LifeSpan Fitness Aero Balance Board -
LifeSpan Fitness Aero Balance Board -
lifespan-fitness-aero-balance-board-aero-balance-board -
lifespan-fitness-aero-balance-board-aero-balance-board -
lifespan-fitness-aero-balance-board-aero-balance-board -

LifeSpan Fitness Aero Balance Board

$179Livraison gratuite et flexible
Livraison gratuite Jun 10 - Jun 12

Vendu et expédié par LifeSpan Fitness.

Core Features

• Active Standing at your Desk • Standing Desk Balance Training • Improve Balance • Improve Stability • Reduce Back and Joint Pain • Help Alleviate Arthritis in your Knees
• 1-year warranty


Bring movement to your static standing desk with the Aero Balance Board. The Aero balance trainer brings dynamic movement into your sedentary work routine by encouraging you to gently rock back-and-forth or wobble side-to-side while using your standing desk. Performing these micro-movements while you stand will enhance your functional strength and increase coordination, improving your balance and stability, reducing back and joint pain, and even help alleviate arthritis in your knees.

Challenge Your Balance

Active Standing

As you get more comfortable with the standing board, you can try introducing balance training or even create your own unique cushion arrangement.

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