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Modern Home Office Ideas That You Should Try

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 10, 2021

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If you are having trouble working from home, the chances are that your workspace hasn’t been optimized to help you work productively. If you have adopted the work from home method recently, you may be in the process of setting up your home office. 

Even if you have already set up shop in an area at home, you can benefit from implementing modern design elements into your home office setup

The modern office trend has taken over office design, replacing rows of cubicles with bright, open spaces and minimalism. This trend isn't just good to look at, but it also provides several benefits, such as improving creativity and productivity. 

Here are some modern home office ideas that you should try. 

What Is the Modern Office Trend?

The modern office exemplifies fluid and adaptable office cultures that emphasize communication, creativity, productivity, and openness. 

People are encouraged to work individually and collaboratively in light-filled spaces with no barriers to engagement or obstructions to mobility, with open work desks, individual workstations, and soft areas with comfortable seating that welcomes a quiet break or a casual discussion. 

While this sounds great for corporate office space, there are benefits of adding modern elements to your home office. 

Qualities that Your Modern Home Office Should Promote

Qualities that Your Modern Home Office Should Promote

Much thought, time, and effort often go into designing corporate offices. This is because the way an office space is designed can directly impact employees' productivity and overall performance. 

Now that the world is moving toward a hybrid or work-from-home model, greater care must be taken when setting up a home office. Here are some of the qualities that your modern office rooms should promote.

1. Focus and Concentration

Working from home doesn’t always mean that you always have the silence to focus on the task at hand. However, your office space must be set up in a way that allows you to concentrate on the work you must do. 

While working at a dining room table may seem like a good idea at first, busy kids coming home from school or a blaring television could cause you to lose focus very quickly, which lowers your productivity. 

Having dedicated modern office rooms that put you away from these distractions could improve your focus and concentration while working from home. 

2. Creativity

Creativity for modern home office

Many people have to come up with new ideas daily and rely on their creativity to make it happen. A dull, monotone workspace could stifle your creativity, making it harder to come up with good ideas. 

While the contemporary home offices trend promotes minimalism and keeps the workspace "clean," adding a pop of color to your work area could spark creativity and improve your overall mood and motivation to get things done. 

3. Productivity

A workspace needs to be visually attractive, but we don’t set up offices just to look at them, right? Likewise, your home office is there to help you get your work done, so designing it to promote productivity is essential. 

Furthermore, a desktop that is littered with paperwork and coffee spills is guaranteed to hinder your productivity. Mess and clutter signal to the brain that there is still work to be done, and subconsciously causes anxiety and hinders productivity. 

4. Professionalism

Professionalism in modern home office

While you may not be inviting clients over to your contemporary home offices, there are certainly benefits associated with adding professionalism to your home office décor through modern design. When you put effort into making your work area more professional, you adopt a more professional approach to your job too. 

Making your office more professional-looking can also show team members and superiors during Zoom calls and online meetings that you take your job seriously. 

5. Consider Your Technology

Technology should suit your space and not the other way around. Consider carefully the equipment you must have in your home office to prevent the accumulation of clutter. 

While it may be helpful to have your gaming equipment set up in your office, so you can enjoy your favorite game during a break, it may not be a very productive way to work. 

In this case, storing your equipment near a television in another room or simply keeping it off your desk when not in use could make a world of difference to help you open up space in your office and keep it simple. 

Your tech equipment should also be accessible to you. Having a device that must be charged in another room before you can use it at your desk is not a practical way to work. Including a power dock in your setup could help keep everything you need within your reach. 

Modern Home Office Design Ideas

Modern Home Office Design Ideas

While some corporate offices enlist the help of an interior designer to help them achieve a modern corporate office space, you certainly do not need a professional for your modern small home office to follow this trend.

Minimalist Desk

Minimalist Desk in modern home office

A desk is one of the most important parts of any modern small home office setup. However, choosing a bulky wooden desk with lots of drawers on each side can be counterproductive. Contemporary design calls for clean spaces, smooth edges, and simplicity, and your desk should emulate that. 

A great type of modern minimalist desk to choose for your modern home office setup is an electric standing desk. Standing desks are designed to be height-adjustable, so you can alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. 

The ideal modern standing desk is both simple and functional, giving your space a cleaner, clutter-free look. Autonomous' range of smart standing desks incorporates these features without compromising build quality and functionality. 

Some examples of these standing desks are the SmartDesk Core, SmartDesk Hybrid, and the SmartDesk Pro. These desks all come in a range of colors, and some even include a splash of color to spur creativity while still matching the décor of your modern small home office. 

A Smart Ergonomic Chair

A Smart Ergonomic Chair

Another essential component of every modern home office space is the office chair. You can include modern design elements in your office by incorporating a contemporary ergonomic chair that prevents your body from being injured due to poor seated posture while also being simple enough to promote productivity. 

Autonomous has a great range of well-known and widely used chairs because of their simplistic design and superior ergonomic support. The ErgoChair Pro+ is the best ergonomic chair that has a fishbone design. 

The ErgoChair Pro is another firm favorite because it is both minimalistic and incredibly supportive. Functionality is a must when following the modern design trend, and having a chair that moves around with ease is a must. 

Autonomous chairs come with standard caster wheels that let you quickly and easily move to other parts of your office. 

Consider Other Décor Elements

Consider Other Décor Elements

When setting up modern home office rooms, it is essential to consider all elements of the space. It may not be enough to purchase minimalistic furniture if there is paint peeling off the walls. 

Consider choosing a neutral color for your home office wall décor that does not make the space look busy. 

Lighter colors are a better option than darker ones because they make the space look bigger and brighter, which can positively impact your mood and make you more productive. 

Consider keeping wall décor to a minimum. Avoid the addition of busy pinboards, whiteboards, photograph collages, and paintings. While these elements all have their place in the home, adding them to your workspace could cause distraction. 

That being said, including a calendar or to-do list tracker on the wall in a way that does not take away from the space can help you be more productive and motivate you to achieve your goals throughout the day. 



The modern trend does call for minimalism, but it also calls for a clutter-free workspace. Keeping your desktop clean and free of clutter is the best way to improve productivity. 

Smart office accessories such as filing cabinets, shelves, monitor arms, LED desk lamps, cable trays, and office desk organizers can all make your space functional. They place the things you need most at your fingertips without the clutter. 

Filing Cabinets

filing cabinet

A filing cabinet is an excellent smart desk accessory to include in your modern home office setup. It allows you to store items that otherwise would have been stored on your desktop, creating a cleaner area that is more conducive to productive work. 

Autonomous’ filing cabinet has been designed to be simplistic and modern enough to fit most home office spaces. 


Like filing cabinets, shelves also work to reduce clutter in your modern home office design. They allow you to organize your books, tech gadgets, and office supplies in a visually appealing and functional way, so you can find exactly what you need in no time at all. 

Monitor Arms

Monitor Arms

The ideal positioning for your computer monitor is directly in front of you or at eye level. Any other position would cause you to strain the muscles of the neck over time. If you find no way to position your monitor correctly in your current setup, a monitor arm or mount can come in very handy. 

It also adds a modern touch to your space and reduces the amount of equipment on your desktop, so you have more room to jot down ideas, which is especially helpful if your job requires the use of multiple computer monitors. 

LED Desk Lamps

LED Desk Lamps in modern home office

If your modern home office is in a space that does not receive much natural lighting, you can enjoy some of the benefits that natural lighting provides by including an LED desk lamp as part of your home office setup. 

Including proper lighting is a crucial part of the modern design trend, as poor lighting decreases visibility, resulting in accidents like slips or trips. Another important reason to pay special attention to lighting is that poor or warmly lit rooms could actually cause you to become sleepy. 

While this type of light certainly has its place in the rest of the home, your home office should be brightly lit, so you are wide awake and ready to take on the day. 

Cable Trays and Cable Management

Cable Trays and Cable Management

All modern offices are pleasing to the eye because special care has been taken to prevent the formation of clutter. Cables littered across desks and floors are cluttered and can quickly take your space from modern to cluttered. 

Most standing desk manufacturers have cable trays as standard components of these desks, or they are available at an additional cost. Make use of these or use cable ties to eliminate the presence of multiple cables in your work area. 

Going wireless with most devices is another great option for your modern home office if you find it challenging to keep cables at bay. There are several wireless keyboard and mouse options on the market, so your desk can remain free from the clutter that a host of cables bring. 

Desk Organizers

Desk Organizers in modern home office

Another great tool to add to your setup is a desk organizer. These can be as small or as large as you prefer. They are generally designed to house stationary, but you may use them to house other things like USB drives and stylus pens. 

Some desk organizers even include little shelves for your modern home office to store larger items that you use on a regular basis.

Another great way to improve your productivity is to go wireless. As mentioned before, choosing wireless tech equipment can significantly enhance your space through the removal of clutter-causing cables. 

Final Thoughts

The modern design trend has dominated the corporate office space in recent times. However, as more workers work remotely, the onus is on them to set up an office space that is conducive to productive, creative, and collaborative work.

Suppose you want to ensure that your home office incorporates all these elements. In that case, you should make use of the modern home office ideas listed in this article, so you can enjoy everything the contemporary design trend has to offer while working from the comfort of your own home.

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