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12 Covetously Cool and Essential Types of Home Office Setup for 2021

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Feb 22, 2021

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It is the start of a new year, which often means time to redecorate, change, or spruce things up a bit. Your home office setup is always a place where you can switch things up. Your home office setup is not as simple as putting together a bunch of things that you like. The way you arrange things has to have a positive impact on your performance and productivity. From office chairs to standing desks and even your desk accessories, you need to put a bit more thought into this. What is the type of vibe you are going for?

If you are looking for a cool and essential type of home office setup, then you have come to the right place. There are so many office furniture ideas to incorporate into your workspace. Keep reading to find out how to transform your 2021 office space.

What Do You Need for Your Office Setup?

To determine how to set up your office, you need to know what should be in your workspace. There are certain things that you need to function correctly in your home office setup. These items include:

1. Office Desk

The type of office desk you choose is crucial. Previously, office desks were big, bulky, and often a nuisance. Today, you can choose a desk that adapts to suit your needs and lifestyle. This means that you can put your health first.

If you do not have an adaptable standing desk in 2021, you need to reconsider your choices. The market for these tables continues to expand as there is such high demand. Why consider an adjustable standing desk? These products offer various physical and mental health benefits. The sleek design is also perfect to fit into any type of office space. You also have the opportunity to alternate between standing and sitting. This results in increased physical movement, which boosts your work performance, mental capacity, and overall mood and well-being.

Office Desk

Autonomous standing desks are a great addition to any home office setup space. Their design and functionality are excellent. The SmartDesk Core is a highly recommended option if you are looking for an ideal home office setup in 2021.

  • icon checkStanding desks provide various health benefits.
  • icon checkIncreased movement
  • icon checkSleek and simple design
  • icon checkCan fit into any space
  • icon checkImproves your mood and energy levels
  • icon checkYou can alternate between sitting and standing.
  • icon timesThey can be expensive.
  • icon timesThe desks often require self-assembly.

2. Office Chair

Choosing an ergonomic chair is probably one of the essential steps in designing your office setup. If you do not have an ergonomic chair yet, you need to make the change. Much like the standing desks, ergonomic chairs are produced with your health in mind. They are made to adapt to your body and to provide the necessary support that you need.

Office Chair

Features of these chairs often include lumbar support, adjustable height, depth, and width, a headrest, and a reclining quality. Your seat is something that you spend hours on every single day. Thus, you want to ensure that you are comfortable and not doing anything harmful to your health. The ErgoChair Pro provides optimal comfort and flexibility. You are not going to find an ergonomic chair that can offer much more than this product can in 2021. It is one of the best office chairs available on the market.  

  • icon checkReduced back and neck pain
  • icon checkIt improves your posture and helps to align your spine.
  • icon checkIt is comfortable.
  • icon checkIncreases productivity and motivation
  • icon checkOffers various physical and mental benefits
  • icon checkAesthetically pleasing designs
  • icon checkMade to be durable and long-lasting
  • icon timesThey are expensive products. It is an investment.
  • icon timesThey often require self-assembly.

3. Laptop/PC

The majority of people cannot do their jobs without a laptop or a PC. Laptops provide greater flexibility as you do not have to be stuck in one place when you want to get work done. A laptop is more ideal for a work from home setup. These are also the more popular choices in 2021. More and more people are investing in high-quality laptops, such as MacBook, as you can take your work on the go. Given current situations, working from home is becoming a more popular thing; hence, having a laptop makes the process more convenient for you.


A laptop or PC is an investment; therefore, you want to ensure that you take note of all the features before purchasing one. Your product needs to be suitable for your line of work. The placement of a laptop is also crucial when it comes to your setup. Your screen should be placed directly in front of you and should be at eye level to make sure that you are using the correct posture.

  • icon checkMakes work a convenient and quicker process
  • icon checkThere is less admin work for you.
  • icon checkYou can access all files and important documents easily.
  • icon checkYour work is often stored safely and securely.
  • icon timesLaptops and PCs are a huge investment.
  • icon timesThe lighting is not good for your health.
  • icon timesIt can often make people lazier.
  • icon timesYou could get stuck if your laptop or PC crashes.

4. Monitor

Certain office workers need a monitor, especially if you have to spend long periods looking at the screen. A monitor is a great option to accompany your laptop. Having a monitor can be beneficial as it can improve your time management and productivity. This is possible as you can run multiple programs simultaneously. The setup and placement of your monitor are the same as that of a laptop – it should be directly in front of you and at eye level.

If you are utilizing a dual-monitor system, the placement is going to differ slightly. Positioning depends on how often you use each computer screen. If you use both equally, they should be placed together at the same angles. The edges should be touching, and they should be directly in front of you. If you use one of the monitors about 80% of the time, then it should be in front of you, and the other should be placed off to the side.


The pros and cons are similar to those of a laptop. Additional pros include that a larger screen can be more user-friendly. Another disadvantage to consider is that large screens can often get in the way and take up a great deal of space. If you are looking for a monitor, the Apple Mac options are of fantastic quality.

5. USB/Adapter

Your home office equipment setup is likely going to grow. You can be assured that you are going to add new tools to your workspace, which means that you are going to need an outlet to get power from. Adapters and USBs are those things that we rely on heavily but do not realize. Make sure that your work from a home office has safe and sufficient power outlets. Keep your environment safe by going for options that have surge protection.

Purchasing a power strip that contains both adapters and a USB port ensures that you can keep all your devices running smoothly. If you also want to reduce the appearance of these cables, it is advisable to attach the power strip to walls or furniture. Dell and Corsair are trustworthy brands.

  • icon checkYou can power all your devices simultaneously.
  • icon checkYou can charge your devices while you are working.
  • icon checkThese products enable you to work for extended periods.
  • icon checkIt is possible to work at your desk setup.
  • icon timesCables can be scattered all over the place.
  • icon timesIt may use a great deal of electricity.
  • icon timesThese are not always completely safe.

6. Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboards and mouses are objects that are used by almost everyone who uses a laptop or computer. Unfortunately, these products are not good for your wrist health at all. It is for this reason that it is important to invest in a good quality keyboard.

There are plenty of brands that produce keyboards, but it is best to opt for wireless options as they are more flexible. A good brand to look into is Logitech. Wireless options also provide a cleaner looking work setup. Seeing tangled chords is something you want to leave behind in 2020. This also clears up your mind, which is essential for any work environment. To reduce the strain placed on your wrists, you need to ensure that you pay attention to the position of your wrists. They should be in a straight line or slightly below your hands.

  • icon checkIt is easy to navigate through your work.
  • icon checkAssists in speeding up the work process
  • icon timesThey have a negative impact on your wrist health.
  • icon timesIt can be expensive to invest in these items.
  • icon timesThey can clutter up your space.

7. Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones could be an absolute gamechanger to your desk setup work from home designated areas. These headphones can eliminate all distractions from your surrounding area. In 2021, most people work remotely from home, which means that having children running around the house and dogs barking in the garden is a common occurrence. It is vital to get rid of these noises to improve productivity; hence, making headphones an essential component of your setup.


If you are looking into purchasing a pair of headphones, Sony and Apple produce high-quality options.

  • icon checkIt is easier to get into work-mode.
  • icon checkEliminates surrounding distractions
  • icon checkHelps you to feel like you are at work, which results in increased productivity
  • icon checkCan improve your focus
  • icon timesA slightly more expensive investment
  • icon timesThey can be uncomfortable.
  • icon timesMay get in the way of your working.
  • icon timesMakes it impossible to hear if there is an emergency going on in the background

8. Speakers

Listening to music is a great way to focus and keep your concentration for many individuals. Speakers can fill up the room to give you the impression that you are still in the office. These background noises are very beneficial to some people.


In 2021, it is very simple to connect your speaker to your laptop or phone through Bluetooth and USBs. An excellent brand to look at would be JBL. They manufacture top of the range speakers that are versatile.

  • icon checkBoosted energy levels
  • icon checkImproved focus and concentration
  • icon checkHelps to create a work environment
  • icon timesSpeakers are an investment.
  • icon timesNot everyone can work efficiently with noise; it is a distraction to some.

9. Webcams and Microphones

Working from home often means that various online meetings are going to take place. You are going to need an effective webcam and microphone to ensure that you can communicate properly with your colleagues. Investing in these products is a way to increase the professionalism of your home office.

Webcams and Microphones

Some of the best webcams and microphones are from Logitech. They are reliable and often used by various content creators to make good quality content, which means that they can take your professional home office space to the next level.

  • icon checkOften reasonably affordable products.
  • icon checkIncrease your level of professionalism
  • icon timesCan be difficult for some people to operate

10. Desk Accessories

Everyone loves some good standing desk accessories! It is important not to get carried away with your desk accessories as this can often add clutter to your space. Try to keep the essentials on your desk and make them easily accessible to limit the amount of movement you have to make. Office accessories provided by Autonomous are products that you can play around to find what suits your preferences. Accessories are how you can add your personal touch to your workspace.

  • icon checkYou can add your personal touch to your space.
  • icon timesIt is easy for your desk to get cluttered.

The Bottom Line

There are so many different types of setups that you can incorporate into your home office. There are certain things that are essential to have in your home office. 2021 is the perfect year to invest in your home office and to explore a home office setup idea. A desk setup guide is going to help you design your dream workspace.

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