10 Ways to Create a Plant Gaming Setup
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10 Ways to Create a Plant Gaming Setup

|May 17, 2023

The most critical feature of gaming for a player is ease. The gaming room necessitates the right PC equipment, cozy armchairs, and besides an ergonomically designed gaming workstation, nevertheless it also requires superior attention to the gaming room's environment. The game board or table surface gets our essential focus in this condition since it affects the whole thing.

Typically, gaming counters are considerably bigger to accommodate your wide-ranging weights when playing games. But, have you ever considered giving your computer desk a serene environment, like a plant gaming setup? - Although houseplants will not boost your PC's speed. However, a gaming table with these houseplants demonstrates why it is beneficial. Everything comes to mind when thinking of a fantasy game room, except plants.

10 Unique Plant Gaming Setup Ideas

Desk planters are a typical item you will see whenever your eyes become fatigued from staring at a computer screen. Examine a plant PC setup to get a sense of nature's refreshing, tranquil atmosphere, and afterwards, apply it to your gaming station. Then there's whether or not it's necessary to set up a gaming workstation with houseplants. Perhaps any of the ideas of good luck plants below can help!

1. Plants on the Table to Make It More Appealing

Aesthetics are the primary reason for adding an organic touch to the Kawaii gaming room. Only a small percentage of players indeed develop settings with environmental themes. Most gaming enthusiasts desire a futuristic, contemporary, minimalistic, or RGB-powered gaming environment. Staying in the front of the display can rapidly wear them out and cause them to become dissatisfied. As a result, indoor plants might help calm your brain and sight.

Plants on the table to make it more appealing

2. Indoor Plants Have Several Advantages

Aside from appearances, they make your playroom appear new. Plants on a gameplay desk still offer a lot of advantages. Maintaining a green room not just improves air quality but also enhances your enjoyment of games and enhances your attention. Furthermore, several plants are thought to be capable of removing toxins from the atmosphere and increasing humidity.

3. Choosing the Right Desktop Plant

Take the time to learn what houseplants you want to use whenever you decide to add an organic element to your gaming furniture, such as a gaming desk. Afterwards, think about how you want your gaming table to be set up and where you should place it compared to the entire size of the gaming room setup with the bed. The greatest recommendation is to use live plants such as Snake Plant, English Fern, Chinese Bamboo, and others.

Choosing the Right Desktop Plant

4. Plants That Require Little Effort to Win

Any gaming area might be transformed into a welcoming, comfortable setting. The issue is, how far are you ready to go to get it? After a hard day, maintaining a plant is the lowest thing on people's thoughts. However, this should never be used as an excuse not to have houseplants at all. Certain plants are easier to grow than most others. So, for our gorgeous but somewhat overworked gamers, here are several plants that take little to no maintenance to thrive. The Chinese Green is often known as the Hoya plant. These shrubs are hardy and do not require continual attention or light.

5. Light Isn't Always Necessary

You might be surprised to learn that not every plant requires a great deal of direct sunlight. Light isn't always necessary for an aesthetic gaming room with plants, making these shrubs among the most player-friendly home plants ever cultivated on our semi-green planet! The Lucky Bamboo, Spider flower, and Snake flower can all flourish in a dim gaming area. These houseplants don't require much sunlight, nor do they require open drapes for wide windows.

Get adequate lighting to make your plants look pretty

6. Dry Gaming Rooms and Plants

Many gaming rooms barely have any warmth, making them seem dry. For people who enjoy gaming in such plant gaming setup and arrangements, here are some of the best indoor plants to keep: These are plants that do not require a lot of water to survive. Yes, you read that correctly. Some plants enjoy low humidity and little or no water. Succulents, air houseplants, or Ponytail palms can be your go-to house plants since they extract the moisture they need from the air and retain it in their branches.

Dry gaming rooms and plants

7. Mini Plants

In terms of fake plants, the fake plants for gaming setup are a great method to increase the beauty of your arrangement without having to care for them. Whereas many would recommend getting the typical IKEA ones, we recommend getting something different. 

8. Creative Plant Pots

Look over your nearest gardening store to find the prettiest plant pots that suit your entire gaming arrangement. Some Groot themed pots are also available on the internet for those who are Groot fans! Such pots can also be customized and made according to your wishes.

Creative plant pots in plant gaming setup

9. Get Some Dust Blowers

It's critical to keep your cool PC gadgets clean, but there is only so much more or less a cloth can do. An air buster or a blower is great for blowing dust outside from hard-to-reach places without destroying them, like your keyboard or computer. Indeed, a handful of electric choices operate well and include a few attachments that make cleanup a joy.

10. Get Adequate Lighting to Make Your Plants Look Pretty

RGB LED strips may improve the appearance of any desk layout. You may put this elsewhere or behind your desktop with a sticky back, and indeed the lighting that shines off your walls will look gorgeous. The little remote on such a lamp can leave the lights on and off and cycle between all of the illumination patterns in your plant gaming setup that instantly turn the lighting on and off. If the 18-foot length is too long for you, there still are several defined areas where you may cut it down to size.

Personalized gaming desk setup


Plants have beneficial impacts apart from looks or being included in your customized gaming PC setup themes. According to the advantages of green PC setups, the presence of greenery in the workplace improved the outcomes of their trials. Possessing a green atmosphere improved the apparent quality of the air and the contentment and self-reported attention levels of gamers.

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