid this issue by purchasing Pixio displays.

Low Response Times

For particular types of gaming, the speed at which a display responds is critical. There are two ways to test the monitor's responsiveness: the time it takes to go from active to inactive, and the time it takes to return to active again. Because of its quick reaction time, the Pixio portable monitor is great for video games. There are few better gaming monitors on the market today.

Playing Faster Games at a Faster Pace

It's all about the glory and conquest that games bring for everyone. It's only right that you have access to the greatest goods to help you win. When you go from a 60Hz monitor to a 144Hz or 240Hz Pixio portable monitor, your monitor refreshes more quickly. When compared to a standard 60Hz monitor, gaming feels and looks so much smoother with this one. Having a more precise aim and faster feedback from input delays might offer you a competitive edge. As a result of the decreased latency, you are able to respond much more quickly.

Pixio Monitors - Best Performance Gaming Monitors

Razor-thin bezels

The Pixio curved monitor has a stunning bezel-less display that gives it a contemporary vibe and lets your information shine through.

Sharp image, smooth performance

High pixel density may still be achieved with less capable GPUs because of the 2560x1440P resolution. Increased monitor space may be enjoyed by up to 77 percent over ordinary HD (1080p) monitors.

Stutter-free and flicker-free

It is now possible to play at practically any frame rate with smooth, artifact-free performance thanks to AMD FreeSync technology. Fluctuations are eliminated at all brightness settings using the flicker-free technology of the Pixio curved monitor.


A refresh rate of 165 frames per second and a reaction time of 1 millisecond provides for the smoothest possible gaming, allowing you to become even more competitive in your favorite fast-paced games.


The sRGB color gamut of HDR material is a mind-blowing 111 percent. The Prime sRGB has higher red and green coverage, resulting in a more colorful and engaging image.