• redragon-k618-horus-wireless-rgb-mechanical-keyboard-redragon-k618-horus-wireless-rgb-mechanical-keyboard
  • redragon-k618-horus-wireless-rgb-mechanical-keyboard-redragon-k618-horus-wireless-rgb-mechanical-keyboard
  • redragon-k618-horus-wireless-rgb-mechanical-keyboard-redragon-k618-horus-wireless-rgb-mechanical-keyboard
  • redragon-k618-horus-wireless-rgb-mechanical-keyboard-redragon-k618-horus-wireless-rgb-mechanical-keyboard
  • redragon-k618-horus-wireless-rgb-mechanical-keyboard-redragon-k618-horus-wireless-rgb-mechanical-keyboard

Royal Kludge Redragon K618 Horus Wireless RGB Mechanical Keyboard

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• RGB Backlit • USB-C wired, BT 3.0/5.0 & 2.4Ghz wireless modes • Low profile Red switch, ultra-thin design • On-the-fly macro keys • Software driver support (download: • media control
• 1-year warranty


3-Mode Connection: Here comes Redragon innovative 1st-Gen 3-mode connection technology, USB-C wired, BT 3.0/5.0 & 2.4Ghz wireless modes which make the user experience upgraded to another level in all fields. Worry-Free Wireless: Built-in upgraded 3.0/5.0 Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz wireless chips, K618 offers a real-wireless and no-latency connection for all devices in the market. Easy to toggle among different wireless devices set no limits of possibility. 30% Cutted Ultra-Thin: Low profile designed throughout the whole keyboard from the bottom board, middle low-profile red switches (actuation force: 40g) and the top keycaps aim to shorten the distance to actuation as much as possible. More Extra Practical: Set with 4*5 on-the-fly macro keys and a dedicated function area for media control. Convenient to rec frequently used macros without software, play the next song, or just scroll for volume adjustment. More Details Redefinable: Along with tank-solid material is the Redragon core software driver support, 16.8 million colors backlighting, standard keys remapping, and infinite keybindings are all available for personal re-mod.
Royal Kludge Redragon K618 Horus Wireless RGB Mechanical Keyboard
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As with many other aspects of gaming culture, the ideal keyboard for gaming (and general productivity) is a strongly debated issue that often leads to heated arguments and extreme tribalism among gamers. In the eyes of the untrained eye, this might seem rather perplexing. Don't all keyboard electronics function similarly? A good keyboard is one of the must-have desk accessories. Our suggestion is that you not pose such a question to a group of keyboard aficionados. From Apple's disastrous "butterfly switch" keyboards to laser-projected keyboards that can be placed on any surface, there is no shortage of keyboard designs from which to choose. We recommend Redragon K618 as the best gaming mechanical keyboard and computer accessories for you.

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

So, what sets apart a mechanical keyboard, like a Redragon keyboard from a regular keyboard? The switch, which is operated by a spring, is the mechanical part we are referring to. Keyboards include spring-activated switches, or simply switches, between the keycap and the circuit board that translates your presses into digital signals. The switches on a mechanical keyboard, like a Redragon K618, are what make the keyboard feel and sound the way it does. And your keyboard wouldn't operate if you didn't have them. The primary uses for a mechanical keyboard, such as the Redragon keyboard are for typing, gaming, and programming; however, they may also be useful in other contexts, such as music creation, graphic design, and any other activity that requires the use of a keyboard.

Why Should You Go For a Mechanical Keyboard?

There is a diverse set of reasons why people choose to use mechanical keyboards, like a Redragon K618. To save time when typing or playing a video game, some individuals utilize them. Heavily typists may benefit from them since Redragon mechanical keyboard helps reduce the likelihood of making unintended key presses. The way they look and feel appeals to a select few. These are only a few examples! Among many more, here are a few: To have fun while working, better express, type when it is dark, for being a member of a vibrant and enjoyable community. You may identify with one or more of these reasons for using a mechanical keyboard in a gaming setup, like a Redragon mechanical keyboard, but the primary attraction is the variety of customization choices they provide. The computer recognizes a key press from a mechanical keyboard and responds appropriately in a game, web browser, or other application.

Redragon K618 Features

Redragon K618: Distress-Free Wireless & Tri-Directional Link

Here comes Redragon K618 with its cutting-edge 1st-Gen 3-mode method of constructing, including USB-C cable, BT 3.0/5.0, and 2.4Ghz wireless modes, which vastly improves the user experience in every respect. The Redragon K618 provides a true wireless connection with zero latency thanks to its integrated Bluetooth v3.0/5.0 and 2.4Ghz wireless chips. The freedom to switch between several wireless devices with ease removes any constraints.

Slimmed Down by 30% with More Extra Practical & Sustained Strength

The whole Redragon K618, from the baseboard to the low-profile red switches (actuation force: 40g), is intended to reduce the travel distance between the user's fingers and the keycaps. Built-in 45 hot-key macros and a media-control-specific function area on the Redragon gaming keyboard. Allows you to easily record macros, go to the next song, or change the level without the need for software. The Redragon gaming keyboard's sophisticated long-lasting battery means you may use it wirelessly for longer. If you remember to charge the keyboard, you may use it indefinitely thanks to the low battery indication.

Alternating Between 5 Devices with Low-Profile Keycaps

K618 can remember and switch between five different devices, including three Bluetooth ones, one wireless (2.4Ghz) and two wired (3.5mm). All of your home's electronic gadgets may be controlled with a single keyboard. The whole keyboard, from the baseboard to the red low-profile switches in the middle (actuation force: 40g) to the keycaps on top, is designed to minimize the distance between the user's finger and the switch.