How to Choose The Right Office Ceiling Lighting
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How to Choose The Right Office Ceiling Lighting

|Apr 19, 2023

Office ceiling lighting is one of the essentials when it comes to putting together a workstation that works for you. It influences how you feel throughout the day, and it can even affect your productivity levels. 

Keep reading to know more about how to choose the perfect lighting for your office ceiling. 

Why Is Lighting Essential?

Designing the lighting in your office can be a challenge because you have to study its layout and pick the most convenient options. 

In many cases, workers are not as productive as they could be because they get tired and don’t understand why.

Although many reasons could be behind why you’re not productive in your office, lighting is a common factor, and it plays a big role in how your body feels. 

As an office worker, you have to spend hours in front of artificial lights because you probably use a computer to do all your tasks. 

Therefore, your lighting design has to benefit your productivity. You can’t work properly unless you can see what you’re doing, and even so, there are other aspects to consider, such as regulating your energy levels by using dimmer or brighter lights. 

Lighting is one of the crucial aspects of any home office, but not every worker knows why. Think about it - you most likely can’t do your job without a light. 

If your office is too dark, you’ll feel tired more often, probably get drowsy, and most likely experience eye strain. Consequently, your sleep schedule could suffer as well. 

Overall, ergonomic lighting can help boost productivity, help you improve your mood, and in some cases, help you finish your tasks more effectively and quickly. 

Why Is Lighting Essential?

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Office Ceiling Lighting

There are many different things to consider when designing your office space, including choosing lights that work for you. 

Since you have to spend so many hours on your workspace, you must not randomly pick lights. On the contrary, you have to put in some time and effort, so you'll need to think things through from the moment you get started. 

Factors such as having overly bright lights, furniture in the wrong places, and an incorrect combination of lighting types can influence how you feel throughout your day. Take a look at some of the critical aspects to consider:

You Can’t Have Overly Bright Lights

Ceiling office lights are crucial in your workspace because they provide illumination while performing different daily tasks. 

If you’re choosing ceiling lighting for an office, you must make sure that the light sources are not overly bright. 

You could get a portable hanging light, for example, but if it casts a glare over your furniture (for example, on your desk), it might hinder your ability to see. 

To avoid glare, try different angles until you find the best one. Moreover, never put bulbs directly over your desk if they’re too big - you should only do this with small ones. 

Natural Light Is Always the Best Option

When it comes to choosing the best light source for office productivity, natural lighting will always be the most convenient alternative.

However, finding office spaces with access to natural light can be challenging. Therefore, in many cases, you have to add artificial lights. 

When you buy ceiling office lights, pick the ones that mimic natural light. According to experts, the color temperature has to be between 5000K and 7000K.

Natural Light Is Always the Best Option

You Need a Balance

Dim lights make people slow, while white-based warm ones boost your energy and productivity. 

The idea is not to completely eliminate yellow lights from your office space because white ones could tire you out after a while. Instead, find a balance, and add dimmer bulbs to places where you usually sit down to relax. 

Avoid Fluorescent Lights

Even today, many people add fluorescent lights to their office spaces to save money. Nonetheless, it’s not the best idea - in this case, a cheap alternative could cost you your productivity and well-being. 

Since fluorescent lighting produces eye strain when you're under them for too long, it can make you feel tired and disturb your sleep patterns. If you can, don’t include these types of bulbs in your workspace - use incandescent or LED ones instead. 

Use Dimmer Lights Sometimes

Just because dim yellow lights lower your energy levels doesn’t mean they’re not convenient for some things. They’re fantastic if you’re designing an office space because you can add them to a more recreational area. 

You can add dim lights to the part of your office where you’ll sit and relax, and they’re also a fantastic addition to areas where you usually welcome guests.

Use Dimmer Lights Sometimes

Avoid Hot Lights

In some cases, light bulbs heat up when they’ve been on for a few hours. You should avoid buying those since they’ll cause stuffiness and make your office space overly hot. 

Alternatively, get sustainable ceiling office lights, even if they’re slightly more expensive. It’ll be worth it! 

How to Choose The Best Ceiling Lighting Light?

Home office ceiling lighting is one of the essentials when you’re putting together a comfortable space to work. 

You could have beautiful home furniture, but without the right lights, you won’t be comfortable while you’re working. Therefore, there are a few steps to consider - take a look: 

Plan Carefully

Making a plan before picking ceiling office lights is crucial. You shouldn’t buy anything until you know what you want and make sure that it’ll help you be more creative in the workspace. 

Poor positioning of your office ceiling lighting could lead to decreased productivity, and the same goes for choosing the wrong type of bulbs. 

To avoid issues, study your layout and carefully plan how you’ll place the lights. Then, pick out the bulbs that’ll work best for what you have in mind. 

Correct Your Lighting

Maintaining the balance between light and shadow is often challenging when you’re creating the office space of your dreams. 

However, the process can be much more straightforward if you use corrective lighting in some areas. 

With a portable wall light, for example, you can make adjustments to the illumination on your desk so that you don’t get eye strain.

Correct Your Lighting

Add Task Lights

In some cases, office ceiling lighting may not be enough. If that happens, task lights can save the day - they’re small in size, and you can plug them into any outlet nearby. 

If you go through different desk lighting ideas, you’ll notice task lights are common since they’re very convenient for office workers. 

With a LED reading lamp, for example, you can light up the specific spot where you’ll read your documents or books. It’s a much more effective option. 

Reorganize Your Furniture If Necessary

Having ceiling office lights means you’ll also get shadows. Therefore, you have to know where they’ll fall, and if necessary, reorganize your furniture.

Sometimes, you may not need to because you get light in all the right places. However, it can change even depending on the weather or time of the year, since some days could get cloudier and darker and make your office look too gloomy. 

You can always try other home office ceiling lighting ideas, but in most cases, changing the position of your furniture and adding corrective lights will be enough to fix minor details. 

Try Out Your Office Space

There is no way for you to know if your office space works for you without trying it out. You need to make sure the lights boost your mood and help you feel more productive. 

After a few days, you can reevaluate and determine if you need to make any changes or add other lights. However, if you’ve followed all the steps, you probably won’t have to move things around too much.

Try Out Your Office Space

Creative Office Ceiling Lighting Ideas

One of the best things about working from home is that you can design the office of your dreams. Part of this is choosing the lights you want and creating a fantastic environment that you can enjoy while going through your to-do list. 

Now that you know the basics of picking the best lights for your office, it’s time to have fun with the design. Here are some creative ideas:

Use Natural Light

Even though not all office spaces have access to it, if there’s a source of natural light, you should take advantage of it. 

Just because you incorporate natural light doesn’t mean you’ll completely ignore the rest. Instead, you can balance the two and entirely rely on artificial lights when it’s dark.

Creative Office Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Take Advantage of LEDs

There are many fun and beautiful LED lights that you can incorporate into your home office. Since they’re sustainable and affordable, they’re often the most convenient option. 

You could, for example, get an ultra-wide LED desk lamp that lights up your office supplies when you need to focus your attention on specific tasks.

Install a Lighting Control System

Many modern lighting options offer an automated control system that you can control using an app on your phone. 

Installing it is a fantastic idea because you can save time on turning lights on and off when it gets dark. Plus, in many cases, the control system detects how dim or bright your surroundings should be. 

Many office workers love tech accessories so much that they don’t only install an automatic control system but also incorporate other fun home office ceiling lighting ideas, such as RGB lights or even a Sega Star Projector

Adapt Your Lights to Your Tasks

Sometimes, people get too focused on the white light vs. yellow light dilemma and forget about what’s truly important when it comes to office ceiling lighting: it needs to work for you. 

Overall, you have to trust your gut. Even though planning is essential, if something is not working, you should change it until you get the best alternative to boost your productivity and make you feel well while working. 

You’ll spend hours in your office space, so regardless of the ceiling office lights you pick, you need to feel comfortable in your surroundings and be able to effectively complete all your tasks without getting eye strain or excessive tiredness. 

Use Lighting to Bring Attention to Different Areas

A fantastic way to creatively use the lighting in your office space is to take advantage of it to bring attention to different spaces. 

In other words, you can rely on various tasks and ceiling office lights to accentuate areas of your office space, for example, get an ultra-wide desk lamp

If you want people to come in and sit on a specific chair, an accent ceiling light could help with that. On the contrary, when you wish to focus on your desk and office supplies, adding more illumination in that area might do the trick.

Use Lighting to Bring Attention to Different Areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Ceiling Lights Are the Best?

There are three types of lights people usually use in their office: fluorescent, incandescent, and LEDs. The latter is the most convenient one since they’re sustainable, affordable, and effective bulbs. 

Should I Install Ceiling Lights Only?

You shouldn’t only install ceiling lights if you want the best illumination in your workspace. Instead, combine them with accent and task lights. 

Why Is Office Lighting Important?

Because it allows you to be more productive and efficient when performing your tasks and helps you improve your overall well-being, reducing eye strain and drowsiness and boosting your mood. 

Final Thoughts

Since there are so many details to keep in mind when you’re designing your workspace lighting, take your time to consider all your alternatives and move things around until you find a solution that works for you. 

Eventually, you’ll see that there are different ways to organize your furniture and light bulbs, and you’ll find the one that benefits you the most. 

Productivity is essential, but when it comes to lighting, you must also consider eye strain, your furniture, and much more. 

Now, you have different options, and you know the most crucial aspects of choosing the right lights for your office space. It’s time for you to evaluate all your alternatives and start designing the workspace of your dreams!

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