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Brightech Logan LED Floor Lamp

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With its sleek metal arc, luxurious black marble base, and gorgeous natural linen shade, the Logan will add elegance and class to any space.

• Contemporary design

• Solid marble base

• Adjustable arm length

• Energy efficient 9.5W LED bulb

• Foot pedal switch


• 3-year warranty
Brightech Logan LED Floor Lamp
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Making big blunders when shopping is common, and it is always wise to check the return or refund policy for impulsive buyers. This also happens when you don't research a product before hitting that add to cart button and regret it later. Either way, shopping is fun, or when done right will give you great satisfaction. Though there are many times when you fret over making the right choice because of hundreds of options online but buying a home lamp is also a pretty big decision. This is because the choice of lamp impacts your productivity in serious ways. Poor lighting can also damage the eyes and cause unhealthy strain. Hence it would help if you were careful when settling on the office lighting ideas. Especially if you are working with living room office ideas, the modern led floor lamp you choose should suffice both as work and décor. How to choose the best office lamp for you as well as a detailed guide on why the Brightech Logan floor lamp could be the best choice for you.

How to Choose the Best Floor Lamp

Of the many office accessories, the lighting options play a vital role. Poor lighting can cause headaches and experience fatigue long before it is due. Thus other than choosing the right brass floor lamp or any other kind, it is important to know how to pick the best Brightech Logan floor lamp for you.

1. Type

A floor lamp's basic structure is straightforward: a robust base that rests firmly on the floor; a tall stem extending from the base; and, of course, light, which can be direct or diffused. While the fundamentals stay the same, floor lamps are available in a wide range of forms, each with its own set of practical advantages.

2. Size

Choosing the right size is a key consideration to create the best vibe in your home. Aside from the number of lamps you'll need, your floor lamps' size, height, and brightness are all significant factors to consider. In a small-to-average-sized room, for example, a single floor lamp can be sufficient in addition to other sources of lighting. If you want to create an ambient lighting effect with your floor lamp, you should choose a tall one. For larger areas, two or more floor lamps on opposing sides of the room could suffice.

3. Style

Some people could live without it, but many people are inclined towards the style when choosing a lamp. Of course, when you can get a great product with the benefits of added looks, then why settle for a lower option. In such cases, a modern office lamp offers the benefit of style plus functionality. Such as the Logan black industrial floor lamp comes in a sleek, stylish look with a tall neck to support the lampshade. It looks both graceful and modern at the same time.

4. Efficiency

Style and size are all physical features, but you want the lamp to be useful and serve the purpose you desire. This means that the lamp should be efficient both in terms of cost and space. Lamps with LED lights are more reliable as they consume less power and deliver better results. Secondly, the lamp's shape should be compact enough so it can fit beside the couch or even right by the table.

Why Choose Brightech Logan Floor Lamp?

The Brightech floor lamp takes the lead from its competitors in many ways. For starters, its design is modern and timeless, which captivates the room's entire look in an instant. The tall height (which is fully adjustable) and the modern style Brightech Logan floor lamp shade make everyone appreciate your choice. Secondly, the curved look means the greater light coverage offered by the lamp. The round lamp shade concentrates the light to the desired area yet keeps the ambiance safe for the eyes. Enjoy it for reading time or use it for work purposes; Brightech Logan floor lamp is functional either way. The strong, durable base ensures the lampstand is tall wherever it is without any chance of toppling over. Another noteworthy feature of this product is the easy-to-control switch which is operated by the foot pedal. Rather than bending down or going all the way behind the bed to turn it off, it is as easy as it can get. This makes it a great pick for bedtime reading and then drifting off to sleep.