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Think on your feet. From $499.
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Every person and organization have the potential for greatness, and we have the tool to unlock and empower it.
Lee Lechner
Lee Lechner
Indiana, US
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We’re proud to power 1,000,000 inspired home offices across 100,000 incredible companies.

The press loves us too.
Best Quiet Performing Standing Desk - Autonomous Smartdesk Connect
Best Quiet Performing Standing Desk - Autonomous Smartdesk Connect
I wanted a standing desk but wanted more room than most of them offered. Luckily, Autonomous allows you to pick between three different size tops for the desk, and I went with the largest one. It has dual motors, so it goes up and down without any issue and it's quiet enough that I can easily change positions even during a work call without bothering anyone.
CNETDec 6, 2022
Best Budget Office Chair- Autonomous ErgoChair Core
Best Budget Office Chair- Autonomous ErgoChair Core
The Autonomous ErgoChair Core offers up every essential you look for in an office chair. The mesh backrest is comfortable, distributes weight evenly, and adds breathability, while a thickly padded foam seat has a high-quality polyester shell that holds up well over time.
IGNApr 13, 2023
Autonomous SmartDesk Pro - Rated 4 out of 5 by Tech Radar
Autonomous SmartDesk Pro - Rated 4 out of 5 by Tech Radar
The Autonomous SmartDesk Pro is a sleek, professional, and modern-looking desk offering an impressive range of sit-to-stand options for various office spaces and needs
TechRadarMay 30, 2023

About Autonomous

Autonomous has been driven by technological innovation since its inception in 2015. From a small group of engineers specializing in both software and hardware, Autonomous has grown into a global team of hundreds of dedicated employees and specialists. We believe in practical, functional minimalism in all of our products—not just great looking and durable, but simple to use in order to unleash their full potential. Our product lineup began with the original office standing desk, the SmartDesk, and now spans several categories of smart ergonomic office tools and accessories, as well as new software solutions for modern hybrid work offices. At Autonomous, we never hesitate to try new things. We’re always looking for innovative solutions that are useful not only for the present, but for the ever-changing future of work. We pour our dedication and resources into every step of the process, from research, to building prototypes, to mass market distribution. We are dedicated to building ergonomic office chairs and electric standing desks with the highest quality materials, and we strive to help people all over the world #worksmarter with our entire lineup of smart tools, accessories, and software solutions.

About Autonomous desks

Autonomous desks are electric standing desks that have transformed the workplaces of more than 130,000 offices, teams, and employees working from home around the world. Our office standing desks help users stay healthy, productive, and energized with an active working approach that encourages focus while combatting a sedentary lifestyle. Like all our products, SmartDesks are built with ergonomic, intuitive features, designed to adapt and move with you, with customizable memory settings that automatically adjust the desk to your exact custom height every time. Every adjustable standing desk we make is constructed with high-quality MDF wood, available in a variety of finishes and color options. Every Autonomous standing desk is also BIFMA and EMC certified for optimal safety standards. Plus, the anti-rust steel smart desk frames are rated to withstand 50,000 error-free adjustments. Our whisper-quiet dual electric motor effortlessly lifts and lowers up to 300 lbs on the Autonomous desk top, so you can keep all your office tools right at your fingertips and move from sitting to standing with just the press of a button.

About Autonomous chairs

Every Autonomous chair is built to last, with high quality adjustment mechanisms that ensure each user experiences the exact right support and optimal comfort, for years to come. Autonomous ergonomic chairs come in a variety of colors and styles, suitable for a variety of different office environments, while also ensuring three key components that are critical for any ergonomic office chair: upright posture, full adjustability, and lasting comfort. Back support is critical to your health, and can have a ripple effect on other parts of your body as well. When you buy office chairs for your team, it’s important to factor in health as much as general aesthetics. Fortunately, with Autonomous chairs, you don’t have to choose one or the other—they’re timelessly stylish and offer exceptional lumbar, neck, arm, and leg support. Each of these dimensions are adjustable with our ergonomic office chairs, from back tilt and tension, to armrest width, to the angle and depth of your seat cushion. It’s a chair built to suit any body type, in any office.

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