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15 Best Resistance Bands to Upgrade Your Home Workout
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15 Best Resistance Bands to Upgrade Your Home Workout

|Nov 19, 2021

Workout bands have become a must-have item for modern workouts, especially for the many people who do not have access to a gym. Memberships are expensive and often go largely unused due to busy schedules and life getting in the way. Luckily, the best resistance bands let you achieve your goals from the comfort of your own home. 

Home gym equipment is ideal for busy people who want to keep fit, and workout bands are one of the most affordable and easy to use. With more people working from home than ever before, it makes sense that people are looking for creative alternatives to their normal workouts. 

What Are Resistance Bands?

What Are Resistance Bands

Workout bands (also sometimes called toning bands) work by creating resistance and tension while you exercise. They are usually made from latex, allowing for plenty of stretch and strength. 

There are several variations of these exercise bands to suit different purposes. Resistance band tubes create higher tension and are often used for building muscle rather than gentle toning. You can buy resistance bands with handles, with loops, or with holes, to name a few. 

Resistance band sets are ideal for workout challenges at home because they vary in tension, meaning you can gradually build-up to the toughest band to test your progress. 

Pros and Cons of Exercise Bands

Pros and Cons of Exercise Bands

Although they are an extremely popular workout tool, even the best exercise bands are not for everyone. To help you decide if they are the right thing for your home workout, here are a few of the pros and cons. 

Pros of Exercise Bands

  • They are not very expensive to buy, so they are perfect for anyone with a tight budget.
  • You can use them anywhere! They take up very little space, so why not add them into your routine of standing desk exercises?
  • People with joint problems can use them without strain.
  • Workout bands are also used in physiotherapy because of how positive an effect they have on posture and movement.
  • Every part of your body can benefit from these bands thanks to the endless supply of creative workout ideas.
  • It is easy to track progress with workout bands as you begin to notice a difference in the tension and move to a stronger option.

Cons of Exercise Bands

  • You are unlikely to build much muscle mass using toning bands alone, even the toughest resistance band tubes.
  • Bands can break if over-stretched or left in the sun, so it is important to buy a high-quality set.
  • It can take a while before you feel any difference, especially when using softer bands.
  • You need to get a little creative to avoid getting bored of doing the same thing repeatedly. 

Tips for Using Workout Bands

Tips for Using Workout Bands

Overall, resistance bands are pretty easy to get the hang of, but not everybody can master how to make them work for their body. Our biggest piece of advice is to go for a resistance band set with a variety of lengths, tensions, and styles. By doing this, you give yourself a lot more to work with. 

Start slowly to get used to how they feel. Pick a few basic home gym or home office exercises that you are comfortable with and test out the bands you have to find the best fit. Don’t try to get complicated straight away- you get much more out of them by taking your time.

Also, you should not try to over-stretch the bands. They are very strong and designed to hold up under strain, but you should not pull it to more than twice the original length, as a general rule of thumb. 

Lastly, always engage your core while you use your bands. The idea is to work all your muscles to improve movement and posture and to gradually tone your body. By using your core, you optimize the potential effect the workout has. 

15 Best Resistance Bands to Use at Home

Luckily, many brands have introduced resistance bands into their catalog since so many people have been stuck at home looking for new ways to work out. The choice is fantastic- there really is something to suit everyone. 

Here are 15 of our top picks for toning bands to use at home. 

1. BODYGYM  2.0 Resistance Band

BODYGYM  2.0 best resistance bands

The BODYGYM 2.0 Resistance Band set is approved by the pros. Ultra-durable and lightweight, they are perfect for on the go use wherever you are. Because they are made using the highest quality of latex and natural rubber, you can rely on these bands to last the test of time. 

They can handle up to around 80 lbs. of weight and come with strong handle attachments. One of the best things about this set is the variety of bands included. Choose between different tensions, lengths, and attachments to boost your home workout tenfold. 

2. BODYGYM 2.0 Home Gym Set with Toning Bands

BODYGYM 2.0 Home Gym Set with Toning Bands

If you want more than just the best exercise bands, the BODYGYM 2.0 Home Gym Set is the complete package. It includes not only two bands, but also a selection of other professional-grade home workout tools. 

The whole set packs up into a handy carry bag and weighs just two pounds! Whether you are exercising at your standing desk, in the kitchen, or while you sit in your home office, this kit can adapt and excel.  

3. INTEY Resistance Bands

Lightweight and durable, the INTEY resistance band set is one of the best money can buy. It includes four bands ranging from 35 lbs. capacity to 125, so they can suit any personal goals. 

They are made entirely of 100% natural latex and are made to last. Although they do not come with handles, the bands are very comfortable and easy to grip. 

4. Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands

Letsfit best resistance bands

Letsfit’s five-piece resistance band set has one of the best strength varieties of any of its kind. Both lightweight and ultra-flexible, these bands can go anywhere with you in the handy travel bag. 

One of the best things about the Letsfit loop bands is the non-toxic latex that every piece is made of. You can fold them up neatly under the desk and use them easily for over 150 different workouts. 

5. LIMM Resistance Workout Band

Looking for a budget-friendly professional-grade option? LIMM is an excellent workout brand that specializes in home equipment. This particular set comes with five bands of varying strengths, which are color-coded for convenience. 

The weights go from ultra-light to ultra-heavy, so you can progress as you improve. Also included is a mesh travel bag that helps you keep them tidy and tucked away in your home office space

6. WODFitters Pull-Up Assistance Bands

WODFitters Pull-Up best resistance bands

Another high-quality set of bands is this collection by WODFitters. Unlike most exercise bands, these are made from 100% natural rubber instead of latex, making them allergy-friendly and extra durable. 

No matter what intensity you are looking for, you can find it in this set. They are suitable for use on the entire body and come with a guarantee that they cannot break or malfunction under pressure. 

7. Draper’s Strength Resistance Bands

Here is another best resistance band for you. Draper’s three-piece strength bands that are longer than most, making them ideal for standing desk workouts for the entire body. Made from specialized latex to maximize their durability, these are seriously tough. 

Included in your purchase is a free e-book detailing some of the most effective workouts you can use the resistance band set for. 

8. Fit Simplify Resistance Exercise Bands

Fit Simplify Resistance Exercise Bands

Unlike most of the entries on this list, the Fit Simplify Resistance Exercise Bands are sold individually rather than in a set. Although this may bump up the price a little, it also allows you to better tailor the equipment to your needs. 

Each band comes with a carry bag to protect them and help store them away. They are compact, durable, and made from 100% natural latex, making them sweat-resistant and extra strong. Also included is an extensive guidebook on how best to use them. 

9. SPRI Xertuve Graded Resistance Band

Made for ultimate flexibility and diversity, these graded workout bands can hold up against even the most intense workout. One of the best things about these four cord-engineered bands is the comfortable handles to improve your grip. 

You can buy them individually or as a set, depending on your preference. 

10. Lifeline Resistance Cable System

Lifeline Resistance Cable System

These are an ideal alternative for bulky workout gear or inconvenient weight for home workouts in a limited space. It is considered as one of the best resistance bands in the market. The tubular cable system is made from durable and snap-resistant latex, allowing for ultimate flexibility. 

It is a set of five in varying intensities and sizes, all with the addition of an easy to grip handle for added control. If you want to push yourself and try out an extra challenge, Lifeline also sells a door anchor to be used in conjunction with the bands for a more intense workout. 

11. Rubberbanditz Resistance and Assistance Bands

One of the most popular band brands is Rubberbanditz- a company that specializes in this type of home gym equipment. Any one of the eight different bands on offer qualifies as an excellent choice for upping your exercise routine

These bands are amongst the strongest in the industry, with the top graded band capable of resisting up to 200 lbs. of weight. At 41 inches, these superior proprietary latex bands are adaptable to any task. 

12. Rogue Monster Bands

Rogue Monster Bands

Buy these bands as a set, on their own, or in pairs to suit your budget and requirements. You have eight color-coded stretch bands to choose from depending on how intense you want the workout to be. 

Also made from natural latex and all at 41 inches long, every band is designed to provide maximum resistance and easy control. 

13. Fitbeast Five-Piece Toning Band Set

This is one of the best resistance bands for you. Tall people are sure to love the extra length of the Fitbeast resistance bands when working out at home. At 48 inches with durable ankle straps and cushioned handles, these are the perfect choice for standing workstation exercises

Fitbeast is an affordable brand that does not compromise on quality or convenience, color coding their professional-grade bands based on weight. 

14. TAKEMYRTH Resistance Bands

All the bases are covered with this set of five best resistance bands tubes by TAKEMYRTH. They increase at 10 lbs. intervals for steady progression throughout your training. You can also combine the bands for additional weight if you want to mix things up. 

Optional foam handles and ankle straps are great for home workouts, as they allow you to vary your routine from day to day. The included door anchor is a big plus for people looking for a more difficult challenge. 

15. ADIDAS Power Tubes

ADIDAS Power Tubes

Comfort is always a priority in anything Adidas creates, including these pro-grade best resistance bands for home office exercise. The handles are shaped and coated with foam to improve your grip, while the outer sleeve of the bands adds a whole new level of resistance to wear and tear. 

If safety is a concern, the way these tubes are designed minimizes any risk of injury if the band was to snap and the materials used are tear-resistant. Choose from three resistance levels based on your level of strength. 

Final Thoughts

The best resistance bands are durable, strong, comfortable, and versatile. Any of the sets on this list more than qualify as excellent home gym equipment for convenient and easy use. 

Whether you are trying to add a little more exercise into your day now that you work from home or you just do not have the time to get to the gym, resistance bands can change the way you work out. 

Remember to look for a set with a good variety of strengths and don’t be afraid to get creative with the way you use them. Many gym sites offer advice on how best to use this type of equipment for toning and strength building, so why not take advantage of the pros! 

Working from home doesn’t have to mean sitting around all day! Buy yourself a set of the best exercise bands that revolutionize remote working.

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