Autonomous Desk Levitate
After delivering standing desks to 1M+ home offices, we sparked an idea: why not create a home desk that blends in yet stands out? Enter Levitate. At first glance, it's just another desk in your home. But with just a gesture, you can adjust its height instantly. Designed for the future of the perfect WFH desk.
The engineering
behind the magic.
With a sensor embedded right in the desktop, a simple wave of your hand raises your desk effortlessly, as if defying gravity, leaving onlookers in awe.
Solid Wood Build
Made entirely of natural ash wood, the Levitate desk incorporates discrete, wire-free technology, enhancing any decor with its clean and functional design.
Solid Wood Build
Four-pillar Structure.
Unlike typical two-legged designs, Levitate features four legs, ensuring stability without a hint of wobble at any height.
Power Dock
Plug and Play.
Introduce the first-ever sliding power tray for desks. Twist to activate and glide to customize power delivery.
Set, save, and schedule your favorite desk heights for work, rest, and play right on the Autonomous app. Health tips to enhance ergonomics coming soon.
Contoured edge.
The edge with a 1.89-inch radius is designed to soothe your arms, enhancing ease and reducing fatigue for sustained work time.
Which Levitate fits you?
Classic Top
Ultra Top
Whether you're fitting a small office or a large studio, we have the perfect size. Classic for compact spaces under 86 sq ft, or Ultra for more expansive settings.
How will you command your Levitate?
Gesture Control
Hover your hand 5-6 inches above the sensor. A white-to-green light indicates readiness to follow your gesture for height adjustment.
Button Control
Concealed button allows for precise height adjustments. Double-tap and hold for rising; triple-tap and hold for lowering to your preferred positions.
SmartApp Control
Download the Autonomous Connect OS app to set and save your preferred desk heights for work, rest, and play directly from your device.
Customer Reviews.
autonomous.ai3.78 Reviews
Upgrades to my home with the new Autonomous Desk Levitate, this new non-touch standing desk fits perfect for my new workspace. I'm really enjoying the look and how it fits perfectly anywhere!Read more
Vince D
Autonomous Desk Levitate.
Standing desk, reinvented.
Starting at $999

Autonomous Desk Levitate - Double the power. Double the stability.

The latest upgraded SmartDesk from Autonomous just got a complete makeover and a fresh new look. Monster mechanics and an attractive smooth-edge tapered design puts this brand new 4-leg standing desk in an elite class of its own. Autonomous Desk Levitate marries ergonomic innovation and reliable performance with premium materials and timeless elegance

What’s New?

The usual dual-motor system has got a serious upgrade. Autonomous Desk Levitate uses 4 powerful motors to support, raise, and lower your prized work setup. To date, SmartDesks have all come with a 2-leg frame design. Autonomous Desk Levitate from Autonomous presents a completely new look with 4 height adjustable legs instead of just 2. The more versatile design brings a timeless, classic aesthetic that blends seamlessly with any existing living or working space. The 4-leg standing desk design also accommodates a larger variety of activities and supports better collaboration between colleagues and/or guests. The 1.2” thick table top is expertly crafted from 100% solid ash timber. Ash is one of the most durable and shock resistant wood types, a huge upgrade from the MDF tops that come with older SmartDesk models. Autonomous Desk Levitate 4 leg electric standing desk comes with a more discrete keypad design, as well as an exciting new addition that makes this 4-leg sit-stand desk perform like magic. Integrated sensor control makes adjusting the height of Autonomous Desk Levitate a whole lot of fun. Just place your hand over the sensor, raise your hand to lift Autonomous Desk Levitate, and lower your hand to bring it back down. Autonomous Desk Levitate is made from 100% eco-friendly materials, making it the smarter and more sustainable choice for the future of the Earth and our communities.

What are the advantages of using Autonomous Desk Levitate 4-leg standing desk?

Rock solid stability

The incredible stability that comes with using Autonomous Desk Levitate and its 4-leg frame makes adjusting the height of your workstation a much smoother experience. Sit-to-stand transitions are swift and discrete, with even weight distribution and exceptional stability at all heights thanks to the 4-leg frame. Experience the freedom to configure your workstation exactly how you like it and place your gear as you please without having to worry about wobble or rock.

Enhanced durability

Enjoy the luxury and strength of working on 1.2 inches of solid Ash hardwood. One of the most strong and durable hardwoods in the industry, Ash wood resists moisture very well and holds up to heavy use due to its density and superior shock resistance. Ash wood furniture is known to be super robust, easy to maintain, and will last for years. When kept in a clean and dry area, Ash wood furniture needs the least amount of maintenance.

Tips on how to make the most out of your 4-leg standing desk

It’s important to customize this 4-leg sit-stand desk to suit your body’s needs. Your optimal seated and standing height for Autonomous Desk Levitate will be different for you than for someone else. Let's take a look at how to use your own body’s proportions and natural posture to create the ideal sit-stand workstation.

How to use Autonomous Desk Levitate while standing

Stand with good posture and bend your elbows at a 90 degree angle, keeping your neck neutral and your wrists straight in front of you. Adjust the height of Autonomous Desk Levitate to align your forearms so that they are parallel with the desk surface. Your hands should rest comfortably over your keyboard with straight, relaxed wrists. Your wrist position should never be inclined up or down. While using Autonomous Desk Levitate 4 leg electric standing desk in a standing position, keep your neck tall, and your shoulders relaxed. Make sure to keep your knees slightly bent while standing, so they’re not hyperextended or have their joints locked.

How to use Autonomous Desk Levitate while sitting

Sit down and keep your feet flat on the floor leaving a fist-sized gap of space between the back of your knees and the front edge of the seat pan. Adjust the height of your ergonomic chair so that the top of the seat pan is parallel to the base of your knees. Your feet should be parallel to the floor with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle and allow your upper arms to hang loosely near your torso. If your chair has armrests they should be barely touching your elbows. It's better to remove your chair's armrests if they cannot be adjusted low enough to stop your elbows from elevating. Your ergonomic chair should fit under your 4 legs standing desk with its armrests attached. If the armrests don’t fit, consider removing them. Adjust the height of Autonomous Desk Levitate 4-leg standing desk until its surface reaches the bottom of your forearms. Your hands should rest comfortably over your keyboard with straight, relaxed wrists. Your wrist position should never be inclined up or down.