10 Best Places That Trigger and Inspire Creativity

10 Best Places That Trigger and Inspire Creativity

|Sep 10, 2022

Inspiration is the root of the creative process, and without inspiration, one cannot reach their maximum capability. Especially in fields related to art and creativity, it is highly important for a person to feel inspired from within and engage their minds to prove their talent.

But the trouble arises when one finds it hard to inspire creativity because of the various obstructions and hindrances along the way. Sometimes your surroundings are not just the right fit for your brain to get into that creative mode, and sometimes you need a little push to get your creative juices flowing. Either way, with the proven research that our surroundings inspire creativity, we will list the best places to inspire creativity below.

Personalized Office

Personalized Office to inspire creativity

Knowing the science behind efficiency, you must know how a personalized office space plays right to your productivity. A personalized space has many benefits, especially when working in a creative field. With a personalized space, you can surround yourself with things that motivate and interest you in working. Though it is hard to design your own space when you are restricted to work in a professional setting or even from home, an indoor office pod or a prefab studio sounds like a great idea to decorate your space in a way that will inspire creativity for you.

Outdoor Office

With the idea of how surroundings shape our minds and thoughts, it is only right to imagine the wonders being surrounded by natural beauty will bring for you. Nature has a huge positive impact on the mind, especially when finding spaces that inspire creativity. Working in proximity to nature makes you enjoy the endless sky view and embrace the natural scenic beauty around you. This, in turn, lets the mind flow freely; hence you find yourself thinking with clarity. While not all of us can take a hike now and then, an outdoor office pod or a prefab office setup with a nice scenic view can be your dose to inspire creative writing or get in touch with your artistic side of yours.



Bookstores are not just a stack of books waiting to be read, but each book depicts a person with their lifelong thoughts, a jumble of letters, and their inspiring story beautifully folded into words. There is no better place to feel creative for an inspiring writer than a bookstore. Just sitting beside those pieces of art and reading through the many pages of different books can take your mind off your own story and polish your imagination skillfully.

Wooden Office

Do you always feel light and happy near trees and tall branches that cover your surroundings? Wood is a natural material that has healing properties for the mind. Living in wooden homes, working in a tree house, or having a wooden roof over the top are all some ways to add the touch of nature to your home.

Another added benefit of wooden rooms is that they remain cold in summers and warm in winters to provide the most natural form of insulation. For someone looking for the answer to how to inspire creativity, a wooden pod for the garden is a wonderful idea. You can design and furnish your pod with all the equipment and also take a discount with the employee purchase program.



Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery and hotels are a perfect way to do that. In a way, hotels resemble purgatory in terms of housing. Even though you perform "home-like" behaviors like sleeping, taking a bath, and brushing your teeth, it is a transitional environment where it is difficult to feel at ease. The abrupt shift of living circumstances could jolt you out of your routine's auto-pilot and improve your awareness of and capacity for living in the moment.

Old Places

Maybe the bar you frequented religiously while in college, the Italian eatery you adored while in high school, your favorite ice cream parlor, or maybe something as basic as your school library? Visit these locations again to relive some of your earlier recollections that will probably make you smile.

Big Window Offices

Big Window Offices

Big windows are not just for aesthetic purposes but have several benefits, whether a home or an office setup. Offices with big windows provide large viewing angles where you can take in the beautiful sky and enjoy the endless view of the surroundings. Secondly, big windows also provide a maximum amount of natural lighting, which benefits the eyes and makes the brain act more productively. While designing your office, opt for as many as big windows with a great view upfront. Autonomous pod offers many options with customizable doors and windows if you wish to design your own office.

Social Gathering

This seems contrary to the fact that you have to work a lot. Sometimes all our brain needs is rest of a few moments before it can start crunching again, and what's a better way to relax your energy than spending some quality time with your friends? And if you are in a creative field, talking to friends with similar interests can do much better than you can imagine.

Especially if you've ever felt like a concept in your head or on paper needed something, but when you discussed it with a buddy, the missing pieces quickly appeared? Don't underestimate the power of a simple chat because your pals will have viewpoints very different from yours.

Quiet Spaces

Quiet Spaces

A focused and quiet workspace is all you need to get the creative juices in your mind flowing. Out of the many places that inspire creativity, you will find most of them quiet and secluded, where one can think freely and not be interrupted. One of the best ways to be creative is to find a private working corner. You can set up your office in the attic, a room that nobody uses, or even get yourself a privacy pod equipped with features like soundproofing and privacy panels to minimize distractions.

While Traveling

Some of the great ideas have happened in the air or platform. It might be challenging to be creative when you feel like taking the time to think. However, when you're traveling, you feel you're making progress since you're moving in a certain direction, so whatever you choose to do to pass the time doesn't matter. Since there aren't many distractions or things to do, this is a great time to start developing something.

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