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17 Tips to Make an Outdoor Office in 2024
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17 Tips to Make an Outdoor Office in 2024

|Dec 23, 2021

An outdoor office is one of the newest trends when it comes to office work. Many workers are discussing it, and they say it's the ideal solution if you enjoy spending time with nature, but also a fantastic choice to change your office space. Take a look at a list with 17 tips that might be helpful if you want to assemble a workspace outside. 

Post-pandemic Outdoor Office Trend


Since the pandemic started, a modern outdoor office is an ideal option for many workers. If you want to guarantee you're healthy, being in open spaces might be the best alternative. 

Many workers, for example, start organizing their small outdoor office at home. Even though the transition might be challenging at first, once you get used to it, you could benefit from it. 

An outdoor office studio can both protect you from the pandemic and also allow you to be in contact with nature. Therefore, it's a convenient option you should keep in mind. 

Tips to Make an Outdoor Office

Working in an office outdoors might sound like the ideal alternative, but you have to organize your items properly. Otherwise, it may not work for you. 

Although some people believe assembling an office outdoors is easy, there are many aspects you have to keep in mind before you get started. Take a look at the following tips you should follow: 

1. Protect Your Eyes

outdoor office Protect Your Eyes

Being outdoors means you're getting exposed to the sun and the screens you're looking at during your workday. Thus, protecting your eyes is one of the essential things you have to guarantee. 

On some occasions, you might believe that working in the shade would protect you from the sun, but that's not the case. Regardless of whether you're under direct sunlight or not, you should get glare protectors, which help you prevent unnecessary eye strain. 

2. Find a Shady or Cool Spot

When you're under the sun, the glare on your computer could make you have a challenging time trying to see your screen. Additionally, it could hinder your laptop's battery performance, so finding a cool spot or a nice shade to position yourself in might be the best idea. 

To guarantee you protect yourself from the sun, you should find the shadiest place you can, for example, under a tree. Getting yourself a big umbrella might also help if there aren't any shady spots around you. 

3. Get Affordable Materials and Items

outdoor office Get Affordable Materials and Items

Building an office in your patio or backyard means you have to buy and assemble everything from scratch, and you might require different materials and items. 

Sometimes, people enjoy building their own office from scratch. However, that would take a lot of time, and if you don't have experience assembling structures, you may quickly discover that it's a very challenging process. 

Instead, you could make things easier for yourself and get a work from home pod. Fully equipped, the Autonomous Pod is the ideal solution if you want an outdoor office to get through your workdays. 

4. Use Waterproof Furniture

Although grabbing your indoor table and dragging it outside might sound like a convenient idea at first, it's one of the worst things you could do if you're working in an outdoor office studio. 

Effective outdoor office ideas always include you using waterproof furniture. As much as your indoor table might look aesthetically pleasing, it's not designed to endure direct sunlight or weather and temperature changes. 

Therefore, if you want to guarantee your furniture lasts a long time, and that your modern outdoor office has everything you need, you need to make sure the items around you can resist water, rot, or the heat of the sun. 

An outdoor work pod, for instance, is often a convenient solution for that. Instead of worrying about assembling your office from scratch and buying every single item, the pod comes with everything you need, and you simply have to get used to working there. 

5. Boost Your Wi-Fi

outdoor office Boost Your Wi-Fi

You probably can't work without Wi-Fi, so it's definitely one of the most important things you have to take care of if you want your office to work outdoors. On many occasions, if you are far from the router, your signal might become weaker, so you must guarantee your internet works properly. 

If you get a Wi-Fi extender, you could plug it into an electrical outlet, but you can also get a mesh network to speed up your internet signal.  

6. Protect Your Items from the Weather

Working in an outdoor office studio might be a convenient idea at first, but you probably want to guarantee your items are protected from the weather. 

Thus, you could get a pop-up canopy or an umbrella. However, if you schedule an Autonomous pod tour, you might quickly change your mind and notice that it's a much better option. 

The best part about having a work pod in a garden is that you can separate your job from your life and guarantee that your items are always safe. Instead of leaving them at the mercy of the sun and the elements, your laptop, accessories, and important documents could be safely stored away inside the pod as you go through all your daily activities. 

7. Make Sure You Have Enough Heat

Make Sure You Have Enough Heat in outdoor office

Being under the rain or the sun is not the only circumstance that could hinder your outdoor office. On the contrary, there are many possibilities, and changes in temperature can be as harmful as anything else. 

When winter comes or the temperature starts dropping, you probably want to guarantee you can still work outside. To achieve it, you should explore two different alternatives – getting a heater or a prefab office pod

A heater allows you to get cozy when you start feeling cold, and you can safely put the item away when you don't need it. Getting a soundproof work pod, on the other hand, is a long-term alternative, and it lets you never have to worry about assembling your small outdoor office. 

8. You Need a Separate Space

Regardless of whether or not you work inside outdoor office ideas, you have to completely separate yourself from what's around you. Having a pool tempting you nearby might sound like a good idea at first, but separating your space allows you to avoid distractions and focus on what you have to do for your job. 

At the same time, a separate space lets you have the privacy you need in other cases. Pets and children, for example, can sometimes come out, and you probably don't want to get interrupted.  

9. Ergonomics Are Always Important

Ergonomics Are Always Important in outdoor office

Just because you have a small outdoor office, doesn't mean ergonomics are not important anymore. On the contrary – you always have to get furniture with proper ergonomic features, otherwise, your neck, back, and legs could suffer the consequences. 

With a proper office chair and desk, your modern outdoor office can completely change. You can guarantee your back has the support it needs while your wrists comfortably type as you're working. 

10. Use an Outdoor Rug

Rugs can completely change the look and style of any place. They can make your surroundings look cozier and embellish everything around you. 

Since outdoor rugs are made of specific materials, they can endure different weather and various conditions. Your outdoor office can change if you add one since it might boost your mood and separate your workspace from everything else around you. 

11. Arrange Your Furniture

Arrange Your Furniture in outdoor office

Clearly, if you're organizing a small outdoor office, you probably have to arrange your furniture in a way that works for you. 

When you're arranging your furniture, you should keep several things in mind. You must, for example, consider the sun's angle as well as the people around you. If you want to keep others at bay and stop them from interrupting your activities, placing a few plants around you could work. 

12. Get the Right Power Cords

Working in an outdoor office studio means you require extra items to power up your devices. A power bank might be a convenient choice in some cases, but you can also get an extension cord. 

Some people care about the aesthetics of their small outdoor office when they're getting extension cords, and they don't want them to be visible. Fortunately, hiding them is not very difficult, especially if you manage to move plants and similar items around to help the process. 

13. Make Your Transition Easy

Make Your Transition Easy

Changes are never easy, and if you're starting to work outdoors, you have to adapt yourself to your new surroundings. Therefore, you have to be patient. 

On many occasions, people try working outdoors for a couple of days and then they move everything back inside. The truth is that if you don't properly arrange your surroundings and be patient with yourself, it might not be the best solution. 

You need to get used to working outside, and it's not something that can happen overnight. Therefore, being patient is key. At first, it might feel strange or even inappropriate, but as the days go on, you may notice your mind starts getting accustomed to it. 

14. Protect Yourself from the Outside World

Being in contact with nature is clearly one of the best benefits of working outside, but it can also distract you from the work you need to do, and you don't want that. Therefore, you must find a way to balance the benefits and disadvantages of having an outdoor office. 

To make things easier, you could get noise-canceling headphones. Doing that means your ears can't hear anything around you, so it's very convenient if you're worried about constantly getting distracted. 

Carrying a portable Bluetooth speaker with you is also a convenient option sometimes. You can use it to listen to calming music or specific sounds that help you focus. 

15. Don't Forget about Wildlife

Don't Forget about Wildlife

Although finding a stray cat while you're working outside might be a fun experience the first time, if you constantly find animals around you, your attention might drift away from the things you need to do. 

Your small outdoor office is probably in your patio or backyard, so stray animals or insects might appear. To manage that, you should try to ignore strays and be prepared if an insect bites you, especially if you're allergic. 

Additionally, some people need medicine for outdoor allergies as well. If that's the case, you might need to take an antihistamine each time you're going out. 

16. Add Decorative Pieces

Working in an outdoor office studio can be very fun, and it can also boost your mood because it gets your body away from your usual surroundings. 

However, you can improve your situation even more if you add decorative pieces or landscape what's around you. Some workers enjoy a simple rug below their feet, but you could also buy office plants, hangers, or even a large piece of art. 

You might have a lounge area to sit in while you're on breaks as well. In that case, adding a few pillows or blankets to it could make it cozier and a lot more comfortable. 

17. Connect with Your Indoors

Connect with Your Indoors

When you're working in a small outdoor office, you probably want to guarantee you're able to connect it with your indoor spaces. After all, it's where you usually spend your days and nights, and it's also a good place for you to take a break or get a cold drink while resting your eyes from your daily to-do's. 

Incorporating a sliding door, for instance, could be a wonderful addition to your workspace. It can disconnect you from any distractions, but it also allows you to quickly go inside if you need it. 

Keynote Takeaways

Keynote Takeaways

Working outdoors is a new trend, but it works for many people. Being in contact with nature is a fantastic idea, especially if it helps you manage the stress of daily life and relax while you're getting through your work. 

Now that you know some suggestions to enhance your office outside, make sure you follow them and start assembling the workspace of your dreams.

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