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Autonomous height adjustable standing desk

Invest in your well-being with a standing desk

Change your everyday routine for the better. Making big changes to your usual workplace habits can be overwhelming. Thankfully, SmartDesk helps you make gradual, incremental improvements to how you go about daily life. Fully electric and adjustable up to a height of 51 inches, SmartDesk makes it easier than ever to keep moving and keep ideas flowing. Discover an engaging, energizing way to stay active and focused in the office with an affordable standing desk.

Build healthy workplace habits
Prolonged sitting can tire you out and make you feel lethargic. Fortunately, it’s not the only way to work! Invest in an affordable sit-to-stand desk to raise your energy levels and keep your concentration sharp. It is fully motorized and height-adjustable, with the ability to customize settings to your height preferences. Standing up at work provides a refreshing change that keeps blood flowing to your body and brain. Keep both active with the Autonomous SmartDesk!
Work smart to rev up your mood.
It’s nice to relax, but sitting in a chair all day may not translate into productivity or creativity. If you’re feeling the creative juices have stopped flowing, your sitting habit may be to blame. Using a height-adjustable standing desk can make an instantly obvious difference to your energy levels, happiness, imagination, and performance at work. Reach your true potential with the range of Autonomous standing desks.
An innovative way to avoid continuous sitting.
Are you a workaholic who can usually be found at your desk, hunched over the computer for long periods of time? If so, you’re probably used to the midday dip in your attention span and energy levels. Maybe you’ve even accepted it as natural. But you don’t have to! It’s time to move away from your regular desk and introduce a stand up desk, so you can feel upbeat and enthusiastic throughout your work day -- and your life.
A desk that enhances your emotional well-being
Does sitting all day get you down? Does the sight of a cluttered desk lower your spirits and kill your productivity? Make some room for your stuff, your mind, and your body. Autonomous SmartDesks are fully motorized sit-to-stand desks with ample space for all your office essentials and plenty of power and stability to lift them. Standing up with an Autonomous desk will elevate your mood and energy while helping to keep your body active and healthy.
Take a stand for positivity
Your mood plays a big role your performance and productivity in the office. Don’t let it turn gloomy from the draining effect of sitting around all day. Revive yourself and energize every moment of your workday by sitting less and standing more, with a little help from an Autonomous height-adjustable standing desk. Our standing desks improve circulation, lift your spirits and help keep your body and mind healthy as can be, so you can tackle whatever comes your way.