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Rain Design creates patented, award-winning accessories, integrating aesthetics and ergonomics for the digital universe of laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

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The benefits of a laptop stand much outweigh the low price tag. You may rapidly change your posture as well as position while working on your laptop by utilizing a stand. As a result of the widespread availability of portable computers, many professionals have been able to abandon the conventional 9-to-5 work in favor of more flexibility. This is helpful for telecommuting and working from home, but it does pose some new dangers. We recommend you get yourself a Rain Design laptop stand for your work from home desk setup.

Uses of an Office Laptop Stand

Placing a laptop on a flat surface forces the user to stoop over in order to see the display. When you sleep with your head hanging forward, you put a lot of pressure on your spine, which may lead to chronic discomfort and injury. A term, "tech neck," has been coined to describe the widespread prevalence of this problem. You should find a technique to raise your laptop so that your neck is supported while you work on it. Sure, you could put modern desk accessories together out of books and boxes, but it may take some trial and error to get it to the correct height, and there's no telling whether it'd be solid, safe, or aesthetically pleasing. Using a laptop stand, like a Rain Design laptop stand that allows for height adjustment in conjunction with a separate mouse and keyboard allows you to create a comfortable and ergonomic mobile workplace everywhere you go.

Reduces Back Pain & Enhances Ventilation

The most fundamental benefit of using a laptop stand, like a Rain Design stand is improved posture and the reduction or elimination of back and neck discomfort, as well as the prevention of stress-related health problems. It's a common story that the laptop fan suddenly kicks into high gear, causing the machine to overheat and burn the user's leg. It's a terrible moment for anybody who uses resource-intensive applications or does any kind of rendering job when their computer stalls and they can't remember whether they switched on auto-save.

Typing in Ease & Super-light

Everyone spends a lot of time typing on their keyboards, one of the cool desk accessories, whether they work in marketing, development, design, or even finance and accounting. Lessening the strain on your wrists from continuous typing is one of the many benefits of using a laptop stand. A Rain Design stand allows you to personalize your workstation to your desire, whether or not you use a built-in keyboard. You may be concerned about the increased weight of your laptop if you often take it with you on trips. Light and tiny laptop supports are made specifically to fit in a laptop bag without becoming too noticeable.

The Best Rain Design Laptop Stands

Rain Design iGo Desk for iMac

The complement to your Mac is hereby Rain Design inc. The iGo is a mobile, turntable stand for the Apple iMac, whose magnificent aesthetic it complements while making it easier to use the computer's media functions. The iGo simplifies the process of showing off your work and giving presentations, whether you're doing it in a private setting or a public conference room. The Thunderbolt display may be used with Igo as well. It is one of the best products by Rain Design inc.

Rain Design mBar Pro+ Foldable Laptop Stand

Don't stress out. Rain Design Mstand is specifically designed for mobile use, so you can get your job done in comfort wherever you go. By elevating and tilting your MacBook, the mBar Pro+ improves your experience with the touch Bar. The sleek, understated look of Mbar pro+ is a perfect match for your Mac. Rain Design Mstand is so convenient and user-friendly that you will be glad to take it with you wherever you go.