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The Autonomous Smart Office

Where do you spend most of your time during the week? Where do you need to get the most done? Where do you interact with the largest number of people? In the office. The modern office (whether it be a local, global, distributed, or virtual office) is central to modern life as technology takes over more and more of the world, yet it isn’t really modern when closely examined. Office concepts and workflows haven’t been updated for hundreds of years and have very little data to back existence. Sadly, most of the office structure and design falls into the, “this is how it’s always been done” category. But the time to change that is now, the time to innovate the smart office is now. At Autonomous, we believe in an office of the future that helps the world's smartest people work smarter. As the first smart office company, our team of software engineers, hardware engineers, visual designers, and product creators are making technology powered office products that re-think working and productivity for the smallest seed-stage start-ups to the largest publicly traded corporations. We started with an adjustable standing desk, but quickly added the best ergonomic office chair, office stool, tabletop standing desk, and even a cardboard standing desk converter. All products designed to improve your productivity and happiness at work. But, this is just the start. Follow our journey to bring the office of tomorrow to today.
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