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Autonomous Desk FAQs

Introducing Autonomous Standing Desk

How can Autonomous ergonomic desk help your workplace?

Autonomous SmartDesks have helped more than 130,000 offices and teams improve employee health, productivity, and morale. For company-wide adoption or personal use, our sensibly priced, height adjustable standing desks are perfect for helping you and your staff deliver their work while looking after their wellbeing.

What options do I have for the desktop?

We offer high-quality MDF wood table tops in a variety of smooth finishes and colors. Choose from black, white, walnut, white oak, and bamboo finishes, then mix and match with black, white, or grey base. With all these options, you’ll have no trouble finding the Autonomous Desk perfectly suited to your work or home office aesthetic when you buy this standing desk online.

What is the size for your desktop?

The desk tops are available in a 53” standard size, or a spacious 70.5” XL edition. In addition to their gorgeous matte finish, these desk tops are highly durable and scratch-resistant.

How does the SmartDesk frame work?

Our anti-rust automated desk frames are built for 50,000 error-free adjustments. With four pre-programmable heights available, it only takes the touch of a button for the Autonomous Desk to take 300 pounds to its maximum height in just 20 seconds.

The rock-solid SmartDesk Frame is controlled by a powerful dual electric engine, strong enough to lift all your office gear while operating at a whisper-quiet volume. The SmartDesk Core offers a height range of 28–47 inches, while the SmartDesk Pro offers more flexibility with 25.4–51 inches.

Are Autonomous ergonomic standing desk frames Certified by EMC/BIFMA?

Tried and tested. The SmartDesk - Autonomous Standing Desk proudly boasts both BIFMA and EMC certifications to showcase its safety standards. You can take a stand with peace of mind.

Why should you use an ergonomic standing desk?

An Autonomous Standing Desk can transform the way you work throughout the day, and benefit your long-term health as well. Numerous studies have shown over the years that a sedentary lifestyle can cause lots of health issues later in life. A leading cause of an increase in sedentary living is the prevalence of desk jobs.

With a standing desk, you can break the chain and take your productivity to the next level. Mid-day slump got you down? Try adjusting your desk to the standing position and feel the difference a few minutes on your feet can make! Not only is it a boost for your physical health, the added energy reinvigorates your mind and helps you stay alert, productive, and creative.

Autonomous SmartDesk Products

Which desk should I get?

All our desks are fairly customizable when it comes to materials and colors. What you want to pay attention to are the height ranges, desktop sizes, and weight capacities. Check out the specs tab under each desk for more detailed information, or pull up the comparison table to see a side-by-side breakdown.

Why is SmartDesk Core the most popular one?

The SmartDesk Core is the most popular electric standing desk for sale from Autonomous, giving our users a well-rounded combination of features that makes this desk suitable for just about any environment. You can expect the same build quality as all our SmartDesk offerings, as well as our full range of color and wood finishes.

Why is SmartDesk Pro right for you?

The SmartDesk Pro is an automatic standing desk that features the same amazing experience as the Core version, with the added benefit of a greater height range, from 25.4–51 inches. This makes the SmartDesk Pro the best option for anyone who wants the greatest level of customizability and flexibility.

Can I put my own desktop on one of your frames?

Sure. Check out the SmartDesk Frame. You’ll be able to choose from Core, Pro and Corner options. The specs for each frame will follow that of their respective desks. The SmartDesk Frame is the complete frame and motor kit that you can use to attract to any surface. Create the desk that suits your personality uniquely by choosing a standing desk frame and your own custom desktop, or use the desktop you already have and treat yourself to the ultimate upgrade.

What specialty desks suit your unique needs?

SmartDesk Corner and SmartDesk Core Duo are specialized options meant to suit users who work with a unique space, need more desk surface area, or have specialized jobs that require a non-standard desk surface. Buy a standing desk, check out these options and see which one would be the best fit for your space and work needs.

Which ergonomic chair should I use with a standing desk?

The ErgoChair Pro and ErgoChair Pro+ are two premium chair offerings from Autonomous that feature multiple adjustment points for maximum flexibility. You can even try active sitting with our ErgoStool, a fun and core-activating alternative to sitting and standing.

What do you combine with a standing desk?

The SmartDesk range complements our other smart ergonomic office tools perfectly. Our Ultra-Wide LED Desk Lamp lights up the entire surface of your electric standing desk, giving you the best possible illumination without adding glare to your computer screen. For standing, check out our comfortable Anti fatigue standing desk mat that reduces tension on your ankles and knees. These standing desk accessories will help you maximize the use of your SmartDesk and provide a productive office environment.

How to set Autonomous standing desk presets

Setting the preset heights on an electric standing desk is simple. First and foremost, adjust the height of the desk to your liking. After that, hold down the button with the letter "M" on the electronic pad. When the LED screen displaying the height flashes, press a number button you want to associate with that height. The height is now saved in memory, and you are ready to work smarter!

SmartDesk Features & Health

Is standing desk better than a sitting desk?

Ultimately, standing at work is better than sitting. Sitting for an extended period can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. By standing, you eliminate those health problems, including back strain and poor blood circulation. However, standing for too long may do more harm than good. Using an electric standing desk allows you to easily alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. This encourages healthy habits like taking breaks to move around and refresh your mind after a period of body inactivity.

Does a standing desk help posture?

Yes, it aids in maintaining overall excellent posture, which goes a long way toward reducing back and neck problems. A standing desk helps take pressure off the pelvis, forces your body muscles to work to maintain a healthy standing posture. This restores your spine to its initial S-curve over time, so you don't have to hunch or gaze down the entire day, protecting your neck and back from pain. If you don't have a good posture, buying a height-adjustable standing desk can be extremely helpful.

Will a standing desk help back pain?

It has been demonstrated that using a standing desk and moving more can help with back pain. According to a 2018 study, patients who utilized a sit-stand desk and received sedentary behavior counseling saw a 50% reduction in lower back pain than a control group that received neither intervention. Along with maintaining proper posture, alternating between sitting and standing, and regular movement, a standing desk can relieve your back pain over time. As forcing yourself to stand for hours on end can cause more harm, opt for an automatic standing desk, so the option to sit is still available.

Does standing desk help neck pain?

Yes. When your desk and equipment are at the wrong height, you might risk your postural health with your head and neck protruding forward, which adds weight to your neck. An electric standing desk sets your workstation up to an appropriate height, preventing you from incorrectly craning or angling your neck. This takes off the pressure on your neck and relieves the pain. Moreover, prolonged sitting can result in neck stiffness, which is not the case if you use a standing desk. You can buy a standing desk online today to avoid neck problems.

How long you should use a standing desk?

Sitting at a desk all day is terrible for your health. If you own a standing desk, experts advise you to stand up at their workstations for around 15 minutes every hour. However, according to a University of Waterloo research, standing for at least 30 minutes every hour provides health benefits. The results vary with research, but you shouldn't put a strain on your legs by standing for extended periods. Forcing yourself to stand for hours can cause more harm than good, so opt for an automatic standing desk to alternate your position throughout your day.

Is a standing desk bad for knees?

No, but one of the most common causes of knee discomfort with a standing desk is standing in the same posture for an extended period. People have different amounts of standing tolerance, so the standing time and how often a person should switch their position vary. Weighting one leg, incorrect standing posture, and immediate transition to standing all day at work are the causes that can lead to knees and ankles problems. Instead, include more activity in your day and use an electric standing desk to have small standing paces throughout your workday.

Does standing desk burn calories?

Yes. Standing instead of a sitting desk can lower your risk of weight gain by burning roughly 50 additional calories every hour on average, compared with sitting. All the little movement when you stand also expends energy and activates your muscle mass, burning calories. This helps prevent weight gain. Therefore, a standing desk is beneficial if you are looking forward to burning some extra calories.

Shipping & Showroom

Do you have a showroom?

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Autonomous is currently only operating online. We understand that you may want to try before you buy, so we’ve implemented a 30-day trial period with free returns if you don’t love the electric standing desk you chose.

Do you ship outside the USA?

Yes! We’ve shipped to over 100 countries and counting. Simply select your country by clicking the flag icon to the right of your top bar.

Other Standing Desk FAQs

Will insurance cover a standing desk?

Yes, you can receive a standing prescription, and you can use this to get a standing desk via insurance. Your insurance will cover the cost of your workstation as long as you have a valid prescription and the item falls within the insurance's margins. Make sure to read the insurance policies carefully while buying a standing desk for your home office.

Does standing desk consume too much electric?

No, in fact, a decent electric standing desk will cut standby power usage from the average 1-2W to an industry-leading maximum of 0.1 W to save energy and minimize carbon emissions. This means that the standing desk is exceptionally environmentally friendly. Do not get confused if someone says that the electric standing desk consumes a lot of power.

How high should standing desk be?

In general, the ideal height for a standing desk is at elbow level. This entails measuring the distance between the floor and the bottom of your elbows, ensuring your elbows are 90 degrees from the floor. This is the height at which the desk should be constructed. However, the desk's ideal size varies with the height of the users. It can be hard to find a standing desk that is entirely suitable for you. In this case, buy a standing desk to get the most comfortable height for you.

Should student use standing desk?

Yes, students should use an automatic standing desk for their study corner. Research conducted by Texas A&M University discovered that standing increased attention, creativity, on-task behavior, and classroom participation when they offered primary school pupils stand-up desks. So to increase the level of concentration and alertness, we recommend students use electric standing desks for better school performance and correct posture to prevent future health problems.

Why should gamer use standing desk?

Gamers should use a standing desk to relieve back, neck, and shoulder discomfort, boost energy expenditure and improve posture when they are gaming. These factors assist gamers by freeing them of other worries that might be distracting them, enhancing their performance so they can only focus on what's happening during gameplay. Gamers who play competitively may need extra support because it is essential for staying alert throughout an entire match or competition at top levels. In this case, an automatic standing desk is highly beneficial to gamers.

The Best Standing Desks to Build your Dream Workplace

Standing desk in a modern workplace is trendy and cool but are they as useful as popular? Is standing better than sitting indeed, or it's just another ruse to spend your money. These are some common questions that arise in the mind of someone planning to build their home office setup or even a workplace where they expect employees to be efficient. Because let's be honest, office furniture is no cheap investment, and the right furniture can do wonders for your health and improve the productivity of employees significantly. But what role does a sit stand desk play in improving work motivation, and how does a stand up desk benefit health. For starters, an adjustable standing desk which allows the user to switch between sitting and standing benefits your body. It keeps the body under periodic movements rather than stagnant for a harmful amount of time.

Benefits of Standing At Work

When switching from sitting to standing and vice versa, the blood flow to the brain increases; hence you get an upsurge of activity. It also prevents your muscles from falling numb, which could take your body to a relaxed state, and hence one might feel sleepy or tired after an hour or two of sitting continuously. While sit stand desks are all great, investing in a good adjustable standing desk can do wonders for your physical and mental health. It also addresses the common issue of back pain in office workers. A standing desk can help you improve your posture and relieve pressure on your neck and lower back, but it won't fix more significant issues like scoliosis or a bulging disc. Hence you need to give your rising desk and body the adjustment period before magically expecting the electric standing desk to solve all your issues. An electric desk is also a wonderful way to correct your posture, especially for people who subconsciously slouch or adapt unhealthy sitting habits while working. This means that bringing a high-quality standing desk into your routine is the best decision.

Benefits of a Sit-Stand Schedule

The biggest drawback of working in an office setup or working with modern technology is promoting a sedentary lifestyle. With our computers being the interface to connect with the entire world, we unhealthily adhere to the screens for an abnormal amount of time. This, in turn, affects the body and makes us lose the sense of damage we are putting our body through. While a stand up desk seems a promising solution, it only works if used properly. The best and only right way to use a standing desk is to alternate between sitting and standing positions throughout the day. Here are some benefits of following a sit-stand schedule throughout the day.

Rising Desk Rectifies your Posture - Relaxes the Muscle

If your body has to forcefully move from sitting to standing and the other way around every few minutes, then your muscles will remain active. Active muscles maintain a good posture and remain engaged; hence you don't become subjected to unhealthy sitting or standing. A standing desk subconsciously engages your body into a healthy posture and prevents muscle tension from building up. Sitting keeps your back and thigh muscles well supported while working at a standard desk height relaxes the upper back and neck, which are often stressed when sitting. This means that switching between sitting and standing engages your entire body at different moments, and you won't experience any numbness after a long day of work.

Caloric Burn Rate - Regulates Blood Sugar Level

Sitting does burn some calories, but a standing desk is much more efficient in this process. By changing the way, your body burns calories several times a day, the metabolism remains active and doesn't become stagnant. People who switch between sitting and standing throughout the day also respond quickly to weight maintenance and enjoy faster metabolism. The negative health effects of sitting and the positive health effects of standing appear to go beyond obesity. Some of the same studies have discovered that sitting for long periods is linked to a decreased ability to regulate blood glucose levels, part of a condition known as metabolic syndrome, which greatly raises the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Rising desk gives you the Best of Both Worlds

One might consider the benefits of working while standing; hence must be adamant about forcing their body to work in the standing posture all day. While this seems rational to increase the benefits of working while standing, overexertion leads to physical fatigue and lower body muscles' sensitivity. Having a lot of something is extremely harmful, and standing all day falls under the category. Hence, a sit-stand schedule keeps the body under realistic levels of both sitting and standing and does not overexert it.

Build your Dream Workspace with Autonomous Standing Desks

One requires a lot of effort and investment to build their dream workplace that is comfortable, efficient and brings out the best energy in them. While an electric sit- stand desk is a common find in today's world, only a few will take care of the minor features that combine to bring a huge change in your workplace. Here are some of the best Autonomous stand up desks with distinctive qualities.

SmartDesk Core & Pro

The SmartDesk from Autonomous covers a wide range of standing desks with multiple features. This includes the SmartDesk Pro & SmartDesk Core. Just as the name suggests, SmartDesk is a combination of technology and functionality. For instance, the SmartDesk Core is not just an ordinary stand up desk but a modern one with height adjustability past the normal range. It also has four programmable settings so the user can control the electric standing desk height and schedule desk movements in many ways. This also allows multiple users to benefit from the electric standing desk where one can achieve their ideal working height with just a touch of a button. It comes with a sitting desk height chart to find the ideal working height for you. Moreover, it is a powerful electric desk which operates with two motors. Another one from the range of electric standing desk s is the SmartDesk Pro; this modern desk is somewhat similar to the previous one though it offers a greater weight capacity. The desk supports regular and extra-large desktop options and is a perfect fit for programmers or gamers who need to build multi-monitor setups. The desk has a dual motor operation with quiet movement. It is available in natural wood tops and classic finishes. The desk is built in a solid steel frame to last for years.

Corner Standing Desk

People who need twice the space with minimum square footage should opt for this SmartDesk Corner from Autonomous. It is a wise and compact product despite its size. The weight capacity of this stand up desk is 400 pounds so bring on your large computer screens and multiple monitor setups. It fits into the corner spaces and works with a whisper triple motor operation. The electric desk is built with a solid steel frame to provide the due resiliency and strength. Moreover, it has a wooden desk top and over four programmable settings.

Rolling Standing Desk

There are many benefits of a rolling standing desk like this Mount-It wheel standing desk. The wheels allow the ease of movement and make this desk the best fit for industrial uses or hospital spaces where a person faces difficulty carrying various items at once. The rolling computer workstation is not just any ordinary workstation but is equipped with various ergonomic features. It has a total weight capacity of 132 pounds with a divided weight of 33 pounds per shelf. The desk has height adjustability of 20 inches, making it ideal for multi-purpose use. It comes in both black and silver colours to add a touch of aesthetic and glamour. The desk offers a 10-year warranty and is designed with a high-quality solid steel frame.

Standing Desk Converter

Standing desk converters are a budget-friendly option for someone who needs a change in their work setting but doesn't want to invest a lot. This standing desk converter by Mount-It goes at the top of your desk and can be removed when needed. It has the option to be portable from place to place, and its lightweight and compact design make it easy to do so. You can elevate the screen or keyboard of desk converter to a comfortable level. Despite being made for your office desk, it has a large surface that can adjust up to two monitors. This is a simple and quick solution to improve your posture while working.

Autonomous Standing Desk Frame

There is no better investment than a desk frame for those who need a little DIY project in their workplace or want to build a work surface with varying dimensions. You can choose from the multiple options, including SmartDesk Core, SmartDesk Pro, and SmartDesk Corner frames. The stand up desk frame comprises solid steel construction and is powered by electric dual or triple monitors based on the load capacity you need. You can adjust the length as you need and one of the best parts of this frame is that it comes with a programmable keypad to control the electric desk height with a single touch.

Desk Top

Please choose from the multiple options for desktops offered by Autonomous. These desk tops are made from natural wood and are killers in looks and durability. It gives a traditional wooden aesthetic. It also has a 2-year warranty though you won't find yourself with any complaints when using Autonomous SmartDesk Surface. The edges are smoothened to give a great finish and a safe work setup.

Building your dream setup comes at a cost and lots of risks involved, but there should be no confusion about comfort and productivity. Order your dream adjustable standing desk from Autonomous now and create an ergonomic workplace within your budget.

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