10 Best Office Chairs for Hip Pain in 2024
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10 Best Office Chairs for Hip Pain in 2024

|Apr 5, 2021

Among the myriads of measures that the higher authorities took amid the pandemic, office workers ended up getting their working routine quite hectic. Some even had to go through staggered shifts and hours at their offices. Spending longer hours working often inflicts severe hip pain that can become chronic if not treated timely. Are you among those workers who are suffering from this pain and are in search of the best office chair for hip pain treatment?

Well, if you are one of them, then you have come to the right place. We have listed and discussed some of the best desk chairs for hip pain treatment. So, let's move ahead to look at what we have compiled for you upon scouring the web.

1. ErgoChair Pro from Autonomous

The ErgoChair Pro by Autonomous is among the top ergonomic chairs that the market is offering currently. This chair has all features that make it suitable for treating bad hips. The unique part is that it has redefined comfort by having all features aligned along with the worker's comfort.

Best Office Chairs for Hip Pain

It does that by having a breathable backrest, an adjustable headrest and armrest, and an overall high-end design. The makers have added a soft, breathable foam at the seat to ensure your muscles do not get soared neither do you encounter any hip pain when you sit for long hours. Since the height of this chair is adjustable, you can consider using it along with a standing desk as well.

2. ErgoChair Plus from Autonomous

ErgoChair Plus is another variant of the ergonomic chair by Autonomous. In fact, this chair is among the first few chairs that would come to someone's mind when they are thinking of having a comfortable experience as an office worker. This chair has a sleek look with a novel design.

Best Office Chairs for Hip Pain

If you are among those users who are looking for greater flexibility in adjusting their office chair, we would say ErgoChair Plus is your chair. You not only get a tilted adjustable back and armrest, but you also get a seat slider that allows you to adjust how forward a seat can be to maximize comfort. Getting the right lumbar support and a relaxing seat, you can conveniently avoid hip pain with this variant.

3. ErgoChair Recline from Autonomous

ErgoChair Recline is a prominent name among the best office chairs for hip pain treatment. This chair has a raised back and a comfortable headrest that you can adjust as per the requirement. Having a reclining back and an adjustable footrest, the chair allows you to have some rest during long working hours to ensure you stay active.

Best Office Chairs for Hip Pain

The addition of a retractable leg rest and the best lumbar support that is available in the market currently makes it further comforting for your use, ensuring you do not encounter any hip pain.

4. Office Hippo Ergonomic Chair

Office Hippo Ergonomic Chair is designed to provide greater lumbar support and has a backrest that contours well with your back to provide a greater relief at the lower spine, which in turn is suitable for avoiding any hip pain. Since the lumbar support is adjustable, you can have a relaxing experience with no joint or hip pain with this variant.

5. Hbada Office Chair

Best Office Chairs for Hip Pain

Hbada Ergonomic Chair is the best office chair for bad hips, especially when you are looking for a high-quality product at a budget-friendly rate. It has a sleek design overall, with a mesh backrest. The chair is designed in a way that perfectly fits your lower back, ensuring there is lesser pressure on your hips. Thus, it avoids any hip pain.

6. Mfavour Ergonomic Office Chair

Mfavour Ergonomic Chair is designed to have an outlook that is quite similar to gaming chairs, but it is suitable for treating hip pain that you encounter upon working longer hours. You get a foamed headrest and armrest with this chair; however, the armrest here is not adjustable.

The adjustable tilt and height of this chair help you align the chair as per your comfort. In this way, you get a greater relief at the lower back that in turn ensures you get relief in hip pain, 

7. Mastery Mart Office Chair

Best Office Chairs for Hip Pain

Mastery Mart Office Chair is a suitable choice for treating hip pain and muscle cramps that you might encounter upon sitting too long. The makers have added adjustable lumbar support that ensures you get a better backrest. Overall, the chair provides a nice experience.

8. Cedric Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

Cedric Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair can be thought of as the best desk chair for hip pain if you want quality but are short on budget. This chair offers you some of the best features, including an adjustable headrest, armrest, tilt, and lumbar support. All of that at a reasonable price is pretty economical. Overall, this chair's design is suitable for treating hip pain.

9. KLIM K300 Office Chair

Best Office Chairs for Hip Pain

KLIM K300 is a high-back office chair that is designed for eliminating any pressure points and relieving muscles. As a result, you get a durable resting surface while working, so you can stay more productive. The seat’s foam is pretty soft and comfortable, so you can think of it as an option.

10. Panama Ergonomic Office Chair

Panama Ergonomic Office Chair is the cheapest ergonomic chair you can buy for treating hip pain. However, you will have to compromise over certain features in this price range, as you won't get adjustable lumbar support or armrest in this chair. However, the tilt is adjustable, and the foam used is also of good quality. So, you can say that it will be an average choice for treating hip pain.


All the chairs that we discussed above are ideal for correcting your posture and treating hip pain that is quite common if you are using traditional office chairs. We believe that our discussion on the best office chair for hip pain was fruitful and will help you buy one in the future.

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