SmartDesk Levitate
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A Smarter Workspace.
The SmartDesk that merges minimal design with advanced non-touch technology. Discover a new way to work.
Touch-Free Lifting Techonology.
Raise or lower your desk bysimply placing your hand over the sensors - no touch necessary.Set it to a height that improves your posture while you work.
Wireless on-desk power access.
Power track system:Effortlessly attach a socket to charge your devices whenever you need it.Innovative and versatile:The power track system gives you the flexibility to safely charge your devices.
Crisp. Minimalist. Sleek Design.
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Made for Everyday Use.
Built with you in mind,with quality and functionality. Designed for the modern way of working, allowing you to choose whether to sit or stand, it's a desk your body and mind will love.
Powerful quad-motor system: Sleek, simple, and strong. Lifts 250 lbs quietly, generating 45 dB noise. Robust, powerful, smooth, and quiet.
Save your height with one touch: Save your preferred height settings. Switch between different working positions with ease.
Control from your phone: Effortlessly adjust your desk from your mobile, create custom presets and schedule reminders for sit-stand sessions throughout your day.
Smarter Workspace.
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Small:53"L x 29"W x 1.2"H
Large:59"L x 31.5"W x 1.2"H
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