10 Bad Fitness Habits You Should Change Today
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10 Bad Fitness Habits You Should Change Today

|Mar 19, 2022

Have you suddenly started hating hitting the gym? What happened to the motivation you had when searching for small bedroom gym ideas or maybe even buying home gym equipment on amazon.

Just like workplace burnout, exercise burnout is also a thing. And if you have out of nowhere started hating the gym lately, or something inside you doesn't bug at the thought of that fit body, then you probably are suffering from exercise burnout. Well, now this doesn't mean you are never going to the gym ever again or getting in shape is not your thing now, but exercise burnout results from bad exercise habits and overexertion.

Sometimes we unintentionally follow bad fitness habits and end up doing more damage than good. This doesn't mean you need to throw away that work-from-home exercise equipment and sell away your gym stuff on eBay, but giving up unhealthy exercise habits will bring you right on the track. Here are the most common bad workout habits which we adapt unintentionally.

Overstressing your Body

Overstressing your Body

Just like we pay attention to the stress on the mind, physical fatigue also falls in the same category. Even an unhealthy workplace can subject the body to physical fatigue, let alone a strenuous workout daily. This is because workout subjects our body muscles to microdamage in the form of constant strain and tears.

This microdamage might be inevitable if you need to get in shape, but it is important to take a rest for your body to recover. Hence slowing down between every one to two days of workout is the right approach to get on a healthy routine without physically exerting yourself.


As harmful as overtraining sounds, undertraining also counts as a bad workout. It's the workout that makes zero to no difference, and as time passes, you will end up frustrated and disappointed with no results. Not pushing oneself (i.e., feeling the heat), often known as "undertraining," is a terrible habit that can make a workout significantly less successful than it could be. Poor form or posture on various exercises and going through reps so rapidly that your muscles aren't properly pushed are all examples of undertraining.

Taking Too Many Breaks

Taking too Many Breaks

To take a break or not to take breaks, things get confusing sometimes, and you end up messing up the workout routine. But the secret to a great workout is to know when to stop. While you should listen to your body, as previously said, you must also sustain an elevated heart rate during an exercise to burn calories and target fat. It's tempting to take a few moments of rest in between reps, but you should try to keep "downtime" to a minimum.

Not Taking Proper Diet

This is one of the extreme bad fitness habits. Staying off physical burnout doesn't only mean you should limit your workout and take rests but providing proper fuel to your body is also a key to remaining fresh and healthy. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet rich in lean protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables will help you feel and perform your best.

Also, remember that healthy nutrition and hydration go hand in hand. Drink eight ounces of water approximately a half-hour before you go to the gym. Even if you are working out with the best desk treadmill under the desk, it is important to remain hydrated, so you don't experience burnout while doing office work.

Not Wearing Proper Clothes

Not Wearing Proper Clothes

There is a reason why they have an extensive line of gym clothing and sports footwear. Exercise clothes and footwear are essentially made for rough and tough workouts, and they protect your body from all kinds of physical stresses. Though it might not seem like a big difference, the truth is a simple change of clothes, and the right footwear can prevent you from a serious ergonomic injury. Gym footwear also provides you with the right agility and flexible movements essential for the user to feel comfortable while training.

Choosing the Wrong Exercises

This bad fitness habit could be the major reason you aren't experiencing any physical change and difference in your body even though you have been working out for a while now. For instance, if you need exercises to make your body more active, you must practice exercises to improve your postureOffice exercises are a great way for office workers to remain active and fresh while working.

Such exercises are targeted at users who lead a sedentary lifestyle of sitting in front of the screen for hours at a time but are limited to do so. Choosing the right exercise for you depends on the result you expect and the long-term goals you have established for yourself.

Not Planning Your Routine

Not Planning Your Routine bad fitness habits

If you leave the exercise routine to the time when you enter the gym and decide based on the free equipment or machines, then your workout sucks most of the time. It is just a waste of energy that will not lead your body in the right direction. Maintaining a healthy body is not just about the amount of strain your body goes through, but it's about the discipline your body follows.

Many people commit the mistake of sticking to the same training regimen indefinitely, which is a big flaw that prevents body gains and puts your joints at risk of injury.

Not Celebrating your Wins

This is one of the common bad fitness habits. If you planned to lose 20 pounds but have just lost 5 till yet, it doesn't mean you are losing. Setting small, attainable objectives is a fantastic approach to keep oneself motivated. You can rejoice once you've achieved your objective. Treat yourself to something luxurious, such as a glass of wine, rich chocolate, or a pedicure. What's even better? Make an appointment for a massage, which might help you heal faster.

Exercising on Empty Stomach

Exercising on Empty Stomach

Most people plan to elaborate after-workout meals and diets full or rich in protein, but they head to the gym on an empty stomach. While there is some dispute regarding whether you should exercise without eating first, it is generally a good idea to nourish your body before you begin. You can get dizzy and even pass out when you don't have enough glucose in your system while working out; you can get dizzy and even pass out.

Not Sleeping Well

Sleep deprivation regularly causes exhaustion, irritation, tension, and even sadness. Sleep deprivation might also make you eat more. You may experience creeping weight gain despite your best attempts to keep to your diet if you aren't exercising enough to burn extra calories.

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