Autonomous Desk L-Shaped
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With new ideas growing, you need a desk that keeps up with them. Imagine a huge surface to switch from coding to brainstorming effortlessly. Spread out blueprints, sketches, and notes, moving seamlessly between tasks. With L-Shaped, you're not confined by space; you're freed by it. It's a reminder that in the tech world, flexibility and adaptability are key.
2x the space.
Comfortably fits three 27-32" monitors, a PC, two laptops, plenty of sketches and notes. The 77" long design provides ample room for every task.
2x the space.
3x the power.
Our triple motor system lifts 400 lbs at just 50 dB, giving you a powerful yet silent performance. Let success be the only noise.
BIFMA certified.
SPCC steel frame ensures stability and endurance, withstanding over 50,000 cycles and maintaining minimal wobble even at its tallest.
4x the convenience.
Our desk offers 4 memory settings so you can save your sit-stand positions and adjust with one click.
Modular design.
Easily switch the shorter side from left to right to fit any corner, perfect for righties or lefties.
Customer Reviews.
autonomous.ai4.5424 Reviews
The desk itself is gigantic and very very sturdy.Read more
David M
Autonomous Desk L-Shaped.
Where big ideas come true.
Starting at $1,149

Why Buy Autonomous L-Shaped Standing Desk?

There are so many benefits to choosing the space-maximizing Autonomous Desk Expanse (formerly SmartDesk Corner). It’s the most flexible and spacious offering from Autonomous, with all the high-tech features you’d expect from a height-adjustable corner standing desk, including four memory settings that remember your custom heights at the touch of a button. If you’re looking to buy an L-shaped standing desk and have an open corner in your office or home, you should really consider this solution to transform your workflow! It’s like having a command station, with space to move and rearrange, different areas for different workflows, and best of all, you can change course and freshen things up any time you want! Here are some ways different creative professionals and gamers can use an L-shaped standing desk to their advantage.

L-Shaped Desk for Artists

Whether you’re a graphic designer or sketch artist, buying an L-shaped standing desk is the perfect way to keep all your creative tools within arm’s reach, without having to compromise on space. Whether you’re more of a digital artist or need a spacious surface for your sketch pad and art supplies, the L-shaped standing desk has you covered. On one side of the desk, you could have your electronic gear, your color-accurate monitor, your electronic sketch pad, your keyboard and mouse, and any other electronic peripherals you might use like an iPad or a docking station for your phone. The other side can be your “analog” area, with colored pens and pencils, paints, brushes, paper, pads, and anything else you might use to sketch out your ideas the old fashioned way—or just for fun when it’s time for a much-needed break!

Autonomous L-Shaped Desks for Developers

Are you a developer? You could benefit from the added L standing desk space too! On one side of the desk, picture your ideal multi-monitor setup. You could have two horizontal monitors and one vertical, perfect for maximum screen space and workflow flexibility. You can keep your keyboard, mouse, touchpad, and any other peripherals you might use, like a tablet or docking station for your phone. On the other side, you could keep your mail, your files, your printer, and perhaps even a personal non-work area for journaling or reading when it’s time to take a break. You can really get the most out of your workday with this developer desk setup!

Autonomous Corner Desks for Gamers

Not only is the L-shaped standing desk perfect for working professionals, it can give your gaming an extra boost as well! Spread out all your gaming gear—your PC, your consoles, even your portable gaming devices—for the ultimate gaming battle station. Having a height-adjustable standing gaming desk gives gamers the added flexibility of sitting or standing throughout their gaming sessions, giving them the ultimate energy boost to stay sharp, quick-witted, and alert during intense sequences. For professional gamers in particular, the corner standing desk is perfect for maximizing your potential and getting the most out of every gaming session.

Autonomous Corner Desks for Working from Home

A new challenge many of us are facing is working effectively from home. If you’ve got a free corner, you’ve got a potential new workspace. The Autonomous Desk Expanse (formerly SmartDesk Corner) helps you create a whole workspace, not just a desk in the middle of a room. This helps you create a distinct working area within your home so that you can more effectively keep work and home life separate, even if they both occur under the same roof. Best of all, ample desk space means you can use part of it for decorative purposes, making it even easier to blend this desk seamlessly into your home aesthetic. Its minimalist design and multiple finishes, from classic walnut wood and bamboo to sleek black and clean white, make it the ultimate customizable desk that suits any space. Best of all, it’s modular, so you can rearrange the frame and table tops to fit any corner of the house.