Creative Small Home Office Design Ideas With Plants
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Creative Small Home Office Design Ideas With Plants

|Apr 28, 2024

Using plants in small home office design ideas is quickly becoming a popular option for many homeowners. After you have finished selecting your favorite office chair and desk, it will be time to work on the décor for your workstation. Rather than stick to classic wood and paint designs, why not add a bit of life to your office by placing a few plants around the place?

When it comes to interior design, small home office spaces provide unique problems for homeowners. There is simply not enough space to fit all your ideas. As such, you have to get very creative regarding how you give your office a personal touch. This article will show you how you can do that using a wide range of indoor plants.

Benefits of Incorporating Plants Into the Workspace

Modern small home office design can benefit a lot by incorporating some plant ideas. Consider the following:

Better Productivity and Creativity

Research has shown that small home office ideas that include the use of plants can result in higher levels of productivity and creativity among employees. Being surrounded by beautiful plants does a lot more for your creative juices than staring at blank walls all day.

Stress Reduction

If there is one thing all office workers know it is that working long hours can be very stressful. However, if you have deadlines to meet, sometimes you have no choice but to spend all day seated behind your desk. If that is the case, having a few beautiful plants around the office can do a lot for you in terms of helping to manage your stress levels.

More Attractive Workspaces

In such a competitive business environment, you have to do all you can to make your work area as attractive as possible. If you regularly entertain clients, add a few plants to your home office designs for small spaces. Plants will boost the overall look of your home office and leave a lasting impression on all your visitors.

Benefits of Incorporating Plants Into the Workspace

Lower Sickness and Absence Rates

Some surprising research results seem to indicate that when plants are used as part of modern home office design, there is a significant reduction in sickness and absence rates. This may be attributed to the “feel good” factor that plants add to any room.Simply put, employees feel better working in an environment that includes a few plants here and there.

Reduce Noise Levels

Plants have also been shown to absorb sounds rather than simply insulating against noises. That means if you work in a relatively noisy environment, adding some plants to the small home office design ideas will help limit the disturbances you have to suffer each day.

Cleaner Air

It is well-known that plants are an essential part of keeping the air clean. However, this does not only apply to forests. Besides carbon dioxide, plants have also been shown to absorb benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde from the air. As such, you can also do your bit to help purify the air in your office by adding a few plants.

Cleaner Air

How to Choose the Right Plants for Small Home Office

Many homeowners know the benefits of having plants around the house but have no idea how to add them to their small home office design ideas. With the limited space you have to deal with, it is not always an easy task to accomplish. However, you can consider the following important factors to help you:

Size of the Plant

How big should your plant be? Generally, unless you are going for a statement look, small plants are better suited to tiny home offices. You want the plants to be visible but not dominate the entire room. Try to find a good size that will complement other design elements in your home office.

Amount of Natural Light

An important consideration in any small home office space design is the amount of natural light that is available. Not only is natural light great for productivity, it has to be available in sufficient amounts to support plant growth.

However, there are also some indoor plant varieties that you can choose that do not require a lot of light. You can choose any of these if you do not have the luxury of having wide-open windows in your home office.

Amount of Natural Light

Care and Maintenance

You should always consider the amount of care and maintenance that your plant requires, especially if you are not used to taking care of plants at home. The last thing you want is to have a plant start wilting and dying right there on your standing desk. To help avoid that, many plant species can get by with very little water that you can choose.

Pollen Allergies

Before you rush to add plants to your home office makeover ideas, consider whether you or anyone else using your office might be allergic. Pollen allergy is very common these days, so you may want to choose non-flowering plants or other varieties that are known to be hypoallergenic.

Pollen Allergies

Where to Place the Plants in Your Office?

Once you have decided which types of plants you are going to buy, it will be time to think of the best places to display them. Shelves, desktops, and window sills are all common options. Some plants can also be hung from the ceiling or left to climb up the walls.

Here, your small home office design ideas will have to take into consideration how much light the plant will need, how big it will grow, whether it sheds all leaves, and areas in which it will be visible but out of the way.

Many small desk plants are designed to allow you to place them right next to your computer without reducing your productivity levels or causing a major distraction to your visitors. Other plants are better off in places as far from your desk as possible so that they can grow freely without getting in the way of everyday work activities.

Where to Place the Plants in Your Office?

Eight Creative Ways to Use Plants As Decorative Elements

There are many things to consider when coming up with the right small home office design ideas for your workspace. Ultimately, your choices will depend on various factors, such as personal preferences and the amount of space available in your office.

Consider the following eight creative ways to use plants in your workspace:

1. Plant Groupings

Just as how paring a great meal with the right wine provides a more balanced experience, grouping certain types of plants can also create an exciting look for a room. As part of your home office organization ideas, look for plants that can complement each other in terms of colors and growth patterns.

If you can group different plants of varying heights in an empty corner of your office, for example, you will be able to fill up that space in an interesting and meaningful way. The great thing about this type of design is that you can regularly change the arrangements of the plants to give your office a fresh look any time you want.

Plant Groupings - small home office design ideas

2. Artwork

Combining art and indoor plants can be one of the best small home office layout ideas you have ever had. Many great pieces of art illustrate forests, jungles, or botanical gardens. You can place these strategically around the house to complement your use of plants in certain other areas.


3. Floating Shelves

One of the best places to display your plants is on a floating shelf along one of the walls of your home office. Such home office storage ideas have the advantage of providing you with extra space to store books, picture frames, candles, or other display ornaments.

Floating shelves are relatively easy to install and can be done with minimal disruption to your home office. When designing your floating shelves, you can use a wide range of colors that will complement the types of plants that you want to add to the room. Researching on the internet can provide you with a wide range of great ideas to consider.

4. Window Gardens

Some home office setup ideas require a little bit more space than others. This is true for creating window gardens. If you hardly have enough room for your desk and chair, it is unlikely that you will have space on your window sill for a few plants.

However, if you do have the space, this can be one of the greatest ideas you can use. A window garden is an awesome way you add a lot of life and color to any room. By placing your plants right next to the window, you will also ensure that they receive an adequate amount of natural light. You can also use plants as a great alternative to traditional window coverings such as curtains or blinds.

Window Gardens

5. Plant Stands

If you shop around online, you will come across a wide range of stylishly designed plant stands that can add a touch of personality to your room. This type of small home office space design allows you to play around with a lot of different styles while making sure you have a lot of room to place your plants.

Plant stands are particularly helpful when it comes to designing plant groupings because they allow you to move different-sized plants around until you achieve the perfect look. You can also place a stand in each corner to avoid having empty-looking spaces in your home office.

6. Terrariums

If you want to have a lot of fun with your interior design, small home office terrariums are the way to go. You can design your own little ecosystem that you can regularly monitor and maintain.

A common design idea when it comes to terrariums is to mix succulents, moss, and some other unique decorative objects. These can be placed in elaborate glass jars or fish bowls that will catch the light and bring your room to life.


7. Hanging Planters

There are many types of indoor plants that are meant to be hung from the ceiling or across window sills. Such hanging planters are a great option if you want some unique small home office organization ideas for the room.

If this sounds like something you would like, it is an easy process to install some ceiling hooks across your home office from which to hang your plants. You can also consider using textured hanging pots to add a little more style to the decoration.

Hanging Planters

8. Living Walls

Imagine creating a living wall as part of your modern small home office design. You can enjoy having the most unique home office around. The easiest way to achieve this is by utilizing all of the empty space on your walls to grow some of your favorite plants.

Instead of simply painting the walls and leaving them blank, install a few hooks here and there from which you can hang some pot plants. The best thing about this type of design is that you can bring that outdoor feeling into your home office without having to use up any of the limited space in your small home office.

Bring Your Home Office to Life With the Right Plant Decor Ideas

There are many home office designs for small spaces that you can consider, but none of them will bring your home office to life in the same way as adding a few indoor plants will. You can easily create a unique workspace while enjoying the many benefits of having some living things growing in your home office.

If you visit Autonomous today, you will find a wide range of fantastic interior décor ideas that incorporate the use of plants as well as the required furniture and accessories that you will need. Your ultimate home office is just a mouse click away.

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