Welcome to Dragonland
In the mystical realm of Dragonland, where ancient legends remain undiscovered, a thrilling adventure awaits. Here, the Dragons, keepers of wisdom, have hidden their precious eggs across the land. Only the bravest souls can uncover untold magic and fortune. So ready your wits, sharpen your senses, and embark on this thrilling journey!
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Hunt the Eggs & Find the Trove
Dive into the Lunar Festivities with our crazy-fun Dragonland: Hunt the egg, compete by team, and unlock incredible rewards!
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1. Hunt for Eggs!
Sign in & explore our website to discover the 5 different eggs, each carrying unique rewards.
2. More Eggs, Bigger Rewards
Gather as many eggs as possible for greater rewards collection! Your prize depends on the dragon egg you find.
3. Team Up* for Grand Prizes
More fun to play as a team! Invite colleagues, unlock even greater rewards together.
* We consider users with the same email domain as a team
Eggs & Rarity
Unleash the thrill with our five distinct egg varieties and crack them open to reveal a range of rewards. Remember, the rarer the egg, the bigger the prize!
Amber Egg
Amber Egg
Mossy Egg
Mossy Egg
Crimson Egg
Crimson Egg
Indigo Egg
Indigo Egg
Sapphire Egg
Sapphire Egg
icon_light_bulbEach egg gives you a chance to unlock a reward. Rarer eggs have lower odds, but the prizes are special!
Amber EggAmber Egg
A warm glow surrounds the Amber Egg, a common delight. Collect it for a better chance to get rewards.


How can I participate in the dragon egg hunt game?icon
Click on the "Start the Hunt" button at the top of our website, sign in with your email, and explore our pages to discover hidden dragon eggs.
How long does the game last?icon
The game will be available to play from Feb 9 - Feb 20, 2024. Starting Feb 20, the dragon eggs will no longer be visible, but you can still exchange your eggs for code vouchers and use them on your next purchase.
What are the different type of eggs and their functions?icon
We have five unique eggs, with four of them unlocking secret rewards, ranked from least to most rare: Amber, Mossy, Crimson, and Indigo Eggs. Each carries a distinct secret reward based on its rarity.
The Sapphire Egg is for scoring points in team competitions, with each egg adding one point to the team's total. Additionally, you can exchange these blue eggs for code vouchers on the 'My Progress' tab.
How do I form or join a team?icon
Simply invite your colleagues who share the same email domain to join the game, and we'll automatically form your team.
Can I play the Dragonland if I don't have a team?icon
Yes, even without a team, you can still search for dragon eggs and unlock valuable discount codes. It's a solo adventure for individual rewards.
How are points calculated for the leaderboard?icon
Only the Sapphire Egg is used for team points calculation. The leaderboard reflects the total points earned by each team.
What are the prizes for the top team hunter on the Team Leaderboard tab?icon
The top team hunter prizes are as follows: 1st Place - $100 code voucher per team member, 2nd Place - $50 code voucher per team member, 3rd Place - $25 code voucher per team member.
Where will the eggs be hidden?icon
The thrill of the dragon egg hunt lies in the mystery of their locations! The eggs can be hidden across our website, so be sure to explore various pages, sections, and maybe even some unexpected corners.
Are there any special events or bonuses during the game?icon
There will be a flash sale and a brand-new secret box deal during the game period. You can use the earned code voucher to purchase products on our website.
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