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  • 18° recline with 3 lockable positions
  • Mesh back with adjustable lumbar cushion
  • Supports 250 lbs
  • 22° recline with 5 lockable positions
  • Mesh back with responsive lumbar support
  • Supports 300 lbs
  • 25° recline with 11 lockable positions
  • Adaptive TPE backrest that curves with your spine
  • Supports 300 lbs
  • 22° recline with 5 lockable positions
  • Mesh back with gentle resistance
  • Supports 300 lbs
  • 10” adjustable height range
  • 30° range of motion on weighted base
  • Supports 270 lbs

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ErgoChair FAQs

Features of Ergonomic Office Chair

Does an ergonomic office chair help you get upright posture?

Say no to any office chair that causes you even a small amount of back pain. Your spine should always remain in its natural form when you sit and the best ergonomic office chairs will protect your upright posture. Lumbar support is also crucial, as it ensures that the natural curve of your back is protected.

What is a full adjustable office chair?

Each body is unique, so an adjustable office chair is the way to go. Truly ergonomic office chairs have customizable functions to suit and support any body type. The headrest angle, armrest position, back tilt angle, tension, seat tilt and height should all be completely adjustable to help you find your comfort zone.

What type of material should I choose for my office chair?

When you’re looking at an office chair, you should always look at the materials. The backrest should be made from a breathable mesh fabric. A mesh ergonomic chair ensures flexibility while still offering strong support. You’ll also want soft, durable fabric for your seat cushion, as well as sturdy steel frames and high quality plastic.

How do you determine the seat height of a chair?

Your seat needs to offer a height range that allows you to sit comfortably with your knees bent at a right angle and your feet flat on the floor. You’ll also want armrests that allow your arms to rest naturally at a 90 degree angle as you type and use your mouse.

Should your ergonomic chair bring comfort?

Your computer ergonomic office chair should offer top class support while keeping you comfortable throughout your working day. Your future self will thank you for investing in one made from high quality materials such as supportive springs, elastic TPE, long-lasting memory foam and premium mesh covering.

Benefits of Ergonomic Office Chair

How important is good posture to your work?

Good posture has a direct impact on self-esteem, positivity, and overall confidence. It’s no wonder that posture is so important for people giving speeches to deliver them in a powerful and impactful way. The same is true for you as you sit at your desk doing the best possible work you can with an ergonomic office chair!

How does an ergonomic chair help with your upright spine?

Your spine is the core pillar of support for your entire body. It allows you to stand upright and maintain balance. Its natural curve acts as a shock absorber for every step you take. An upright spine keeps all the internal organs in place so they can function to their fullest extent, and allows the blood to circulate freely. An office chair with lumbar support acts as a support to your body’s central pillar.

Does an ergonomic chair help solve poor circulation?

Bad posture can restrict blood flow not only to parts of your back, but to the rest of your body as well. This can have an impact on your alertness as your brain needs a steady supply of oxygen to function at 100% capacity, and can eventually wear down on other internal organs that don’t receive as many nutrients as they could be. Poor circulation can eventually lead to blood clots, as well as cardiovascular disease. It’s important to make sure your blood can flow freely and effectively throughout your body with an ergonomic office chair!

Can ergonomic chairs improve digestion?

Over time, poor posture can have a detrimental impact on your gastrointestinal system and metabolism, making it more difficult for your body to process food and potentially leading to nutritional deficiency and even constipation. An ergonomic chair keeps you upright and helps your internal organs function properly.

Does an ergonomic chair prevent restricted breathing?

In addition to your digestive system, poor posture can compress your diaphragm, which is essential for taking full, deep breaths. These breaths are what allow the maximum amount of oxygen to enter the lungs, which is then absorbed by the bloodstream. If your breathing is cut short by your posture, your oxygen supply may be compromised. This, in turn, affects your brain’s ability to process and problem solve throughout the day, and increases fatigue. Office chairs help keep you alert!

Presenting Autonomous Ergonomic Office Chairs

How Autonomous ergonomic chair help your workplace?

Each office chair for sale from Autonomous is an ergonomic solution. Whenever you sit, we want to make sure it's time well spent. Our computer ergonomic chair design focuses on back support, spine protection, and of course, comfort. Check out the best mesh ergonomic chairs we offer, and discover your new best friend at work.

Which ergonomic chair would you offer?

From the ErgoChair Core, to the ErgoChair Pro, to the cutting edge ErgoChair Pro+, you can’t go wrong with any of Autonomous’ high quality ergonomic office chairs. These are your sidekicks, keeping you sitting comfortably and productively throughout the day and ticking off all the boxes of adjustability, durability, high quality materials, and of course customizability for any workplace.

Which office chair is your best seller?

We love all our children equally, but ErgoChair Pro is the crowd favorite.

I’m pretty tall. Will your chairs fit me?

All our chairs are height adjustable to comfortably support anyone up to 6’6. Check out the specs tab under each chair for more detailed information relating to armrests, headrests, and so on.

What’s the difference between the mesh and TPE chairs?

Mesh is a classic material. Ours is woven for extra strength and durability, while remaining soft, breathable and responsive. TPE is a little more unique. It’s less silky, but more durable, and the Naked option on the Pro+ takes airiness up a notch – it simply doesn’t trap heat.

Shipping & Showroom

Do you have a showroom?

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Autonomous is currently only operating online. We understand that you may want to try before you buy, so we’ve implemented a 30-day trial period with free returns if you don’t love the desk you chose.

Do you ship outside the USA?

Yes! We’ve shipped to over 100 countries and counting. Simply select your country by clicking the flag icon to the right of your top bar.