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The reception desk, reinvented

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UNI is your AI receptionist

Designed to optimize the workplace. UNI signs-in visitors and deliveries, notifies you of all appointments, and keeps everything running smoothly and securely.

Express check-in

Streamline the entire visitor check-in process with facial, voice and QR code recognition.

Control center

You can access visitor & employee information and schedule any meeting or appointment - all from one place.

Secure the workplace

Easily keep track of everyone who’s on site, who’s coming and who’s going.

UNI knows who’s who

Using artificially intelligent facial and voice recognition technology, UNI can automatically identify and check-in visitors.

Instant notifications

Whether you have a visitor or delivery, UNI will instantly notify you via SMS, email or Slack. If you like, UNI will also print them a name tag for a seamless introduction.

Effortlessly organize meetings and appointments

With UNI, scheduling becomes quick and easy. You can set up times, check availability and send out requests. Remove scheduling conflicts and streamline your workflow.

Bring the lobby to life

UNI is the artificially intelligent receptionist that frees you up from mundane
tasks, and helps you get more done at the front desk.

NLP technology

UNI uses natural-language processing (NLP) technology to talk to you. She can recognize your speech patterns and when you ask UNI a question, she utilizes a custom text-to-speech voice to answer you.

Facial recognition

UNI uses a FULL HD camera and computer vision to see the world. She can identify people and easily remembers the unique geometry of their faces.

Always (machine) learning

UNI uses advanced machine learning techniques to accumulate data. She learns and adapts to users’ habits and workflow preferences. The more you use UNI, the more she learns. UNI gets smarter every day.

  • Real-time visitor notifications
  • Facial recognition
  • Voice recognition
  • Employee directory
  • Print visitor name tags
  • Schedule meetings
  • Digitally sign legal documents
Experience the front desk of the future