10 Good Luck Plants that Attract Money, Energy & Prosperity
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10 Good Luck Plants that Attract Money, Energy & Prosperity

|May 5, 2021

Decorating one’s office is a significant action that helps you make your workspace more pleasing and comfortable for you. Adding good luck plants is one way to make your workspace greener, and pleasing. Plants always bring happy vibes along with them so everyone loves having them.

If you are working from home, you can think of getting plants that bring good luck in the house. The major well-known benefit to have a plant is that they make your workspace greener and more refreshing. Office workers tend to be more productive if they have certain plants planted close to their workstation.

People usually think that the real reason behind a plant making one more productive is due to the fact that certain plants bring a certain luck factor with them. There are plants for luck and prosperity, and even wealth. You might have heard office workers adding Feng Shui plants for wealth in a hope that it will bring more money in their bank. The truth is, plants do have such capabilities and you can use them for your benefit.

We have shared some of the good luck plants for houses and offices to give you an idea of how you can make your workspace look more refreshing and greener along with boosting your luck factor. So, lets have a look at them.

Good luck plants for houses and offices

1. Pachira Money Tree

pachira money tree

Being a Feng Shui plant, Pachira Money Tree is ideal for your office as well as your remote work station where you wish to create a positive environment. Pachira Money Tree is especially known for bringing wealth, good luck and prosperity.

Since these plants come braided, it is said that it is better to get the ones that have three to five braids and at least five leaf fingers to favor your luck.

2. Lucky Bamboo

lucky bamboo

Commonly called a Fu Gwey Zhu plant in China, Lucky Bamboo is regarded to bring luck, fortune, power, and honor. Being a Feng Shu plant, Lucky Bamboo promotes positivity. Since this plant is quite a low maintenance one, it will be pretty easier for you to look after them. So, getting a positive environment will not be a big deal here.

3. Snake Plant

shake plant

Snake Plant is among those good luck plants that promotes positivity. The reason for that is the ability of a Snake Plant to absorb any harmful gases from the air and absorb toxins from your surroundings. When you have a clean and green environment, you get a better focus at your work, so you tend to be more productive.

4. Peace Lily

Peace Lily is among those office desk plants that tends to bring fortune. Having the ability to cleanse one’s work environment, Peace Lily makes your workspace more healthy and work-friendly. Since this little buddy does not require a lot of light or high-quality maintenance, you can get the most out of it by spending minimal time in its maintenance.

5. Rubber Plant

Being a tropical Feng Shui plant, the Rubber Plant is known to eliminate any common toxins from the surroundings. The round leaves of this plant are regarded as a symbol of money and prosperity, so adding them anywhere close to your office desk will attract fortune and prosperity.

6. Orchid


One can use Orchid to decorate home offices or the office workspace to attract luck. Being a Feng Shui plant, Orchid is known to bring luck to a family when you bring them home. Having a bright purple color, Orchids stand out among other green plants, hence are known to promote prosperity.

7. Parlor Palms

parlor palms

Parlor Palms are one of the best types of good luck plants that you will find in the Feng Shui culture. These little indoor plants are known to be air purifiers, and do not require any much maintenance.

If your office space has carpets, the chances of having dust are quite common, so planting a Parlor Palm plant will help you have a clean and healthy environment. Overall, this plant radiates a very positive energy; thus, keeps a worker ever ready to work on his tasks.

8. Jade Plant

Jade Plant is considered a lucky plant for house, and is often gifted to businesses. Being among the Feng Shui plants for wealth, Jade Plant is known to attract wealth and success, so you often see them placed at the entrance of offices and houses.

9. Tulsi or Basil

tulsi or basil

Highly regarded in the Indian philosophy, Tulsi or Basil plant is known to be among the good luck plants that promotes peace and prosperity, and radiates a lot of positive energy. Tulsi absorbs any toxins from your surroundings, thus makes it more breathable and work-friendly. So, you can say that a worker becomes more productive in such an environment.

10. Citrus Trees

citrus trees

Commonly considered as plants for luck and prosperity, Citrus Plant attracts money and luck. You can plant these plants in small pots close to your workstation or at your home. These plants are usually of lemon, ornamental orange, and lime trees.

The Bottom Line

While setting up your office workspace, one can add a good luck plant close to their office standing desk. The plants that we shared above are all considered Feng Shui plants, so they attract luck, wealth, and power. Therefore, they radiate a lot of positive energy. Hence, you can add them along with your smart office accessories to become more productive and successful.

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