10 Unique and Useful Cool Desk Accessories You Don’t Want to Live Without
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10 Unique and Useful Cool Desk Accessories You Don’t Want to Live Without

AutonomousAutonomous | Nov 6, 2021

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Cool office accessories are more than just gimmicks and toys; they can genuinely add value to a person’s working life when integrated well. When it comes to working at a desk, there are plenty of things you can add to spice things up a little, all in the name of productivity. 

At Autonomous, we are big believers in embracing modern working trends, including cool desk accessories. The difference certain items can make to daily working life for both in-house staff and remote workers is undeniable, so we have highlighted some of the best. 

In this brief guide, we discuss the benefits of some of the fun and unique smart desk accessories on offer right now, as well as how to use them effectively and how to get the best deal. 

Preparing the Base

Preparing the Base

Before you can think about cool desk accessories, you need a cool desk! Some accessories work with any desk setup, but others are far more useful when paired with an equally interesting desk. 

An adjustable standing desk is easily the hottest office item of the year, with modern offices everywhere making the change. Out with the old and in with the new: a motto that all businesses should embrace in this ever-evolving world. 

In that spirit, why not consider switching to an electronic sit/stand desk in your workplace or home office. They are not only beneficial for your health and productivity, but they also lend themselves perfectly to a range of fun desk accessories. 

Our favorite is the SmartDesk Core. Affordable and practical, it has all the functions you could want in a desk. It is also customizable with various artworks for the desktop, which is a unique accessory already! 

Accessorizing a Desk: What to Do and What Not to Do


Once you have your desk ready to go, the next step is to plan out how exactly you plan to accessorize. Sometimes, too many cool office supplies crammed into one space becomes counterproductive and detracts from the whole purpose you added them in the first place.

To avoid this happening to you, follow our simple list of Do’s and Don’ts when shopping for fun, unique desk accessories. 

The Do List

  • Measure your surface space and compare the sizes before ordering products online- pictures can be deceiving and you don’t want to buy something that doesn’t fit on the desk!
  • Think about the style of your workspace and look for products that work cohesively. If you work remotely, decide what aesthetic you are going for before you start buying. Those who work in a shared office should try to be mindful of the area around them and any policies their workplace may have.
  • Focus on the items that are going to add value to your space and be genuinely useful from day to day.
  • Consider the proposed layout in your mind and map it out on your desk. Testing the theory before you spend money is always a good idea.
  • Bring some of your personality into it and look for things that can bring you joy during the workday. That could be as simple as some fun new stationery, a fancy organization tool, or a unique desk cover to brighten up the space- whatever works for you! 

The Don’t List

  • Avoid over-buying too many things that cannot all fit. This can lead to over-cluttered desk space, limited maneuverability, and unnecessary waste.
  • Refrain from going overboard if you work in a shared area as it can interfere with other people’s work. You can still add cool desk accessories that are non-invasive and practical, which don’t disturb anyone else.
  • Don’t forget that cool office supplies are supposed to be useful too! Why waste space and money on something you really do not use or benefit from?
  • Buying miss-matched items can work when done carefully, but it can easily cross into the realm of messy. Even if you work remotely and answer to no one, a distracting workplace does not usually work out well for anybody. Keep it simple, streamlined, and function focused. 

In a nutshell: plan ahead, know your space, don't get carried away, and keep it professional. Office stuff is a lot cooler when it actually makes your life easier! 

10 Cool Desk Accessories that You Need to Try

1. Magnetic Desk Organizer

Magnetic Desk Organizer cool desk accessories

Many people struggle to keep their stationery neat and tidy throughout the day. You would not be the first nor the last person to waste half an hour hunting for that pen you swear was in your hand a minute ago! 

The Autonomous Magnetic Desk Organizer puts an end to that by providing chic and stylish desk planning that you love to use. It comes with several compartments in a variety of sizes that can be moved around to match your preferences, all on a magnetic base to keep things put. 

Choose from three color options to match your surroundings and never suffer from a messy desk again! 

2. Flow Board

Flow Board cool desk accessories

As the standing desk becomes more popular and the undeniable health benefits of standing up grow ever more difficult to ignore, cool office accessories such as the Flow Board are showing up in offices across the country. 

Take standing to a new level by using this core-engaging balance board and workout while you work! Busy multi-taskers who don’t always have time to hit the gym and enjoy the flow that a standing desk allows are bound to love this unique and exciting tool. 

Use it in coordination with a standing desk, even when you sit! Placing it beneath your feel even when sitting down helps to engage your muscles and promote good posture. 

3. Privacy Panel

Privacy Panel cool desk accessories

Privacy is often in short supply in the office, especially in the bullpen or hybrid collaborative workspace. A portable privacy panel may not necessarily sound cool, but it is definitely useful. 

If you often work at a new desk every day and require a bit of separation from your surroundings, the sound-absorbing panel is a hero. Easy to clamp onto any desk, the two-part design is ultra-flexible. 

Even if you don't move desks every day, a little extra privacy never goes away. You can also use it as a pinboard for memos, notes, or personal décor. What's more, the Autonomous Privacy Panel is made from 100% recycled material and is completely flame retardant. 

4. Under-Desk Cable Tray

Cable Tray cool desk accessories

An under desk cable tray is a discreet and effective way to keep your desk free of wires. Cables spread across or under a desk with nothing to contain them is an accident waiting to happen, so don’t take the risk. 

By attaching a cable tray below the lip of your desk, you instantly improve the safety of your working area and give yourself more space to work. Rather than fighting with wires, you can tuck them all neatly below the desk where they cannot bother you. 

Additionally, the Autonomous model is sturdy enough to hold your mobile phone or other small stationery items and fun desk accessories. 

5. LED Desk Lamp

LED Desk Lamp cool desk accessories

LED lighting is excellent for desk work, especially for those who struggle with dim conditions. At Autonomous, you can find a range of unique and effective LED lamps, both for the desktop and with floating attachments. 

Our favorite and top pick for those looking for cool desk accessories that make a difference is the Autonomous Light Bar. The ultra wide LED desk lamp clamps to the back of the desk and rises high enough to provide high-quality lighting across the whole surface. 

It is fully adjustable with five brightness settings, four temperature settings, an adjustable height stem, and an easy to work desk clamp. The head is flexible and can turn to any angle you desire, giving you the best possible glare-free illumination for your desk.

6. Floating Monitor Arm

Monitor Arm cool desk accessories

A computer monitor takes up a fair deal of desk space that some people may not have to spare. By using a floating monitor arm, you open up the back section of your desk to new potential. 

The Autonomous Monitor arm comes in either a single or double screen setup, both with a desk clamp and 360-degree flexibility. If you use a sit/stand desk, this is the best solution for perfecting the tilt of the screen to suit your height setting. 

Constructed using top-grade aluminum alloy, this cool desk accessory has no trouble supporting your monitor and should last for years. 

7. Power Dock

Power Dock cool desk accessories

Extension cables are certainly nothing new or exciting, but this handy upgrade is a must for someone who relies on a lot of devices. Having easy access to power points for your laptop, tablet, phone, monitor, and whatever other fun gadgets and office stuff you may use daily is a necessity, not a luxury. 

Crawling beneath the desk in desperate search of a plug socket, only to find it is already packed full is a thing of the past with a desktop power dock. Clamp it to the edge of your desk to keep wires to a minimum and convenience at an all-time high.

It is powerful enough to support three sockets and two USB ports but takes up just eight inches of desk space. Of all the cool desk accessories on this list, this is a strong contender for the most useful! 

8. Desk Pad

Desk Pad cool desk accessories

Desk pads are a sophisticated but modern way to accessorize and organize your workspace. They protect the surface of your desk, keeping it looking better for longer, at the same time as improving your mouse grip and adding a chic look to your area. 

The Autonomous smart accessories and office stuff range has two excellent desk pads, one in vegan leather and the other made from sustainable cork. Whatever your style may be, this is a classic example of how simple items can have a huge impact. 

9. Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Another must-have accessory for anyone using a standing desk is an anti-fatigue mat. These unique desk accessories are expertly designed to relieve muscle strain and improve posture while you stand. 

We already know how beneficial standing is over sitting for office workers, but it can still cause strain after a while. The science behind the anti-fatigue design is based on micro movements that affect stiffness in the entire body and reduce the effects of tired and strained muscles. 

Built to support up to 330 lbs., relieving foot, leg, and back pain throughout the day, the Autonomous Anti-Fatigue mat is incomparably useful to someone who is trying to make the change to standing at work. 

10. Swivel Desk Drawer

Swivel Desk Drawer

Here is one of the cool desk accessories you should have in your workstation. Want to increase your organization without taking up valuable desk space? The Swivel Desk Drawer by Autonomous is the ideal solution. Compact, sturdy, and convenient, this desk addition is a smart way to keep things neat, tidy, and out of sight. 

It connects quickly and easily to the base of the desk and can swivel 360 degrees for ultimate accessibility and flexible use. You also have the option to use it as a mouse pad for even more spatial optimization. 

The drawer can hold multiple small items weighing less than 6.6 lbs. Separated compartments make it easy to keep things organized and tidy. 

Where to Get the Best Deals on Awesome Office Stuff


Buying wholesale office furniture and supplies is the best way for employers to save money but still provide their staff with the best of the best. 

Additionally, the Autonomous employee purchase program offers individuals great discounts on modern office furniture and unique desk accessories. If you work remotely and want to find a deal on home office furniture, or you are looking to enhance your space with a few new desk accessories, head to the Autonomous shopping page for inspiration! 

The Bottom Line

Unique and cool desk accessories are meant to improve working life and add a little style into the equation. The modern workplace favors individuality and innovation, leaving room for more fun gadgets to hit the market, and soon, your desks! 

As long as you follow the golden rules detailed above and stick to reliable, high-quality makes such as Autonomous, you can't go far wrong.

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