Autonomous Desk Expanse
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Remember dreaming of piloting your own starship as a kid? With the Expanse, its real. This beast of a desk holds all your gear on its massive 70.5-inch surface, keeping everything within arms reach and letting you see everything on monitor screens at once. This cockpit is spacious, designed to launch your productivity sky-high and fuel your dreams.
Desk Size
Plenty of room.
This desk fits 3 x 27“ monitors, 2 x 32“ monitors, or 1 curved 57“ monitor that you can push back with the 30“ depth for the perfect eye level. It still has space for speakers, a laptop dock, and a PC, creating the optimal command center.
Plenty of room.
BIFMA Certified.
With carbon steel, dual motors, and optimal column gap design, it lifts 310 lbs easily at a whisper-quiet 40dB. That's 1710 cups of coffee fueling your projects for years.
Height Customization
Extensive 25-51 inches.
Designed for all body types, our desk offers precise height adjustments, zero-wobble stability, and 4 memory settings for your ideal sit-to-stand positions.
Enjoy smooth touch surfaces with rounded edges. Beyond black and white, you can choose from homely colors like walnut. All FSC-certified for sustainability.
Max 30 mins.
Set up your desk with our clear instructions and video guide. Enjoy a hassle-free experience.
Customer Reviews.
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This desk has significantly boosted my productivity and organization.Read more
Jesper M

The Ultimate Large Standing Desk Solution

The Autonomous Desk Expanse is designed to be the ultimate solution for those who need an extra large standing desk with top-notch features and unparalleled versatility. Whether you are looking for the largest sit stand desk for your home office or a robust workstation for your professional workspace, the Autonomous Desk Expanse stands out as the best large standing desk on the market.

Table Top

The XL top measures 70.5 inches in length, 30 inches in width, and 1 inch in height. The shipping dimensions are 74 inches in length, 33 inches in width, 3 inches in height, and 62 pounds in weight. It is available in three colors: white, black, and walnut, and is made from warp-proof MDF wood, ensuring durability and a sleek appearance.

2 Segments Frame

The 2-segment frame features a dual motor type that allows for a lifting speed of 1.1 inches per second and a lifting capacity of 250 pounds. The noise level during operation is kept to a low 45 dB, making it suitable for quiet work environments. The height range without the top is 28.3 inches to 47.5 inches, and with the top, it ranges from 29.3 inches to 48.5 inches. The frame length can be adjusted between 43 inches and 59 inches, with a frame foot width of 23.6 inches. Made from SPCC steel, this frame is available in white and black, operates on an outlet voltage of 110-240V, and includes an anti-collision feature for added safety. The 2-segment frame is designed for those who need a reliable and sturdy desk that can handle substantial loads while providing a smooth transition between sitting and standing. Its dual motor system ensures a consistent lifting speed, and the noise level remains low, making it perfect for quiet environments.

3 Segments Frame

The 3-segment frame also features a dual motor type but with an enhanced lifting speed of 2.3 inches per second and a higher lifting capacity of 310 pounds. The noise level during operation is even quieter at 40 dB. The height range without the top is 25.2 inches to 51 inches, and with the top, it extends from 26.2 inches to 52 inches. The frame length is highly adjustable, ranging from 40 inches to 73 inches, with a frame foot width of 27.5 inches. This frame is made from SPCC steel and is available in white, black, and grey. It operates on an outlet voltage of 110-240V and includes an anti-collision feature. For those who demand the most from their workstation, the 3-segment frame offers superior flexibility and strength. With a rapid lifting speed and an impressive lifting capacity, this frame is perfect for holding multiple monitors, heavy equipment, and other office essentials. The enhanced height range and anti-collision feature ensure a seamless and safe user experience.

Why Choose Autonomous Desk Expanse?

The Autonomous Desk Expanse is not just a large adjustable height desk; it’s a statement of efficiency, durability, and ergonomic excellence. With dimensions that cater to those needing more workspace, it stands out as the largest sit stand desk available, providing ample room for all your work needs. Built with warp-proof MDF wood and SPCC steel, this desk ensures long-term durability and stability. Dual motors in both 2-segment and 3-segment frames guarantee a smooth, quiet, and quick adjustment process. Whether you prefer sitting, standing, or alternating between the two, this desk can adjust to your perfect height with ease. The anti-collision feature ensures that the desk transitions safely, preventing accidents and damage. The Autonomous Desk Expanse is your go-to solution for an extra large standing desk that meets all your professional and ergonomic needs. Transform your workspace with the largest, most efficient, and stylish sit stand desk today!