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16 Homemade Standing Desk Designs & Ideas (for 2021)

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 21, 2020

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Taking needs, freedom and budget into consideration, a hefty tabletop desk will be an easy one to start with because it gives room for space and flexibility. Right now, let discuss creative ways to build your own homemade standing desk from DIY standing desk Kit. 

No doubt, most jobs these days requires sitting at a desk for long hours. This can have a negative influence on your level of activeness and risks certain health issues. While you can do little to change your choice of job especially if you struggled to get one, you can certainly switch your desk for a standing one.

It's easy to get a standing desk but if you're one on a budget, you may fancy the idea of doing so on your own and save a few bucks instead.

As easy as we make this sound, we admit that the idea of a homemade standing desk may be frightening at first. As such, you spend the whole day cracking your head on where to start and how to do so.

Fortunately, most Diy'ers are creating cool desk designs from time to time but it certainly won't hurt stealing their ideas to create yours. Not all desk requires expert effort, with a  little experience you can get one done.

Most people fancy the idea of a homemade standing desk and aren't afraid to give it a try. The worst part is having to put in so much work only to see it wobbling to the ground or realizing that it isn't the perfect fit after all.

The truth is that there are various types for a DIY standing desk and your choice depends on your need. If you have zero ideas on the type of desk to make, this article will put you on that path and also highlight what to look out for when making one.

Before we go further, it's Worthy of mentioning that your choice of the desk shouldn't be overly dependent on appearance but rather it's compatibility. Most person's overlook this factor, thereby making the wrong call.

As much as we admit that your choice of the table isn't dependent on ideas alone, but also your budget. You could land a premium table at a lesser price by doing it yourself. While it's bound to be less physically appealing compared to custom ones, it will certainly guarantee satisfaction. Apart from varying height and shape, standing desk design is useful for your energy level. They help you maintain metabolism, keep your core and body energized at the same time. Your choice should, therefore,  be centered around this.

However, before setting out to work, first,  you must have your tools ready. you can easily get one online or stores in your area. Secondly and most importantly, you should be swimming in ideas. If you're a total Newbie in this, we've made adequate research to come up with the best standing desk ideas for you.

How to choose the right DIY Standing Desk Design

Switching from a sitting to a standing desk could be challenging at first but it comes with some health benefits. So, once you get over it, it becomes a whole lot easier.

Without mincing words or sounding deceptive,  a homemade standing desk design could be as easy as rising up in the morning and fixing breakfast for yourself. Just as not all foods are the same, not all desks are the same.

Your choice of standing desk design depends largely on your budget as well as work and space requirement. For instance, if you're a freelancer or into other work from home jobs, you will be needing a desk with hefty tabletop space which will accommodate all your gadgets.

Taking needs, freedom and budget into consideration, a hefty tabletop desk will be an easy one to start with because it gives room for space and flexibility.Right now, Let discuss creative ways to DIY your own homemade standing desk.

1. Steel pipe industrial DIY standing desk idea

For something sleek and urban, try a steel pipe standing desk idea. What makes this type of desk great is that it can be adjusted to any height. Just by switching out different pipe sections you can have an adjustable height computer desk.

This homemade standing desk design by Spacekat uses a galvanized steel frame and an Ikea oak countertop. This design braces the legs with an H-shape at the bottom for extra stability. Meanwhile, the oak countertop provides extra durability.

VinYet has another beautiful, vintage design for a steel pipe standing desk. This design has detachable shelves and tiers for more flexibility.

Steel Pipe Industrial Homemade Standing Desk

2. Cross counterweight desk

Most common counterweight desks come with a crank or a motorized adjustable lift. They get you to your feet, but they can be faulty, noisy, and expensive. However, Scott Rumschlag has a homemade standing desk design that utilizes the basics of counterweights.

This particular design is all hickory. Its source of movement comes from two wooden boxes on the back of the desktop. They are filled with nails and sand for easier desk positioning.

The lightest amount of pressure will lower and raise this desk. In its standing position, the counterweights will be positioned in an “X”. In its seated position, the counterweights will be parallel from one another.

This DIY desk design also features a locking mechanism. This keeps the desk locked in place until you are ready to move it. Moreover, the locking mechanism holds strong.

Cross counterweight standing desk Idea

3. Counterweight convertible standing desk idea

This is another variation of a counterweight desk. This homemade standing desk mimics an elevator design. A pulley system and a counterweight are attached to the back of the desk This allows the desktop to easily shift up and down.

This DIY adjustable standing desk converter can acommodate larger tabletops or heavier materials. It is just a matter of balancing out the counterweight to lift the heavier desk.

For this project, you can easily find all the materials and tools you would need at Home Depot. Also, if you are not savvy at carpentry, do not worry. You can just use wood glue to make a permanent version of this DIY standing desk.

You can check the article for more information on how a counterbalance standing desk works.

Counterweight convertible standing desk idea

4. “Spaceship” DIY computer stand

If you are not a carpenter, you can still make a homemade standing desk by rigging together furniture. This standing desk design makes use of Ikea Expedit cabinets to create a sturdy and spacious standing desk.

This “Spaceship” desk measures 72” wide, 31” deep and 48.5” high. If you are a taller person, this desk construction is tall and sturdy. Not to mention the cabinets provide 10-cubic feet of storage space.

Like we said, this DIY computer stand does not require any extra woodwork. Its construction is as straightforward as any typical Ikea assembly.

Spaceship DIY computer desk stand

5. Floating corner desk design

If you are looking for an elegant, space-saving design, this floating corner desk is for you. This homemade standing desk idea is also multi-use.

This standing desk design uses two Ikea butcher block countertops a few ledgers, and an L-bracket. You can adjust the heights to accomodate a desk chair. You can even add another level above or below to make stylish shelves.

Floating desks are great because they do not require much carpentry. It also opens up floor space with its floating design. Not to mention, Ikea countertops are affordable.

You can also make this same design with whatever table surface you want. You can use reclaimed wood or a cabinet door to create similar sturdy surface.

So, this is an all around great, easy option for anyone looking to upgrade their desk.

Floating corner desk design

6. Portable Ikea sit/stand desk

This homemade standing desk design also uses extremely affordable Ikea parts. Not to mention, you get to keep your original desk too.

For this portable DIY desk, you need only a few things. You need Ikea Lack side table, Viktor shelf, and two Ekby Valter brackets. Altogether, you get a nifty standing desk that can be added on top of your existing desk.

While it is not adjustable, you can move it around. It is so easy to make, and it is affordable. This makes it a great standing desk that can be mass produced for your team members.

7. Bookcase standing desk

What if mounting things on your wall or building from scratch is not up to your alley? Do not worry. A simple bookcase into a functional workspace in no time.

This is an incredibly easy project that requires no tools or assembly. Actually, it requires some disassembly.

To make this adjustable height computer desk, you need a tall bookshelf with removable shelves. All you have to do is remove all the shelves above your decided workspace.

Bookcase standing desk

Depending on the space of your shelves, you can subtly hide your computer cords. You can add a pair of doors to close up the shelf for a neater look. You can even put one of the higher shelves back and attach a lamp for overhead lighting.

This is a practically costless for DIY standing desk  idea. It is a simple solution for anyone with little time to find or build their own standing desk.

8. Treadmill homemade standing desk

You can also incorporate a treadmill at your desk for some added daily exercise. It is thought that low-level exercise can have a positive impact on brain development. At the very least, walking a slow, steady pace at your standing desk can increase blood flow.

If you already have a homemade standing desk, you can just add a treadmill underneath it. However, you can still get crafty with a variety of treadmill standing desks designs.

You can attach a platform for a keyboard and a desk to the treadmill. You can attach just a keyboard platform and have a desk attached to the wall. You can even have both the keyboard and desk attached to the wall.

The configuration is definitely up to you. It is just a matter of what works with your height and your preferences. Regardless, this is a surefire way to incorporate more exercise into your day.

Treadmill home standing desk design

9. Standing sawhorse desk

If you want that Restoration Hardware looks without the price tag, this desk is for you. A sawhorse desk is a great way to get style and stability in one.

This homemade standing desk can also look however you like them. You can use reclaimed wood and paint to give the desk an industrial, vintage feel.

The Tommy and Ellie desk idea creates a two-person sawhorse desk. The extra sawhorse provides more support for larger desktops and extra storage.

This standing desk design plan also gives the sawhorses a faux adjustable look using an old broom handle. This design finishes off the desk bases with a teal, distressed look for an old farmhouse feel.

Standing sawhorse desk

10. DIY Cubicle standing desk

Most of these designs are home-friendly, where you are free to make as many adjustments as possible. What if you work in a cubicle where space is less adjustment-friendly?

Do not worry. You do not have to settle for the office chair and adjustable height keyboard. You can build a homemade standing desk that fits in the cubicle lifestyle.

Three Ponderosa panels construct this DIY sit-stand desk. A touch of wood stain or paint makes this mini desktop fit into any style of workspace. This particular design calls for three layers of polyuerthane to make the surface extremely durable.

While it is small, it can fit a large monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The height can be adjusted accordingly.

11. SmartDesk DIY Kit

If you love tinkering, but do not know where to start, this is the kit for you. The SmartDesk DIY Kit helps you create the perfect base for your homemade standing desk. It takes efficiency, power, and flexibility to a new level.

SmartDesk DIY Standing Desk kits

This industry-leading kit provides all the essentials to create an electric, adjustable standing desk. The SmartDesk DIY frame is incredibly sturdy. Not only can it support up to 300 pounds, but it can extend up to 80 inches.

That means there is so much creative potential with this kit! If  you have been eyeing a special desktop, SmartDesk DIY Kit frame can accommodate. You can even recycle the top from your old desk.

Whether you need it taller, shorter, or longer, the DIY kit can do it. With this kit, you can get your dream desk in no time. Check out the video review of David Focus showing the process of making his DIY standing desk from the DIY SmartDesk Kit 

12. Spark by Ergodriven

This is one of the best standing desks on Amazon and sold for a price lower than expected. However, if you're looking for a DIY desk which supports standing and occasional sitting, the spark is the one for you.

Despite the fact that it's not a complete stand-alone table, it comes in a compact design inspired by it's cardboard top and blended into an origamy design making it a perfect stable desk Add-on.  

Even though it will cost less to get, which invariably save you from the stress of building one. It's design and build makes it one to try out. Given the fact that it's made from cardboard makes it easier but it's original design may be a bit tricky.

Spark by Ergodriven

13. Wooden pallet wall desk

Wooden pallet is a widely used material and popular among Diy'ers due to it's flexibility. Aside from that, wooden pallet is easily available compared to other materials and can be gotten from any nearby store at a reasonable price.

If you're one who would love the transition from a sitting desk to a semi-standing one, a shelf-like design will do the magic but be sure to position the desktop at the point you can switch between both. As such, you position the tabletop to be just under the top of your elbow.

With a bit of creativity, you can create a wall standing desk from a wooden pallet by combining different layers. For this shelf-like design, you will only be needing simple tools as well as readily available materials such as cardboard and spring.

The shelf will be made from wooden pallet, while the table top will be made of cardboard with a string attached to each side to support it's weight against the wall. For easy attachment to the wall, wooden pallet is also used, thereby forming a floating table.

Wooden pallet standing desk idea

There are other easier design but this one is more preferred because it is versatile and allows you assemble your gadgets in your piece. If this design looks too hard, a better alternative is a wall mounted folding desk. This type of desk is made from cardboard and attached to the wall with springs and simple chains at each side.

The former However is more professional and flexible.

14. Steel pipe standing desk

For comfort, it's better to position your board top right under your elbow. For person's who will work on a computer, this is the most prescribed typing position. The steel pipe standing desk is also Similar to the foldable wall desk previously described except that this one uses a steel pipe instead of chains.

Thankfully, you can make your own steel pipe standing table with just few pieces of wooden planks for the top and galvanized steel pipes for the legs to get a sturdy standing builds which supports all activities. Most custom version of this may come with adjustable legs but that will be too adventurous if you're making it on your own.

Steel pipe standing desk

15. Makeshift stand-up desk

This one is made from combining furniture lying around and implementing just few tricks. It may require just little bracelets and pilot holes but more painting and coating instead. To make a stand-up desk, Get a set of two shelves and a homemade tabletop. Place the table top on each side on the shelf to form table support and finish it off with paint to give it a sophisticated look.

Another idea is turning your office chair into a standing desk. Since sitting hurts your back badly, it isn't totally compulsory to get rid of your old allies for a brand new standing desk. In fact, you can combine them in a unique way to support your standing position.

If you aren't ready to spend extra for a brand new standing desk, then no need to do so. Simply place your chair on your desk and place your laptop on it to start working while standing. If your chair is adjustable, you can adjust till the sitting space is right under your elbow.

16. Standing dresser

If you've got some piece of old furniture lying around, you could put them into use. Not all the time must you use a nail and hammer to build a standing table. By simply assembling your old furniture in a creative manner, you get your DIY standing desk.

If you've got an old spare chest of drawers lying around, transform into a desk by simply moving all your things into a drawer and then just place your monitor on the top. As an alternative to drawers, you can also make use of bookshelves and bookcases if there surface is wide enough.

If you have other home furnitures that can serve the same purpose, then you can use it using the same logic used here.

In conclusion, growing research shows that staying rooted to a spot all day creates a rough impact in our body. While most workplace will certainly not ditch a sitting desk for a standing one, they're unlikely to question your opinion of switching your desk as long as it doesn't affect your output.

Makeshift options like the ones listed above are meant to get you going pending the time you're committed to getting a proper desk as you won't get full experience with any of the makeshifts. Instead, try building a standing desk like the ones listed before at minimal budget for the full experience.


We hope this guide has given you some inspiration on how to DIY a homemade standing desk. You do not have to be a talented carpenter. There are several designs that are simple, but effective to make your own DIY standing desk.

Take charge of your workplace health with a DIY standing desk. Good luck and let us know if you have any DIY desk designs you would like to share.

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